Suceava, Suczawa


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GOV id
  • Suceava (rum)
  • Suczawa (deu)
  • Judet
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Geographic Position
  • 47.5806°N 25.8986°E calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Romania, Rumania, Rumunsko, România, Roemenië, Roumanie, Rumänien republic people's republic republic

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Vârfu Dealului place VRFLUIKN27XO
Calafindeşti municipality object_1228228
Cajvana Stadt object_1228226
Botoşana municipality object_1228085
Rădăşeni municipality object_1229929
Hârtop municipality object_1229079
Liteni Stadt object_1229278
Ipoteşti municipality object_1229182
Volovăţ municipality object_1230825
Frătăuţii Noi municipality object_1228859
Suceviţa municipality object_1230405
Hănţeşti municipality object_1229070
Panaci municipality object_1229692
Voitinel municipality object_1230822
Mălini municipality object_1229360
Adâncata municipality object_1227712
Sadova municipality object_1230064
Salcea Stadt object_1230080
Scheia municipality object_1230184
Moldova Suliţa municipality object_1229503
Straja municipality object_1230389
Udeşti municipality object_1230610
Costişa place COSTIAKN27WW
Moldoviţa municipality object_1229507
Poiana Stampei place POIPEIKN27NH
Poiana Stampei municipality object_1229833
Părteştii de Jos municipality object_1229714
Mânăstirea Humorului municipality object_1229373
Măneuţi place MNEEUIKN27XV
Şerbăuţi municipality object_1230231
Cornu Luncii municipality object_1228509
Vicovu De Sus Stadt object_1230765
Mitocu Dragomirnei municipality object_1229484
Manastirea Sihastria Putnei monastery MANNEIKN27SU
Ilişeşti municipality object_1229158
Şaru Dornei municipality object_1230157
Zvoriştea municipality object_1230878
Cârlibaba Nouǎ, Ludwigsdorf, Radnalajosfalva, Kirlibaba municipality object_353950
Fãlticeni place FLTENIKN37DL
Fãlticeni Munizipium object_1228798
Pătrăuţi municipality object_1229720
Muşeniţa municipality object_1229548
Fântâna Mare municipality object_1228799
Moldoviţa Monastery monastery MOLERYKN27SP
Fântânele municipality object_1228801
Dorna Cândrenilor municipality object_1228711
Cârlibaba municipality object_1228284
Păltinoasa municipality object_1229691
Drăguşeni municipality object_1228750
Suceviţa Monastery monastery SUCERYKN27US
Izvoarele Sucevei municipality object_1229200
Slatina town SLAINAKN37AK
Slatina municipality object_1230291
Vicovu de Jos municipality object_1230764
Rosch-Manasteriska Gemeindeteil ROSSKAKN28XF (1968 -)
Siminicea municipality object_1230262
Vatra Moldoviţei municipality object_1230750
Dumbrăveni municipality object_1228770
Stulpicani municipality object_1230400
Suceava Munizipium object_1230403
Suceava place SUCAV1KN37DP
Horodnic De Jos municipality object_1229114
Horodnic De Sus municipality object_1229115
Ciprian Porumbescu municipality object_1228409
Radautz, Rãdãuţi, Radóc Marktgemeinde town RADUTZKN27WU (1968 -)
Ciocăneşti municipality object_1228391
Iaz part of place IAZIAZKN27XV
Baia municipality object_1227836
Ulma municipality object_1230615
Vama municipality object_1230714
Câmpulung Moldovenesc Munizipium object_1228261
Bilca municipality object_1227998
Burla municipality object_1228205
Coşna municipality object_1228524
Moara municipality object_1229489
Ostra municipality object_1229668
Putna municipality object_1229907
Siret Stadt object_1230279
Solca Stadt object_1230323
Râşca municipality object_1229950
Bălcăuţi municipality object_1227869
Kimpolung, Câmpulung Moldovenesc town KIMUN1KN27SM
Marginea municipality object_1229394
Drãgoieşti municipality object_1228738
Todireşti municipality object_1230542
Alt Fratautz, Fratautii Vechi place FRACHIKN27VT
Grămeşti municipality object_1229016
Comăneşti municipality object_1228461
Baia, Moldenmarkt place MOLRKTKN37CJ
Pojorâta municipality object_1229846
Solca, Solka place SOLLKAKN36NS (2000)
Broşteni Stadt object_1228148
Ober Wikow, Vicovul de Sus municipality OBEKOWKN27UW (1968 -)
Vatra Dornei Munizipium object_1230749
Suceava, Suczawa town SUCAVAKN37DP (1930 -)
Satu Mare municipality object_1230165
Strâmtura place STRURAKN27UN
Berchişeşti municipality object_1227967
Forăşti municipality object_1228852
Derehlui village DERLUIKN28MF (1968 -)
Frumosu municipality object_1228866
Valea Moldovei municipality object_1230694
Preuteşti municipality object_1229878
Dolhasca Stadt object_1228703
Dolheşti municipality object_1228704
Horodniceni municipality object_1229116
Gălăneşti municipality object_1228885
Milişãuţi Stadt object_1229466
Capu Câmpului municipality object_1228271
Vadu Moldovei municipality object_1230659
Poieni-Solca municipality object_1229842
Dorneşti municipality object_1228713
Zamostea municipality object_1230858
Grăniceşti municipality object_1229018
Fundu Moldovei municipality object_1228877
Iacobeni municipality object_1229130
Vatra Dornei, Dornavátra, Dorna-Watra place VATNEIKN27QV
Gura Humora, Gura Humorului place GURORAKN27XN
Frătăuţii Vechi municipality object_1228860
Bălăceana municipality object_1227857
Boroaia municipality object_1228069
Bosanci municipality object_1228076
Dorna Arini place DORINIKN27RH
Fãlticeni-Videsti place FLTSTIKN37DK
Voroneţ Monastery monastery VORERYKN27WM
Brodina municipality object_1228144
Milleschoutz town MILUTZKN27XS (1990 -)
Dărmăneşti municipality object_1228644
Vultureşti municipality object_1230841
Gura Humorului, Gura Humora Marktgemeinde object_317491 (1968 -)
Gãineşti place GINETIKN27WJ
Buneşti municipality object_1228198
Iaslovăţ municipality object_1229138
Arbore municipality object_1227784
Siret, Sereth, Seret town SERETHKN37AW (1990 -)
Stroieşti municipality object_1230396
Breaza municipality object_1228129
Cacica municipality object_1228221
Vereşti municipality object_1230756
Crucea municipality object_1228589
Bogdăneşti municipality object_1228041
Rãdãuţi Munizipium object_1229930
Dorna-Arini municipality object_1228712
Frasin Stadt object_1228855
Gura Humorului Stadt object_1229045

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	has name (in deu) Suczawa,
	has name (in rum) Suceava,
	is (in deu) Judet,
	is part of object_255450;
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