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GOV id
  • Guhrau (deu)
  • rural county (rural) (1816 - 1945) Source
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Geographic Position
  • 51.6414°N 16.548°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4365
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Breslau (1816 - 1945) administrative district Source

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Peiskern, Piskorze municipality object_363411 (1941)
Kahlau civil registry object_1147327 (1883)
Kahlau Amtsbezirk object_1192980
Kahlau Gutsbezirk object_321502 (- 1928)
Kahrau municipality object_363425
Kahrau Gutsbezirk object_321503 (- 1928)
Kloden civil registry object_1147328 (1883)
Kloden Amtsbezirk object_1192981
Lanken municipality object_1138121
Lanken Gutsbezirk object_321514 (- 1928)
Leubel municipality object_1138123
Tschuder Amtsbezirk object_271762 (1932 -)
Hünern municipality object_187161
Mechau municipality object_363426
Mechau Gutsbezirk object_321518 (- 1928)
Klein Saul municipality KLEAULJO81IP
Akreschfronze, Frunza, Akrau municipality object_1138175 (1932 -)
Neuvorwerk municipality object_1138138
Seiffersdorf municipality object_1138130
Schätz municipality object_1138151
Schätz Gutsbezirk object_321536 (- 1928)
Sulkau municipality object_1138157
Gaisbach municipality object_1138095
Tarpen municipality object_1138158
Tarpen Gutsbezirk object_321542 (- 1928)
Alt Neu Heidau municipality object_1138137
Klein Räudchen municipality object_1138117
Klein Räudchen Gutsbezirk object_321509 (- 1928)
Rützen civil registry object_1147334 (1883)
Rützen municipality object_1076988
Rützen Gutsbezirk object_321532 (- 1928)
Rützen Amtsbezirk object_1262774 (1885)
Wehrse municipality object_1138164
Wehrse civil registry object_1147342 (1883)
Wehrse Gutsbezirk object_321548 (- 1928)
Wehrse Amtsbezirk object_1262777 (1885)
Kaltebortschen, Grandingen municipality object_1138113
Heinzendorf municipality object_1138135
Heinzendorf Gutsbezirk object_321497 (- 1928)
Rabenau Gutsbezirk object_321529 (- 1928)
Zechen municipality object_1138171
Klein Lauersitz municipality object_1138142 (1910)
Klein Lauersitz municipality object_1138142 (1885)
Klein Lauersitz Gutsbezirk object_321508 (- 1928)
Langenau municipality object_1138139
Reichen Gutsbezirk object_321530 (- 1928)
Züchen municipality object_363409
Züchen Gutsbezirk object_321553 (- 1928)
Groß Räudchen municipality object_1138102
Groß Räudchen Gutsbezirk object_321492 (- 1928)
Sophienthal municipality object_1138156
Sophienthal Gutsbezirk object_321539 (- 1928)
Kraschen civil registry object_1147330 (1883)
Kraschen municipality object_1138131
Kraschen Gutsbezirk object_321513 (- 1928)
Juppendorf municipality object_1138110
Juppendorf Gutsbezirk object_321501 (- 1928)
Porlewitz Gutsbezirk object_321528 (- 1928)
Kadlewe, Sandau, Fallbach municipality object_1138111
Roniken civil registry object_1147333 (1883)
Roniken Amtsbezirk object_1192985
Roniken Gutsbezirk object_321531 (- 1928)
Wikoline municipality object_1138167
Wikoline Gutsbezirk object_321550 (- 1928)
Tschwirtschen, Hortingen municipality object_1138159
Woidnig civil registry object_1147345 (1883)
Woidnig Amtsbezirk object_1192993
Königsbruch municipality object_1138119
Saborwitz, Waffendorf municipality object_1138148
Alt Guhrau municipality object_1138089
Heinzebortschen, Nordingen municipality object_1138105
Ober Ellguth Gutsbezirk object_321524 (- 1928)
Herrnstadt civil registry object_1147326 (1883)
Herrnstadt Amtsbezirk object_1262772 (1885)
Stadtvorwerk Hernstadt Amtsbezirk object_1262776 (1885)
Nahrten municipality object_363427
Nahrten Gutsbezirk object_321519 (- 1928)
Kaltebortschen Gutsbezirk object_321504 (- 1928)
Wendstadt civil registry object_1147343 (1883)
Wendstadt Amtsbezirk object_1192992
Wendstadt municipality object_1138165
