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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/adm_169757
  • Löwenberg (deu)
  • rural county (rural)
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Geographic Position
  • 51.0314°N 15.5729°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4959
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Liegnitz administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Wenig Walditz civil registry object_1155258 (1883)
Wenig Walditz municipality object_1137549
Petersdorf municipality object_1137554
Petersdorf Gutsbezirk object_268449
Steine municipality object_268455 (- 1937-03-31)
Märzdorf a. Bober municipality object_1137547
Stöckigt-Liebenthal civil registry object_1151981 (1883)
Märzdorf am Bober Amtsbezirk object_1262587 (1885)
Welkersdorf Gutsbezirk object_268468
Welkersdorf civil registry object_1153381 (1883)
Welkersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192587
Welkersdorf municipality object_1137572
Welkersdorf Forstgutsbezirk object_268467
Greiffenstein civil registry object_268204
Greiffenstein Amtsbezirk object_1192576
Greiffenstein Gutsbezirk object_268229
Ober Wiesenthal Gutsbezirk object_268448
Schmottseiffen civil registry object_1152531 (1883)
Schmottseiffen Amtsbezirk object_1262590 (1885)
Schmottseiffen municipality object_1137565
Zobten civil registry object_1151983 (1883)
Neuland, Neuland rural municipality municipality NEUANDJO71SD (1885)
Langenau municipality object_1086688 (- 1945)
Langenau civil registry object_1149959 (1883)
Langenau Amtsbezirk object_1192581
Geppersdorf municipality object_1137550
Zobten am Bober municipality object_1137575
Zobten am Bober Gutsbezirk object_268475
Dippelsdorf municipality object_1137518
Dippelsdorf Gutsbezirk object_268225
Lauterseiffen civil registry object_1152996 (1883)
Lauterseiffen municipality object_1137538
Bad Flinsberg, Flinsberg civil registry object_268190
Gräflich Kunzendorf municipality object_1137522
Gräflich Kunzendorf Gutsbezirk object_268402
Arnsberg municipality object_1137512
Hartliebsdorf civil registry object_1154472 (1883)
Hartliebsdorf municipality object_1137527
Merzdorf a. B. civil registry object_1155256 (1883)
Hußdorf municipality object_268424
Flachenseiffen civil registry object_268202
Flachenseiffen municipality object_1086690 (- 1945)
Flachenseiffen Gutsbezirk object_268226
Krummöls, Krumm Oels civil registry object_268218
Klein Neundorf civil registry object_1152995 (1883)
Klein Neundorf municipality object_1137532
Klein Neundorf Gutsbezirk object_268415
Querbach civil registry object_1151085 (1883)
Querbach Amtsbezirk object_1192582
Querbach municipality object_1137560
Querbach Gutsbezirk object_268451
Neundorf-Liebenthal municipality object_1137542
Mühlwaldau Gutsbezirk object_268436
Groß Stöckigt, Stöckigt-Liebenthal municipality object_1137525
Mühlseiffen municipality object_1137541
Mühlseiffen Gutsbezirk object_268435
Stamnitzdorf civil registry object_1153383 (1883)
Kuttenberg, Tarczyn village KUTERGJO71UA (- 1945)
Greiffenberg civil registry object_1130813
Greiffenberg Amtsbezirk object_1262580 (1885)
Greiffenberg Stadt object_1086689
Greiffenthal rural municipality object_1263188 (- 1921-09-30)
Krummöls Amtsbezirk object_1252947 (1885)
Krummöls municipality object_1137536
Neuland civil registry object_1151740 (1883)
Neuland Gutsbezirk object_268437
Flinsberg Amtsbezirk object_1262577 (1885)
Nieder Langenau rural municipality object_268440 (- 1934-12-31)
Gräflich Röhrsdorf civil registry object_1149488 (1883)
Gräflich Röhrsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1262579 (1885)
Gräflich Röhrsdorf municipality object_1137521
Seiffenhäuser, Byszowice place SEISERJO70SW
Lang Neundorf civil registry object_1155257 (1883)
Lang Neundorf Amtsbezirk object_1192580
Lang Neundorf municipality object_1137553 (- 1945)
Lang Neundorf Gutsbezirk object_268420
Nieder Stamnitzdorf, Stepnica place NIEORFJO71SC
Schiefer civil registry object_1151086 (1883)
Schiefer municipality object_1137566
Hohndorf civil registry object_268210
Hohndorf Amtsbezirk object_1192577
