Breslau (Landbez.)


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GOV id
  • Breslau (Landbez.) (deu) (1878-01-01 - 1903-03-31) Source page 113
  • civil registry (1878-01-01 - 1903-03-31) Source page 113
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Geographic Position
  • 51.103°N 17.0175°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4868
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Breslau (1878-01-01 - 1903-03-31) rural county Source page 113

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Oltaschin, Herzogshufen municipality object_1137881 (1885)
Oswitz Gutsbezirk object_321238 (1885)
Wessig Gutsbezirk object_321282 (1885)
Schmiedefeld Gutsbezirk object_321261 (1885)
Ransern municipality object_1137891 (1885)
Ransern Gutsbezirk object_321249 (1885)
Klein Masselwitz Gutsbezirk object_321213 (1885)
Lamsfeld municipality object_1137812 (1885)
Krietern rural municipality object_1257483 (1887)
Sacherwitz Gutsbezirk object_321255 (1885)
Dürrgoy municipality object_1192249 (1885)
Weidenhof Gutsbezirk object_321279 (1885)
Wessig, Bergmühle municipality object_1137860 (1885)
Groß Tschansch, Groß Ohlewiesen rural municipality object_1137854 (1885)
Maria-Höfchen, Mariahöfchen Gutsbezirk object_321232 (1885)
Klein Tschansch rural municipality object_1253030 (1885)
Pilsnitz Gutsbezirk object_321242 (1885)
Dürrjentsch Gutsbezirk object_321188 (1885)
Klettendorf municipality object_1137843 (1885)
Pirscham Gutsbezirk object_321243 (1885)
Cosel, Kosel rural municipality object_1257499 (1887)
Rosenthal Gutsbezirk object_321253 (1885)
Klein Gandau rural municipality object_1257489 (1887)
Groß Masselwitz Gutsbezirk object_321195 (1885)
Leipe Gutsbezirk object_321226 (1885)
Weide rural municipality object_1198268 (1885)
Weide Gutsbezirk object_321278 (1885)
Hartlieb Gutsbezirk object_321206 (1885)
Schweinern, Weidenhof rural municipality municipality object_1137913 (1885)
Klein Oldern Gutsbezirk object_321214 (1885)
Opperau municipality object_1137882 (1885)
Ottwitz Gutsbezirk object_321239 (1885)
Radwanitz, Wasserborn municipality object_1137890 (1885)
Pleischwitz Gutsbezirk object_321245 (1885)
Althofnaß municipality object_1137757 (1885)
Althofnaß Gutsbezirk object_321176 (1885)
Gräbschen Gutsbezirk object_321194 (1885)
Sacherwitz, Sachern municipality object_1137897 (1885)
Benkwitz, Ruhlinden, Lindenruh municipality object_1137762 (1885)
Groß Mochbern, Lohbrück municipality object_1137778 (1885)
Eckersdorf municipality object_1137852 (1885)
Herrschaftlich Klein Sägewitz Gutsbezirk object_321208 (1885)
Klein Mochbern rural municipality object_1257485 (1887)
Zedlitz Gutsbezirk object_324668 (1885)
Protsch-Weide, Protsch, Weide rural municipality municipality object_1137889 (1885)
Protsch Gutsbezirk object_321248 (1885)
Neukirch rural municipality object_1194888 (1885)
Neukirch Gutsbezirk object_321237 (1885)
Treschen municipality object_1137911 (1885)
Treschen Gutsbezirk object_321273 (1885)
Schönborn Gutsbezirk object_321264 (1885)
Benkwitz Gutsbezirk object_321181 (1885)
Brockau Gutsbezirk object_321187 (1885)
Kentschkau, Keltingen municipality object_1137800 (1885)

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	has 1880-12-01 population 28375 says source_1091743 (p. 113),
	has from 1878-01-01 until 1903-03-31 name (in deu) Breslau (Landbez.) says source_1091743 (p. 113),
	is from 1878-01-01 until 1903-03-31 (in deu) Standesamt says source_1091743 (p. 113),
	is from 1878-01-01 until 1903-03-31 part of adm_169869 says source_1091743 (p. 113);
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