Wendstadt Gutsbezirk object_321549 (- 1928)
Groß Saul municipality object_1138099
Nechlau municipality object_363491
Nechlau Gutsbezirk object_321520 (- 1928)
Neudorf municipality object_1138141
Neuguth municipality object_1138125
Ostrawe, Wallheim municipality object_1138145
Seitsch civil registry object_1147337 (1883)
Seitsch Amtsbezirk object_1192987
Seitsch municipality object_363431
Seitsch Gutsbezirk object_321538 (- 1928)
Schlaube civil registry object_1147335 (1883)
Schlaube municipality object_1138155
Schlaube Gutsbezirk object_321537 (- 1928)
Schlaube Amtsbezirk object_1262775 (1885)
Birkendorf Gutsbezirk object_321483 (- 1928)
Tschilesen, Gepidau municipality object_375739 (1910)
Tschistey, Sandewalde municipality object_1138161
Tscheschkowitz, Eichenhag municipality object_1138160
Osselwitz municipality object_1138144
Irrsingen municipality object_1138108
Irrsingen Gutsbezirk object_321500 (- 1928)
Klein Tschuder, Allhilf municipality object_1137409 (1932 -)
Wilhelmsbruch municipality object_1138168
Globitschen municipality object_1138098
Globitschen Gutsbezirk object_321488 (- 1928)
Schmögerle municipality object_363412
Jästersheim municipality object_1138109
Friedrichsau municipality object_363424
Weschkau municipality object_1138166
Groß Kloden municipality object_1138100
Groß Kloden Gutsbezirk object_321490 (- 1928)
Linz Gutsbezirk object_321515 (- 1928)
Ellguth municipality object_1138128
Ellguth civil registry object_1147323 (1883)
Ellguth Amtsbezirk object_1192977
Heinzebortschen Gutsbezirk object_321496 (- 1928)
Kraschen, Forst Amtsbezirk object_1262773 (1885)
Klein Wiersewitz municipality object_1138118 (- 1999)
Klein Wiersewitz Gutsbezirk object_321510 (- 1928)
Gabel Gutsbezirk object_321485 (- 1928)
Gahle municipality object_1138094
Kamin municipality object_1138114 (1932-10-01 -)
Niebe Gutsbezirk object_321521 (- 1928)
Osten municipality object_1138146
Osten civil registry object_1147332 (1883)
Osten Amtsbezirk object_1192984
Herrndorf municipality object_1138106
Ober Tschirnau, Ober Lesten municipality object_1138127
Klein Kloden municipality object_1138116
Klein Kloden Gutsbezirk object_321507 (- 1928)
Nieder Schlaube Gutsbezirk object_324674 (- 1928)
Logischen municipality object_1138124
Logischen Gutsbezirk object_321516 (- 1928)
Oderbeltsch municipality object_1138143
Oderbeltsch Gutsbezirk object_321527 (- 1928)
Königsdorf municipality object_1138132
Klein Beltsch Gutsbezirk object_321506 (- 1928)
Tschirnau, Lesten, Czernina town village TSCNAUJO81HR (- 1945)
Tscheschkowitz Gutsbezirk object_321544 (- 1928)
Lendschütz municipality object_1138122
Herrnlauersitz municipality object_363408
Herrnlauersitz Gutsbezirk object_321498 (- 1928)
Zeippern municipality object_1138172
Zeippern Gutsbezirk object_321552 (- 1928)
Groß Osten Gutsbezirk object_321491 (- 1928)
Wiersewitz civil registry object_1147344 (1883)
Wiersewitz Amtsbezirk object_1262778 (1885)
Kainzen municipality object_1138112
Nieder Schüttlau Gutsbezirk object_321522 (- 1928)
Stadtvorwerk Herrnstadt Gutsbezirk object_321540 (- 1928)
Kittlau Gutsbezirk object_321505 (- 1928)
Kittlau municipality object_1138115
Nieder Tschirnau Gutsbezirk object_321523 (- 1928)
Grabowno, Graben village GRABENJO81HP (- 1945)
Tscheschen, Finkenheide, Cieszyny municipality object_363410 (1932 -)
Groß Tschuder, Steinbrück municipality object_1138101
Zapplau municipality object_1138170
Zapplau Gutsbezirk object_321551 (- 1928)
Pluskau municipality object_1138147
Hochbeltsch municipality object_1138107
Hochbeltsch Gutsbezirk object_321499 (- 1928)
Wehlefronze, Waldhagen municipality object_1138163
Jabłonna (powiat leszczyński), Gabel village GABBELJO81HR (1885)
Triebsuch Amtsbezirk object_1192216
Triebusch civil registry object_1147339 (1883)
Triebusch municipality object_1192217
