Kyrenia, Επαρχία Κερύνειας


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GOV id
  • Kyrenia (deu)
  • Επαρχία Κερύνειας (gre)
  • district
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Geographic Position
  • 35.3141°N 33.2371°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Cyprus, Zypern, Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία, Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti, Cyprus republic Source

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Fota, Φότα municipality object_1307815
Άγιος Αμβρόσιος Κερύνειας, Agios Amvrosios Keryneias municipality object_1307832
Κοντεμένος, Kontemenos municipality object_1307822
Krini, Κρηνί municipality object_1307816
Λάπηθος, Lapithos Stadt object_1307852
Καράκουμι, Karakoumi municipality object_1307840
Άγιος Ερμόλαος, Agios Ermolaos municipality object_1307820
Άγιος Γεώργιος Κερύνειας, Agios Georgios Keryneias municipality object_1307849
Karmi, Κάρμι municipality object_1307842
Sysklipos, Σύσκληπος municipality object_1307821
Τριμίθι, Trimithi municipality object_1307844
Keryneia, Κερύνεια, Kyrenia Stadt object_1307809
Palaiosofos, Παλαιόσοφος municipality object_1307845
Agios Epiktitos, Άγιος Επίκτητος municipality object_1307836
Ασώματος Κερύνειας, Asomatos Keryneias municipality object_1307823
Agridaki, Αγριδάκι municipality object_1307850
Pileri, Πιλερί municipality object_1307817
Όργα, Orga municipality object_1307855
Kazafani, Καζάφανι municipality object_1307838
Charkeia (Chartseia), Χάρκεια (Χάρτσεια) municipality object_1307833
Kato Dikomo, Κάτω Δίκωμο municipality object_1307811
Καρπάσεια, Karpaseia municipality object_1307825
Καμπυλή, Kampyli municipality object_1307824
Kormakitis, Κορμακίτης municipality object_1307829
Agia Eirini Keryneias, Αγία Ειρήνη Κερύνειας municipality object_1307828
Sichari, Σιχαρί municipality object_1307814
Vasileia, Βασίλεια municipality object_1307853
Vouno, Βουνό municipality object_1307813
Koutsoventis, Κουτσοβέντης municipality object_1307812
Λιβερά, Livera municipality object_1307830
Pano Dikomo, Πάνω Δίκωμο municipality object_1307810
Agirda, Αγίρδα municipality object_1307819
Μπέλαπαϊς, Belapais municipality object_1307837
Trapeza, Τραπέζα municipality object_1307834
Διόριος, Diorios municipality object_1307827
Ftericha, Φτέριχα municipality object_1307843
Πάναγρα, Panagra municipality object_1307854
Larnakas Lapithou, Λάρνακας Λαπήθου municipality object_1307851
Karavas, Καραβάς Stadt object_1307848
Kalograia, Καλογραία municipality object_1307831
Ελιά Κερύνειας, Elia Keryneias municipality object_1307847
Μύρτου, Myrtou municipality object_1307826
Τέμπλος, Templos municipality object_1307841
Thermeia, Θέρμεια municipality object_1307839
Kiomourtzou, Κιόμουρτζου municipality object_1307818
Κλεπίνη, Klepini municipality object_1307835
Μότηδες, Motides municipality object_1307846

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	has name (in deu) Kyrenia,
	has name (in gre) Επαρχία Κερύνειας,
	is (in deu) Bezirk,
	is part of object_1176990 says source_190314;
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