Hohndorf municipality object_1137548
Hohndorf Gutsbezirk object_268412
Kesselsdorf municipality object_1137531
Kesselsdorf civil registry object_1150466 (1883)
Kesselsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192578
Ober Hußdorf, Hußdorf municipality object_1137545
Spiller civil registry object_1153385 (1883)
Spiller Amtsbezirk object_1192584
Spiller municipality object_1137569
Dürrkunzendorf municipality object_188263 (1885)
Görisseiffen Amtsbezirk object_1192575
Hähnchen, Kogutow place object_188270
Gräflich Ullersdorf Gutsbezirk object_268405
Gräflich Ullersdorf municipality object_1263192 (- 1937-03-31)
Klein Röhrsdorf civil registry object_1154344 (1883)
Klein Röhrsdorf municipality object_1137533
Seitendorf municipality object_1137557
Seitendorf Gutsbezirk object_268453
Hohlstein civil registry object_268212
Hohlstein municipality object_1137530
Hohlstein Gutsbezirk object_268411
Friedeberg civil registry object_1154094 (1883)
Friedeberg Amtsbezirk object_1262578 (1885)
Rabishau civil registry object_1152532 (1883)
Rabishau Amtsbezirk object_1262589 (1885)
Rabishau municipality object_1137561
Rabishau Gutsbezirk object_268452
Mois civil registry object_1150188 (1883)
Lähn civil registry object_1154096 (1883)
Lähn Amtsbezirk object_1262583 (1885)
Lähn Stadt object_386998
Nieder Görisseiffen municipality object_1137546
Niederdorf, Podgórna place object_188285
Mittel Schosdorf Gutsbezirk object_268434
Braunau, Braunau municipality object_1137516
Hayne municipality object_1137528
Höfel municipality object_1137529
Höfel Gutsbezirk object_268410
Mauer civil registry object_1150678 (1883)
Mauer municipality object_1137540
Mauer Gutsbezirk object_268433
Ober Görisseiffen civil registry object_1152253 (1883)
Ober Görisseiffen municipality object_1137509
Kessel Schosdorf Gutsbezirk object_268414
Hagendorf Amtsbezirk object_1262582 (1885)
Hagendorf Gutsbezirk object_268408
Hagendorf municipality object_1263186 (- 1941-08-03)
Wenig Rackwitz municipality object_1137573
Wenig Rackwitz Gutsbezirk object_268473
Kunzendorf unter dem Walde, Kunzendorf unter d. Walde municipality object_1194060 (1885)
Kunzendorf unter dem Walde, Kunzendorf unter d. Walde municipality object_1194060 (- 1939-03-31)
Plagwitz, Provinzial-Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Gutsbezirk object_268450
Cunzendorf, Gradówek village CUNORFJO71RC (- 1945)
Matzdorf civil registry object_1155260 (1883)
Matzdorf municipality object_1137539
Matzdorf Gutsbezirk object_268432
Deutmannsdorf civil registry object_268198
Deutmannsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1262576 (1885)
Deutmannsdorf municipality object_1137517
Siebeneichen civil registry object_1151084 (1883)
Siebeneichen municipality object_1137567
Siebeneichen Gutsbezirk object_268454
Wünschendorf civil registry object_1150185 (1883)
Wünschendorf municipality object_1137574
Wünschendorf Gutsbezirk object_268474
Löwenberg civil registry object_1151982 (1883)
Löwenberg Amtsbezirk object_1262586 (1885)
Löwenberg Stadt object_1193874
Talkenstein, Podskale place object_188276
Talkenstein, Podskale castle object_188284
Ober Stamnitzdorf, Ober Hartelangenvorwerk, Radłówka Gorna, Radłówka place OBEORFJO71SC
Birngrütz civil registry object_268192
Birngrütz municipality object_1137514
Groß Walditz Amtsbezirk object_1262581 (1885)
Groß Walditz municipality object_1137524
Johnsdorf municipality object_1137558
Ober Mois municipality object_1137544
Sirgwitz civil registry object_1152533 (1883)
Sirgwitz municipality object_1137568
Tschischdorf civil registry object_1154345 (1883)
Tschischdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192585
Tschischdorf municipality object_1137571
Tschischdorf Gutsbezirk object_268457
Regensberg municipality object_1137563
Greiffenstein, Gryfow castle object_188274
Kunzendorf u. W. civil registry object_1154093 (1883)
Straßenhäuser, Młodochów, Plawna place STRSERJO71TB
Ludwigdorf civil registry object_1150187 (1883)
Ober Kesselsdorf place object_268443
Ober Kesselsdorf municipality object_1263195 (- 1934-03-31)
Nieder Wiesenthal Gutsbezirk object_268442
