Rio Grande do Sul


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GOV id
  • Rio Grande do Sul (por)
  • state
municipal id
area (km²)
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Geographic Position
  • 29.8502°S 51.779°W calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Região Sul region

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
São Gabriel Munizipium object_1318612
São Pedro do Sul Munizipium object_406446
Herval Munizipium object_1318385
Rio dos Índios Munizipium object_1318570
Alvorada Munizipium object_1318249
Barra Funda Munizipium object_1318277
Ibiaçá Munizipium object_1318430
Itaara Munizipium object_1318443
Itaqui Munizipium object_1318446
Almirante Tamandaré do Sul Munizipium object_1318245
Cacequi Munizipium object_1318297
Caibaté Munizipium object_1318301
Camaquã Munizipium object_1318303
Camargo Munizipium object_1318304
Caiçara Munizipium object_1318302
Canguçu Munizipium object_1318315
Capitão Munizipium object_1318324
Salto do Jacuí Munizipium object_1318584
Catuípe Munizipium object_1318330
Manoel Viana Munizipium object_1318472
Saldanha Marinho Munizipium object_1318583
Erval Seco Munizipium object_1318387
Santo Antônio do Planalto Munizipium object_1318604
Passo Fundo Munizipium object_1318534
Barros Cassal Munizipium object_1318278
Lagoão Munizipium object_1318460
Tio Hugo Munizipium object_1318673
Barra do Rio Azul Munizipium object_1318276
Dezesseis de Novembro Munizipium object_1318365
Campina das Missões Munizipium object_1318307
Espumoso Munizipium object_1318390
Maratá Munizipium object_1318474
Três Palmeiras Munizipium object_1318684
Nova Roma do Sul Munizipium object_1318515
Cerrito Munizipium object_1318333
Nonoai Munizipium object_1318501
Carlos Barbosa Munizipium object_406645
Vila Nova do Sul Munizipium object_1318714
Hulha Negra Munizipium object_1318427
Osório Munizipium object_1318226
Parobé Munizipium object_1318531
Pinheirinho do Vale Munizipium object_1318544
Pinhal Munizipium object_1318541
Pirapó Munizipium object_1318547
Pontão Munizipium object_1318551
Portão Munizipium object_1318553
Chapada Munizipium object_1318338
Charrua Munizipium object_1318340
Bom Retiro do Sul Munizipium object_1318289
Santo Antônio do Palma Munizipium object_1318601
Tenente Portela Munizipium object_1318670
Quaraí Munizipium object_1318563
Flores da Cunha Munizipium object_1318401
Doutor Maurício Cardoso Munizipium object_1318374
Vespasiano Corrêa Munizipium object_1318706
Ciríaco Munizipium object_1318345
Salvador do Sul Munizipium object_1318586
Seberi Munizipium object_1318646
Sertão Munizipium object_1318654
Água Santa Munizipium object_1318240
Cidreira Munizipium object_1318344
Benjamin Constant do Sul Munizipium object_1318279
Tapera Munizipium object_1318664
Maquiné Munizipium object_1318473
Ilópolis Munizipium object_1318436
São José do Herval Munizipium object_1318618
São Paulo das Missões Munizipium object_1318632
Toropi Munizipium object_1318675
Torres Munizipium object_1318676
Turuçu Munizipium object_1318694
Estrela Velha Munizipium object_1318393
Coqueiro Baixo Munizipium object_1318350
Palmitinho Munizipium object_1318525
Vanini Munizipium object_1318703
São Valentim do Sul Munizipium object_1318639
Viamão Munizipium object_1318708
São Pedro da Serra Munizipium object_1318633
Passa Sete Munizipium object_1318532
Arambaré Munizipium object_1318255
Porto Mauá Munizipium object_1318555
Augusto Pestana Munizipium object_1318265
São Miguel das Missões Munizipium object_1318630
Fortaleza dos Valos Munizipium object_1318406
Colinas Munizipium object_1318346
Barracão Munizipium object_1318272
Coxilha Munizipium object_1318356
Pouso Novo Munizipium object_1318558
Santa Tereza Munizipium object_1318597
Ajuricaba Munizipium object_1318241
Lindolfo Collor Munizipium object_1318467
Cristal Munizipium object_1318358
Roque Gonzales Munizipium object_1318580
Campos Borges Munizipium object_1318310
Relvado Munizipium object_1318568
Santa Rosa Munizipium object_1318596
Dois Lajeados Munizipium object_1318369
Três Forquilhas Munizipium object_1318683
Dois Irmãos das Missões Munizipium object_1318368
Ernestina Munizipium object_1318384
Antônio Prado Munizipium object_1318254