Triebusch Amtsbezirk object_1192989
Triebusch Gutsbezirk object_321543 (- 1928)
Konradswaldau civil registry object_1147329 (1883)
Konradswaldau Amtsbezirk object_1192982
Konradswaldau municipality object_1138133
Konradswaldau Gutsbezirk object_321511 (- 1928)
Sallschütz municipality object_1138149
Sallschütz Gutsbezirk object_321534 (- 1928)
Reichen-Birkendorf, Brzeżany village REIORFJO81FR (- 1945)
Ober Schüttlau Gutsbezirk object_321525 (- 1928)
Quelldorf, Sandeborske municipality object_1138150
Klein Peterwitz municipality object_1138129
Ober Tschirnau Gutsbezirk object_321526 (- 1928)
Bobile, Wandelheim municipality object_1138162 (- 1945)
Herrnstadt, Wąsosz town HERADTJO81IN (- 9145)
Schwinaren, Altring municipality object_375740
Woidnig, Forst Amtsbezirk object_1262779 (1885)
Korangelwitz municipality object_363414
Korangelwitz Gutsbezirk object_321512 (- 1928)
Groß Wiersewitz municipality object_1138103
Groß Wiersewitz Gutsbezirk object_321493 (- 1928)
Kutscheborwitz, Birkenhöhe municipality object_1138120
Schabenau municipality object_1138154
Schabenau Gutsbezirk object_321535 (- 1928)
Lübchen civil registry object_1147331 (1883)
Lübchen Amtsbezirk object_1192983
Lübchen municipality object_363413
Lübchen Gutsbezirk object_321517 (- 1928)
Geischen municipality object_1138096
Geischen Gutsbezirk object_321486 (- 1928)
Gleinig Amtsbezirk object_1192978
Gleinig municipality object_1138097
Gleinig Gutsbezirk object_321487 (- 1928)
Nieder Tschirnau, Nieder Lesten municipality object_1138126
Braunau municipality object_187159
Tschwirtschen Gutsbezirk object_321546 (- 1928)
Stroppen civil registry object_1147338 (1883)
Stroppen Amtsbezirk object_1192988
Stroppen Gutsbezirk object_321541 (- 1928)
Waldvorwerk civil registry object_1147341 (1883)
Waldvorwerk Amtsbezirk object_1192991
Waldvorwerk municipality object_1138136
Waldvorwerk Gutsbezirk object_321547 (- 1928)
Schüttlau municipality object_1138153
Schüttlau civil registry object_1147336 (1883)
Schüttlau Amtsbezirk object_1192986
Kaczkowo (województwo wielkopolskie), Katschkau village KATKAUJO81IR (1885)
Saborwitz Gutsbezirk object_321533 (- 1928)
Austen civil registry object_1147321 (1883)
Austen Amtsbezirk object_1192975
Austen municipality object_1138090
Austen Gutsbezirk object_321481 (- 1928)
Nieder Fridrichswaldau, Włodków Dolny village WURORFJO80EP (- 1945)
Bienowitz Gutsbezirk object_321482 (- 1928)
Backen municipality object_1138140
Bronau civil registry object_1147322 (1883)
Bronau Amtsbezirk object_1192976
Bronau municipality object_1138092
Bronau Gutsbezirk object_321484 (- 1928)
Dahsau municipality object_363407
Schlabitz municipality object_1138152
Duchen municipality object_1138093
Tschirnau civil registry object_1147340 (1883)
Tschirnau Amtsbezirk object_1192990
Tschistey Gutsbezirk object_321545 (- 1928)
Bartschdorf municipality object_1138091
Gimmel Amtsbezirk object_271761 (1932 -)
Gimmel municipality object_187149
Woidnig, Waldfriedeck municipality object_1138169
Graben Gutsbezirk object_321489 (- 1928)
Guhlau municipality object_1138134
Guhlau Gutsbezirk object_321494 (- 1928)
Guhrau civil registry object_1147324 (1883)
Guhrau Stadt object_1140860
Guhrau Amtsbezirk object_1260778 (1885)
Gurkau civil registry object_1147325 (1883)
Gurkau Amtsbezirk object_1192979
Gurkau municipality object_1138104
Gurkau Gutsbezirk object_321495 (- 1928)

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	has 1818 population 30787 says source_355986 (Seite 866),
	has 1880-12-01 population 36658 says source_1091743 (p. 110),
	has 1900 population 33426 says source_265044,
	has 1910 population 33775 says source_265044,
	has name (in deu) Guhrau,
	is from 1816 until 1945 (in deu) Landkreis says source_190314,
	is from 1816 until 1945 part of adm_368469 says source_190314;
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