Paphos, Επαρχία Πάφου


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GOV id
  • Paphos (deu)
  • Επαρχία Πάφου (gre)
  • district
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Geographic Position
  • 34.8897°N 32.5281°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Cyprus, Zypern, Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία, Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti, Cyprus republic Source

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Κρίτου Τέρα, Kritou Tera municipality object_1308225
Άγιος Νικόλαος Πάφου, Agios Nikolaos Pafou municipality object_1308184
Τρεμιθούσα, Tremithousa municipality object_1308134
Λάσα, Lasa municipality object_1308205
Pelathousa, Πελαθούσα municipality object_1308240
Armou, Άρμου municipality object_1308148
Arminou, Αρμίνου municipality object_1308183
Drouseia, Δρούσεια municipality object_1308237
Αγία Μαρίνα Χρυσοχούς, Agia Marina Chrysochous municipality object_1308245
Λυσός, Lysos municipality object_1308217
Miliou, Μηλιού municipality object_1308222
Pafos, Πάφος, Paphos Stadt object_1308126
Choulou, Χούλου municipality object_1308163
Galataria, Γαλαταριά municipality object_1308190
Μανδριά Πάφου, Mandria Pafou municipality object_1308140
Trimithousa, Τριμιθούσα municipality object_1308211
Λετύμβου, Letymvou municipality object_1308159
Λαπηθιού, Lapithiou municipality object_1308194
Fasoula Pafou, Φασούλα Πάφου municipality object_1308168
Koili, Κοίλη municipality object_1308155
Polemi, Πολέμι municipality object_1308157
Αμαργέτη, Amargeti municipality object_1308186
Χρυσοχού, Chrysochou municipality object_1308230
Πενταλιά, Pentalia municipality object_1308188
Kato Arodes, Κάτω Αρόδες municipality object_1308234
Νατά, Nata municipality object_1308150
Drymou, Δρύμου municipality object_1308206
Karamoullides, Καραμούλληδες municipality object_1308229
Αξύλου, Axylou municipality object_1308152
Episkopi Pafou, Επισκοπή Πάφου municipality object_1308149
Mesa Chorio, Μέσα Χωριό municipality object_1308135
Agios Georgios Pafou, Άγιος Γεώργιος Πάφου municipality object_1308172
Pegeia, Πέγεια Stadt object_1308166
Empa, Έμπα municipality object_1308133
Kouklia Pafou, Κούκλια Πάφου municipality object_1308139
Lempa, Λέμπα municipality object_1308132
Φύτη, Fyti municipality object_1308204
Κοιλίνεια, Koilineia municipality object_1308191
Agios Isidoros, Άγιος Ισίδωρος municipality object_1308249
Σκούλλη, Skoulli municipality object_1308226
Γιόλου, Giolou municipality object_1308220
Geroskipou, Γεροσκήπου Stadt object_1308127
Simou, Σίμου municipality object_1308207
Makounta, Μακούντα municipality object_1308242
Κυνούσα, Kynousa municipality object_1308241
Φάσλι, Fasli municipality object_1308238
Marathounta, Μαραθούντα municipality object_1308147
Τάλα, Tala municipality object_1308137
Agia Marina Kelokedaron, Αγία Μαρίνα Κελοκεδάρων municipality object_1308187
Souskiou, Σουσκιού municipality object_1308142
Σαλαμιού, Salamiou municipality object_1308177
Ασπρογιά, Asprogia municipality object_1308197
Πραιτώρι, Praitori municipality object_1308181
Mousere, Μούσερε municipality object_1308169
Livadi, Λιβάδι municipality object_1308250
Αναδιού, Anadiou municipality object_1308208
Αναρίτα, Anarita municipality object_1308145
Τσάδα, Tsada municipality object_1308154
Θελέτρα, Theletra municipality object_1308219
Agios Ioannis Pafou, Άγιος Ιωάννης Πάφου municipality object_1308185
Kelokedara, Κελοκέδαρα municipality object_1308176
