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GOV id
  • Rostock (deu)
  • urban county (city) (- 1990-10-02)
  • Stadt (1990-10-03 -)
postal code
  • O25 (- 1993-06-30)
  • 18??? (1993-07-01 -)
external id
  • Kreisnummer:0131
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Geographic Position
  • 54.1214°N 12.1217°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 1838
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If you want to connect with other people interested in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we suggest to to use our Mecklenburg-Vorpommern regional forum..

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (1934-01-01 - 1952-07-24) state federal state
Mecklenburg-Schwerin (- 1933-12-31) duchy grand duchy free state
Rostock (1952-07-25 - 1990-10-02) district Source
Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (1990-10-03 -) state federal state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Evershagen part of place EVEGENJO64BC
Petersdorf part of place PETORFJO64BD (1950-07-01 -)
Evershagen Dorf municipality settlement EVEORFJO64AC (1950 -)
Gartenstadt part of place GARADTJO64AC
Lütten Klein Dorf municipality settlement LUTORFJO64AD (1934-03-21 -)
Hansaviertel part of place HANTEL_O2500
Krummendorf municipality part of place KRUORFJO64BC (1950-07-01 -)
Groß Klein-Dänenberg settlement GROERGJO64AD
Kringelhof settlement KRIHOFJO64BB
Wiethagen part of place WIEGEN_O2551 (1924-12-09 -)
Riekdahl settlement RIEAHLJO64CC
Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt part of place KROADT_O2500
Weißes Kreuz settlement WEIEUZJO64BB
Wallensteinslager settlement WALGERJO64CF
Rostock town ROSOCKJO64BC
Damerow abandoned place DAMROWJO64BB
Lichtenhagen part of place LICGENJO64AD
Dierkow part of place DIEKOWJO64CC (1913-01-01 -)
Alt Bartelsdorf, Bartelsdorf settlement ALTORFJO64CC
Langenort settlement LANORTJO64BC
Schmarl part of place SCHARLJO64AD
Schutow municipality settlement SCHTOWJO64AC (1934-03-21 -)
Erich-Weinert-Siedlung settlement ERIUNGJO64CE
Dierkower Mühle settlement DIEHLEJO64CC
Warnemünde part of place WARNDEJO64BE
Barnstorf settlement BARORFJO64AC
Trotzenburg forester's house TROURGJO64BB
Hohe Düne part of place HOHUNE_O2500
Markgrafenheide part of place MARIDEJO64BE (1924-12-09 -)
Oldendorf settlement OLDORFJO64BD (1950-07-01 -)
Stuthof municipality part of place STUHOFJO64CD (1950-07-01 -)
Toitenwinkel municipality part of place TOIKELJO64BC (1950-07-01 -)
Hinrichsdorf municipality part of place HINORFJO64CD (1960-01-01 -)
Meyers Hausstelle settlement MEYLLEJO64DE (1924-12-09 -)
Brinckmansdorf part of place BRIORFJO64CB
Schnatermann settlement SCHANNJO64BE (1950-07-01 -)
Rostock-Markgrafenheide Zeltplatz place ROSATZ_O2552
Diedrichshagen part of place DIEGENJO64AE (1938-04-08 -)
Siedlung Satower Straße settlement SIESSEJO64AB
Klein Lichtenhagen settlement KLEGENJO64AD
Schmarl Dorf municipality settlement SCHORFJO64BD (1934-03-21 -)
Warnowrande, Warnorande settlement WARNDEJO64BD (1950-07-01 -)
Friedrichshöhe settlement FRIOHEJO64AB (1950 -)
Langenort Hufe settlement LANUFEJO64BC
Lütten Klein, Lüttenklein part of town LUTEINJO64AD (1934-03-08 -)
Groß Klein municipality part of place GROEINJO64AD (1934-03-21 -)
Müggenburg settlement MUGURGJO64CF
Stadtmitte part of place STATTEJO64BC
Dalwitzhof settlement DALHOFJO64BB
Stadtweide settlement STAIDEJO64AB
Neu Hinrichsdorf settlement NEUORFJO64BC
Peez, Peetz municipality part of place PEEEEZJO64BD (1950-07-01 -)
Marienehe municipality settlement MAREHEJO64BC (1934-03-21 -)
Hinrichshagen municipality part of place HINGENJO64CE (1924-12-09 -)
Rostock-Südstadt part of town SUDADTJO64BB
Rostock-Südstadt part of town ROSADTJO64BB
Komponistenviertel settlement KOMTELJO64BC
Biestow Ausbau settlement BIEBAUJO64AB
Gehlsdorf municipality part of place GEHORFJO64BC (1934-03-08 -)
Kassebohm settlement KASOHMJO64CB
Biestow municipality part of place BIETOWJO64BB (1950-07-01 -)
Reutershagen part of place REUGEN_O2500
Jürgeshof part of place JURHOFJO64CE (1950-07-01 -)
Waldeslust settlement WALUSTJO64CB
Nienhagen municipality part of place NIEGENJO64CD (1960-01-01 -)
Steintor-Vorstadt settlement STEADTJO64BB
Torfbrücke part of place TORCKE_O2553 (1924-12-09 -)
Bramow settlement BRAMOWJO64BC
Evershagen Süd settlement EVESUDJO64AC

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	gehört ab 1934-01-01 bis 1952-07-24 zu adm_369130,
	gehört ab 1952-07-25 bis 1990-10-02 zu object_218124 says source_257541,
	gehört ab 1990-10-03 zu adm_369130,
	gehört bis 1933-12-31 zu object_217750,
	hat 1875 Einwohner 34127 says source_190312,
	hat 1955 Einwohner 150000 says source_190312,
	hat 1960 Einwohner 158630 says source_190312,
	hat 1971 Einwohner 198636 says source_190312,
	hat 1975 Einwohner 213475 says source_190312,
	hat 1981 Einwohner 236011 says source_190312,
	hat 1988 Einwohner 253990 says source_190312,
	hat 1990 Einwohner 248800 says source_190312,
	hat 1995 Einwohner 227535 says source_284814,
	hat 2000 Einwohner 200506 says source_284814,
	hat 2005 Einwohner 199288 says source_284814,
	hat ab 1993-07-01 PLZ 18???,
	hat bis 1993-06-30 PLZ O25,
	hat externe Kennung  Kreisnummer:0131 says source_257541,
	heißt  (auf deu) Rostock,
	ist ab 1990-10-03 (auf deu) Stadt (Gebietskörperschaft),
	ist bis 1990-10-02 (auf deu) Stadtkreis;
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