Ullersdorf-Liebenthal, Wojciechów municipality ULLHALJO71SA (- 1945)
Hartelangenvorwerk municipality object_1137526
Friedeberg am Queis, Mirsk town FRIADTJO70QX (- 1945)
Ullersdorf-Liebenthal civil registry object_1150184 (1883)
Ullersdorf-Liebenthal Amtsbezirk object_1192586
Blumendorf civil registry object_268194
Blumendorf Amtsbezirk object_1193873
Blumendorf municipality object_1137515
Nieder Schosdorf Gutsbezirk object_268441
Cunzendorf civil registry object_268196
Nieder Kesselsdorf place object_268438
Nieder Kesselsdorf Gutsbezirk object_268439
Nieder Kesselsdorf rural municipality object_1263194 (- 1934-03-31)
Ober Langenau Gutsbezirk object_268445
Ober Langenau rural municipality object_268446 (- 1934-12-31)
Gräflich Hernsdorf civil registry object_1149958 (1883)
Gräflich Hernsdorf municipality object_1263191 (- 1937-09-30)
Hennersdorf municipality object_1137511
Karlshof Gutsbezirk object_268413
Birkicht municipality object_1137513
Riemendorf municipality object_1137564
Liebenthal civil registry object_1150888 (1883)
Liebenthal Amtsbezirk object_1262585 (1885)
Liebenthal Stadt object_1137576
Nieder Mois municipality object_1137543
Wiesenthal civil registry object_1155259 (1883)
Wiesenthal Amtsbezirk object_1192588
Wiesenthal municipality object_1137510
Süssenbach civil registry object_1150677 (1883)
Süssenbach municipality object_1137570
Radmannsdorf municipality object_1137562
Gräflich Neundorf municipality object_1137508
Haynvorwerk Gutsbezirk object_268409
Krobsdorf civil registry object_1153758 (1883)
Krobsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192579
Krobsdorf municipality object_1137535
Krobsdorf Gutsbezirk object_268417
Hartelangenvorwerk, Harte-Langvorwerk civil registry object_1152255 (1883)
Kunzendorf unter dem Walde place object_268418
Kunzendorf unter dem Walde Gutsbezirk object_268419
Gehnsdorf municipality object_1137520
Kunzendorf u. d. Walde Amtsbezirk object_1252946 (1885)
Forst Flinsberg, Świeradów Nadleśnictwo train station object_188296
Egelsdorf civil registry object_268200
Egelsdorf civil registry object_268200
Egelsdorf municipality object_1137519
Kleppelsdorf civil registry object_268214
Kleppelsdorf municipality object_1137534
Kleppelsdorf Gutsbezirk object_268416
Ober Schosdorf Gutsbezirk object_268447
Giersdorf civil registry object_1150889 (1883)
Giersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192574
Giersdorf municipality object_188278 (1885)
Giehren civil registry object_1154095 (1883)
Giehren municipality object_1137552
Giehren Gutsbezirk object_268228
Zechenhäuser, Górniki place object_188281
Flinsberg, Bad Flinsberg Stadt object_291620 (- 1945)
Flinsberg, Bad Flinsberg Gutsbezirk object_268227
Braunau Gutsbezirk object_268222
Groß-Walditz, Groß Walditz civil registry object_268208
Lehnhaus Gutsbezirk object_268431
Langwasser civil registry object_268216
Langwasser Amtsbezirk object_1262584 (1885)
Langwasser municipality object_1137537
Waltersdorf civil registry object_1150186 (1883)
Waltersdorf municipality object_1086474
Waltersdorf Gutsbezirk object_268464
Plagwitz civil registry object_1153384 (1883)
Plagwitz Amtsbezirk object_1262588 (1885)
Plagwitz municipality object_1137559
Ludwigsdorf municipality object_1137556
Groß Rackwitz civil registry object_268206
Groß Rackwitz civil registry object_268206 (1883)
Groß Rackwitz Amtsbezirk object_1252945 (1885)
Groß Rackwitz municipality object_1137523
Groß Rackwitz Gutsbezirk object_268407
Ottendorf municipality object_1137551
Antoniwald municipality object_1086687 (- 1945)
Schosdorf civil registry object_1154346 (1883)
Schosdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192583
Schosdorf municipality object_1137555

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	gehört zu adm_368468,
	hat 1820 Einwohner 59702 says source_355986 (Seite 866),
	hat 1880-12-01 Einwohner 65084 says source_1091743 (S. 135),
	hat 1900 Einwohner 60355 says source_265044,
	hat 1910 Einwohner 62365 says source_265044,
	heißt  (auf deu) Löwenberg,
	ist (auf deu) Landkreis;
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