Ελεδιό, Eledio municipality object_1308153
Νέο Χωριό Πάφου, Neo Chorio Pafou municipality object_1308232
Vretsia, Βρέτσια municipality object_1308192
Πάνω Aρχιμανδρίτα, Pano Archimandrita municipality object_1308167
Κέδαρες, Kedares municipality object_1308179
Μέσανα, Mesana municipality object_1308180
Πάνω Ακουρδάλεια, Pano Akourdaleia municipality object_1308221
Agios Dimitrianos, Άγιος Δημητριανός municipality object_1308199
Choletria, Χολέτρια municipality object_1308151
Περιστερώνα Πάφου, Peristerona Pafou municipality object_1308218
Σαραμά, Sarama municipality object_1308209
Χλώρακας, Chlorakas municipality object_1308131
Στατός-Άγιος Φώτιος, Statos-Agios Fotios municipality object_1308193
Τραχυπέδουλα, Trachypedoula municipality object_1308175
Prastio Pafou, Πραστιό Πάφου municipality object_1308174
Argaka, Αργάκα municipality object_1308243
Αχέλεια, Acheleia municipality object_1308130
Μεσόγη, Mesogi municipality object_1308136
Πόλις, Polis Stadt object_1308231
Filousa Kelokedaron, Φιλούσα Κελοκεδάρων municipality object_1308182
Φάλεια, Faleia municipality object_1308189
Steni, Στενή municipality object_1308248
Agia Varvara Pafou, Αγία Βαρβάρα Πάφου municipality object_1308144
Πάνω Αρόδες, Pano Arodes municipality object_1308235
Akoursos, Ακουρσός municipality object_1308164
Meladeia, Μελάδεια municipality object_1308215
Androlikou, Ανδρολίκου municipality object_1308239
Σταυροκόννου, Stavrokonnou municipality object_1308173
Maronas, Μάρωνας municipality object_1308170
Kathikas, Κάθικας municipality object_1308165
Psathi, Ψάθι municipality object_1308198
Τίμη, Timi municipality object_1308143
Nea Dimmata, Νέα Δήμματα municipality object_1308246
Κισσόνεργα, Kissonerga municipality object_1308138
Tera, Τέρα municipality object_1308224
Agia Marinouda, Αγία Μαρινούδα municipality object_1308129
Λεμώνα, Lemona municipality object_1308162
Θρινιά, Thrinia municipality object_1308201
Κρίτου Μαρόττου, Kritou Marottou municipality object_1308203
Kannaviou, Κανναβιού municipality object_1308200
Φοίνικας, Foinikas municipality object_1308146
Choli, Χόλη municipality object_1308227
Καλλέπεια, Kallepeia municipality object_1308158
Mamonia, Μαμώνια municipality object_1308171
Kato Akourdaleia, Κάτω Ακουρδάλεια municipality object_1308223
Gialia, Γιαλιά municipality object_1308244
Πιταργού, Pitargou municipality object_1308160
Ineia, 'Ινεια municipality object_1308236
Στρουμπί, Stroumpi municipality object_1308156
Goudi, Γουδί municipality object_1308233
Istinjon, Kios, Tabanlı, Κιός municipality object_1308213
Κονιά, Konia municipality object_1308128
Μελάνδρα, Melandra municipality object_1308216
Λουκρούνου, Loukrounou municipality object_1308228
Kourdaka, Κούρδακα municipality object_1308161
Pano Panagia, Πάνω Παναγιά municipality object_1308196
Pomos, Πομός municipality object_1308247
Ευρέτου, Evretou municipality object_1308210
Zacharia, Ζαχαριά municipality object_1308214
Μαμούνταλη, Mamountali municipality object_1308195
Κιδάσι, Kidasi municipality object_1308178
Φιλούσα Χρυσοχούς, Filousa Chrysochous municipality object_1308212
Μηλιά Πάφου, Milia Pafou municipality object_1308202
Nikokleia, Νικόκλεια municipality object_1308141

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	has name (in deu) Paphos,
	has name (in gre) Επαρχία Πάφου,
	is (in deu) Bezirk,
	is part of object_1176990 says source_190314;
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