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  • Tarnowitz (deu)
  • Magistrates' Court (- 1945)
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Geographic Position
  • 50.4395°N 18.8516°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 5579

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Beuthen-Kattowitz (1939 - 1945) Landgericht
Beuthen (- 1938) Landgericht

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Kunary Gutsbezirk object_1164914 (1885)
Miedar Gutsbezirk object_324539 (1885)
Miedar rural municipality municipality MIEARYJO90JK (- 1936-09-30)
Oppatowitz Gutsbezirk object_324543 (1885)
Orzech Gutsbezirk object_324544 (1885)
Broslawitz Gutsbezirk Gutsbezirk object_324530 (1885)
Broslawitz rural municipality municipality object_1073714 (1887)
Groß Zyglin, Żyglin, Groß Zyglin, Żyglin rural municipality municipality Landgemeinde PL object_189916 (1885)
Koslowagora, Koslowagura, Kozłowa Góra, Koslowagora rural municipality municipality KOZGRAJO90LJ (1885)
Sowitz, Sowice, Sowitz, Sowice rural municipality municipality Stadtteil borough object_189922 (- 1945)
Mikultschütz, Klausberg, Mikulczyce rural municipality municipality Landgemeinde PL Stadtteil borough object_186043 (- 1922-06-24)
Wieschowa Gutsbezirk object_324555 (1885)
Neudeck, Świerklaniec Gutsbezirk object_1073712 (1887)
Repten, Alt Repten, Repty Stare rural municipality REPAREJO90JJ (1887)
Bibiella (Georgenberg), Bibiela Gutsbezirk object_324528 (1887)
Piasetzna, Friedrichshütte OS, Piassetzna, Piassetzna, Piaseczna, Friedrichshütte rural municipality municipality PIAZNAJO90JL (- 1945)
Wieschowa, Randsdorf rural municipality municipality RANORFJO90JJ (1885)
Koslowagora Gutsbezirk object_324537 (1885)
Stollarzowitz Gutsbezirk object_324552 (1885)
Kunary, Kunari rural municipality KUNARYJO90IJ (- 1894-03-31)
Stollarzowitz, Stillersfeld rural municipality municipality STOICEJO90JJ (- 1922-06-24)
Tarnowitz, Tarnowskie Góry, Tarnowitz Stadt object_268028 (1887)
Alt Repten Gutsbezirk object_324526 (1885)
Mikultschütz Gutsbezirk object_324540 (1885)
Nierada rural municipality NIEADAJO90IJ (- 1896-06-30)
Kempczowitz Gutsbezirk object_324534 (1885)
Kempczowitz rural municipality object_1161146 (- 1928-09-30)
Truschütz Gutsbezirk object_324554 (1885)
Oppatowitz, Opatowitz, Opatowice, Opattowitz, Opatowice rural municipality municipality Ortsteil Stadtteil borough object_189924 (1885)
Trockenberg Gutsbezirk object_324553 (1885)
Lassowitz-Sowitz Gutsbezirk object_324538 (1885)
Radzionkau Gutsbezirk object_324549 (1885)
Stare Tarnowice, Alt Tarnowitz, Tarnowice Stare, Alt Tarnowitz, Tarnowice Stare rural municipality municipality Landgemeinde PL Stadtteil borough object_189908 (1887)
Neu Chechlau, Nowe Chechło rural municipality object_1161660 (1885)
Alt Chechlau, Chechło Stare rural municipality STACHOJO90LK (1887)
Glinitz, Blachote rural municipality GLIITZJO90IJ (- 1894-03-31)
Naklo Gutsbezirk object_324541 (1885)
Rybna Gutsbezirk object_324551 (1885)
Rybna, Rybna, Rybna rural municipality municipality object_189919 (- 1941-03-31)
Radzionkau, Razionków, Radzionkau rural municipality municipality object_189926 (- 1945)
Piassetzna Gutsbezirk object_324546 (1885)
Bobrownik, Bobrowniki, Bobrownik rural municipality municipality BOBIKIJO90KK (1887)
Passiecken, Pasieki Gutsbezirk Forstgutsbezirk object_324545 (1885)
Alt Tarnowitz Gutsbezirk object_324527 (1885)
Klein Zyglin Gutsbezirk object_324535 (1885)
Klein Zyglin, Żyglinek, Klein-Zyglin, Żyglinek rural municipality object_189917 (1885)
Trockenberg, Sucha Góra, Trockenberg, Sucha Góra rural municipality Landgemeinde PL municipality Landgemeinde PL SUCGRAJO90KJ (1885)
Jendryssek, Jędrysek rural municipality JDRSEKJO90KN (1885)
Ptakowitz Gutsbezirk object_324548 (1885)
Ptakowitz rural municipality municipality object_186033 (- 1922-06-24)
Jendryssek Gutsbezirk object_324533 (1885)
Georgendorf rural municipality GEOOR1JO90IK (1887)
Rudy-Piekar Gutsbezirk object_324550 (1885)
Friedrichshütte, Strzybnica rural municipality rural municipality Gutsbezirk Gutsbezirk Gutsbezirk Gutsbezirk object_324531 (1885)
Neu Repten, Repty Nowe rural municipality object_189930 (1885)
Friedrichswille rural municipality municipality object_186041 (1887)
Tarnowitz-Nord, Lassowitz, Lasowice, Lassowitz, Lasowice rural municipality municipality Stadtteil Landgemeinde PL borough LASICEJO90KK (1874-10-01)
Grzibowitz, Pilzendorf, Grzybowice rural municipality municipality PILORFJO90JI (- 1922-06-24)
Boruschowitz, Boruszowice, Boruschowitz rural municipality municipality BORICEJO90JM (1887)
Piekary Polskie, Rudy Piekarskie, Polnisch Beckern, Rudy-Piekar, Piekary Rudne, Rudy-Piekar rural municipality PIEDNEJO90KK (- 1939)
Alt Chechlau Gutsbezirk object_324525 (1885)
Groß Pniowitz Gutsbezirk object_1164890 (1885)
Brinitz, Brynica, Brinitz, Brynica rural municipality municipality Stadtteil object_189914 (1887)
Grzibowitz, Pilzendorf Gutsbezirk object_324547 (1885)
Żyglinskie Gory, Georgenberg, Miasteczko, Georgenberg, Miasteczko, Miasteczko Śląskie municipality Stadt municipality Flecken rural municipality Stadt Stadt Landgemeinde PL Stadtgemeinde borough Stadtgemeinde object_189929 (1885)
Carlshof, Bobrownik Gutsbezirk object_324529 (1885)
Groß Pniowitz, Pniowitz, Pniowiec, Pniowitz rural municipality municipality PNIIECJO90JL (1885)
Naklo, Naclo, Nakło, Naklo OS, Nakło Śląskie, Nakło rural municipality municipality Landgemeinde PL Landgemeinde PL object_189910 (1885)
Larischhof rural municipality municipality object_186031 (- 1936-09-30)
Groß Wilkowitz Gutsbezirk object_324532 (1885)
Groß Wilkowitz rural municipality municipality GROITZJO90JK (- 1936-09-30)
Truschhütz, Truszczyce, Truschütz, Truszczyce rural municipality Landgemeinde PL object_189911 (1885)
Orzech, Orzech, Orzech rural municipality municipality object_189912 (1885)

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	has name (in deu) Tarnowitz,
	is from 1939 until 1945 part of object_285352,
	is until 1938 part of object_285351,
	is until 1945 (in deu) Amtsgericht;
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