Limassol, Επαρχία Λεμεσού


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GOV id
  • Limassol (deu)
  • Επαρχία Λεμεσού (gre)
  • district
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Geographic Position
  • 34.8011°N 32.9573°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Cyprus, Zypern, Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία, Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti, Cyprus republic Source

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Μαθικολώνη, Mathikoloni municipality object_1308025
Άγιος Κωνσταντίνος, Agios Konstantinos municipality object_1308054
Agios Ioannis Lemesou, Άγιος Ιωάννης Λεμεσού municipality object_1308117
Βάσα Κελλακίου, Vasa Kellakiou municipality object_1308043
Άγιος Τύχων, Agios Tychon municipality object_1308036
Κορφή, Korfi municipality object_1308029
Kaminaria, Καμινάρια municipality object_1308108
Λάνεια, Laneia municipality object_1308086
Άγιος Θωμάς, Agios Thomas municipality object_1308072
Κοιλάνι, Koilani municipality object_1308104
Πάνω Πλάτρες, Pano Platres municipality object_1308112
Παλόδεια, Palodeia municipality object_1308021
Κουκά, Kouka municipality object_1308091
Λεμίθου, Lemithou municipality object_1308110
Άρσος Λεμεσού, Arsos Lemesou municipality object_1308095
Palaiomylos, Παλαιόμυλος municipality object_1308106
Zoopigi, Ζωοπηγή municipality object_1308058
Souni-Zanakia, Σούνι-Ζανακιά municipality object_1308076
Monagroulli, Μοναγρούλλι municipality object_1308039
Armenochori, Αρμενοχώρι municipality object_1308033
Pano Kivides, Πάνω Κιβίδες municipality object_1308079
Pera Pedi, Πέρα Πεδί municipality object_1308100
Πισσούρι, Pissouri municipality object_1308075
Arakapas, Αρακαπάς municipality object_1308052
Γεροβάσα (Τρόζενα), Gerovasa (Trozena) municipality object_1308094
Kyperounta, Κυπερούντα municipality object_1308125
Potamitissa, Ποταμίτισσα municipality object_1308119
Fasoula Lemesou, Φασούλα Λεμεσού municipality object_1308024
Πύργος Λεμεσού, Pyrgos Lemesou municipality object_1308041
Τσερκέζοι, Tserkezoi municipality object_1308061
Kato Polemidia, Κάτω Πολεμίδια Stadt object_1308020
Kato Mylos, Κάτω Μύλος municipality object_1308118
Σπιτάλι, Spitali municipality object_1308023
Paramytha, Παραμύθα municipality object_1308022
Apesia, Απεσιά municipality object_1308028
Treis Elies, Τρεις Ελιές municipality object_1308109
Άγιος Αθανάσιος, Agios Athanasios Stadt object_1308016
Dora, Δωρά municipality object_1308093
Moniatis, Μονιάτης municipality object_1308092
Monagri, Μονάγρι municipality object_1308088
Doros, Δωρός municipality object_1308085
Pachna, Πάχνα municipality object_1308083
Αμίαντος, Amiantos municipality object_1308114
Kalo Chorio Lemesou, Καλό Χωριό Λεμεσού municipality object_1308057
Άγιος Αμβρόσιος Λεμεσού, Agios Amvrosios Lemesou municipality object_1308080
Vasa Koilaniou, Βάσα Κοιλανίου municipality object_1308098
Συκόπετρα, Sykopetra municipality object_1308055
Αγρός, Agros municipality object_1308122
Πραστιό Αυδήμου, Prastio Avdimou municipality object_1308068
Άγιος Μάμας, Agios Mamas municipality object_1308090
Καπηλειό, Kapileio municipality object_1308031
Τριμήκληνη, Trimiklini municipality object_1308089
Επισκοπή Λεμεσού, Episkopi Lemesou municipality object_1308065
Potamiou, Ποταμιού municipality object_1308102
Μουτταγιάκα, Mouttagiaka municipality object_1308032
Silikou, Σιλίκου municipality object_1308087
Mandria Lemesou, Μανδριά Λεμεσού municipality object_1308101
Μέσα Γειτονιά, Mesa Geitonia Stadt object_1308015
Akapnou, Ακαπνού municipality object_1308049
Agios Georgios Lemesou, Άγιος Γεώργιος Λεμεσού municipality object_1308084
Καντού, Kantou municipality object_1308066
Avdimou, Αυδήμου municipality object_1308070
Omodos, Όμοδος municipality object_1308103
Δύμες, Dymes municipality object_1308120
Σωτήρα Λεμεσού, Sotira Lemesou municipality object_1308067
Agios Pavlos, Άγιος Παύλος municipality object_1308053
Ypsonas, 'Υψωνας Stadt object_1308019
Ασώματος Λεμεσού, Asomatos Lemesou municipality object_1308060
Ασγάτα, Asgata municipality object_1308042
Σανίδα, Sanida municipality object_1308044
Eptagoneia, Επταγώνεια municipality object_1308050
Πλατανίστεια, Platanisteia municipality object_1308071
Trachoni Lemesou, Τραχώνι Λεμεσού municipality object_1308062
Agios Theodoros Lemesou, Άγιος Θεόδωρος Λεμεσού municipality object_1308116
Parekklisia, Παρεκκλησιά municipality object_1308037
Βίκλα, Vikla municipality object_1308047
Άγιος Δημήτριος, Agios Dimitrios municipality object_1308105
Πραστιό Κελλακίου, Prastio Kellakiou municipality object_1308045
Λουβαράς, Louvaras municipality object_1308056
Chandria, Χανδριά municipality object_1308124
Apsiou, Αψιού municipality object_1308027
Γεράσα, Gerasa municipality object_1308026
Dierona, Διερώνα municipality object_1308051
Ερήμη, Erimi municipality object_1308064
Kellaki, Κελλάκι municipality object_1308048
Paramali, Παραμάλι municipality object_1308069
Βουνί, Vouni municipality object_1308099
Pelendri, Πελένδρι municipality object_1308121
Κάτω Πλάτρες (Toρνάρηδες), Kato Platres (Tornarides) municipality object_1308111
Limnatis, Λιμνάτης municipality object_1308030
Troodos, Τρόοδος municipality object_1308115
Κολόσσι, Kolossi municipality object_1308063
Πρόδρομος, Prodromos municipality object_1308107
Alassa, Άλασσα municipality object_1308077
Kissousa, Κισσούσα municipality object_1308096
Φοινικάρια, Foinikaria municipality object_1308034
Ανώγυρα, Anogyra municipality object_1308074
Αλέκτορα, Alektora municipality object_1308073
Klonari, Κλωνάρι municipality object_1308046
Akrounta, Ακρούντα municipality object_1308035
Πάνω Πολεμίδια, Pano Polemidia municipality object_1308018
Moni, Μονή municipality object_1308040
Μαλιά, Malia municipality object_1308097
Γερμασόγεια, Germasogeia Stadt object_1308017
Λεμεσός, Limassol, Lemesos Stadt object_1308014
Lofou, Λόφου municipality object_1308082
Κάτω Κιβίδες, Kato Kivides municipality object_1308078
Akrotiri, Ακρωτήρι municipality object_1308059
Pentakomo, Πεντάκωμο municipality object_1308038
Άγιος Θεράπων, Agios Therapon municipality object_1308081
Φοινί, Foini municipality object_1308113
Αγρίδια, Agridia municipality object_1308123

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	has name (in deu) Limassol,
	has name (in gre) Επαρχία Λεμεσού,
	is (in deu) Bezirk,
	is part of object_1176990 says source_190314;
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