São Valentim Munizipium object_1318638
Mormaço Munizipium object_1318491
Protásio Alves Munizipium object_1318561
Balneário Pinhal Munizipium object_1318268
Humaitá Munizipium object_1318428
Cerro Branco Munizipium object_1318334
Três Cachoeiras Munizipium object_1318680
São Jerônimo Munizipium object_1318613
General Câmara Munizipium object_1318411
Barra do Guarita Munizipium object_1318273
Uruguaiana Munizipium object_1318698
Tramandaí Munizipium object_1318677
Passo do Sobrado Munizipium object_1318533
Novo Barreiro Munizipium object_1318521
Rolador Munizipium object_1318576
Rolante Munizipium object_1318577
Mato Leitão Munizipium object_1318482
Terra de Areia Munizipium object_1318671
Vista Alegre do Prata Munizipium object_1318716
Cerro Grande Munizipium object_1318335
Miraguaí Munizipium object_1318486
Encantado Munizipium object_1318377
Entre-Ijuís Munizipium object_1318380
Guarani das Missões Munizipium object_1318423
Lagoa Vermelha Munizipium object_1318462
Capivari do Sul Munizipium object_1318322
Centenário Munizipium object_1318332
Riozinho Munizipium object_1318573
Frederico Westphalen Munizipium object_1318407
Picada Café Munizipium object_1318540
Quevedos Munizipium object_1318565
Monte Belo do Sul Munizipium object_1318489
Boa Vista do Sul Munizipium object_1318285
Getúlio Vargas Munizipium object_1318413
Ibarama Munizipium object_1318429
Garibaldi Munizipium object_1318408
Ibirubá Munizipium object_1318433
Teutônia Munizipium object_1318672
Salvador das Missões Munizipium object_1318585
Xangri-lá Munizipium object_1318720
Novo Xingu Munizipium object_1318520
Cachoeirinha Munizipium object_1318299
Floriano Peixoto Munizipium object_1318402
Capão do Cipó Munizipium object_1318320
Capão do Leão Munizipium object_1318321
Jaguarão Munizipium object_1318453
Não-Me-Toque Munizipium object_1318499
Boa Vista das Missões Munizipium object_1318281
Cerro Largo Munizipium object_1318337
Bento Gonçalves Munizipium object_1318280
Carlos Gomes Munizipium object_1318327
Charqueadas Munizipium object_1318339
Faxinal do Soturno Munizipium object_1318397
Pedro Osório Munizipium object_1318538
Venâncio Aires Munizipium object_1318234
Bom Princípio Munizipium object_1318287
David Canabarro Munizipium object_1318363
Cruzaltense Munizipium object_1318361
Porto Vera Cruz Munizipium object_1318556
Dom Pedrito Munizipium object_1318372
Alto Feliz Munizipium object_1318248
Bossoroca Munizipium object_1318291
Sarandi Munizipium object_1318645
Boa Vista do Incra Munizipium object_1318284
Garruchos Munizipium object_1318409
Santo Expedito do Sul Munizipium object_1318607
Sananduva Munizipium object_1318587
Redentora Munizipium object_1318567
Paulo Bento Munizipium object_1318535
Segredo Munizipium object_1318648
Coqueiros do Sul Munizipium object_1318351
Selbach Munizipium object_1318649
Esmeralda Munizipium object_1318388
Silveira Martins Munizipium object_1318658
Amaral Ferrador Munizipium object_1318250
São Marcos Munizipium object_1318627
Colorado Munizipium object_1318347
Jacuizinho Munizipium object_1318451
André da Rocha Munizipium object_1318252
Nova Araçá Munizipium object_1318503
Nova Hartz Munizipium object_1318509
Sinimbu Munizipium object_1318659
Nova Palma Munizipium object_1318511
Nova Prata Munizipium object_1318513
Nova Pádua Munizipium object_1318510
Coronel Barros Munizipium object_1318352
Paim Filho Munizipium object_1318522
Coronel Bicaco Munizipium object_1318353
Itapuca Munizipium object_1318445
Capela de Santana Munizipium object_1318323
Barra do Ribeiro Munizipium object_1318275
Nova Petrópolis Munizipium object_1318512
Santa Maria Munizipium object_1318232
Nova Candelária Munizipium object_1318507
Glorinha Munizipium object_1318415
Tapejara Munizipium object_1318663
Constantina Munizipium object_1318349
Paraíso do Sul Munizipium object_1318529
Morro Reuter Munizipium object_1318494
Gramado Xavier Munizipium object_1318418
Lajeado do Bugre Munizipium object_1318464
Três Coroas Munizipium object_1318681
Imigrante Munizipium object_406542
Cotiporã Munizipium object_1318355
Tiradentes do Sul Munizipium object_1318674
Lagoa Bonita do Sul Munizipium object_1318459
Três Arroios Munizipium object_1318679
Westfália Munizipium object_1318719
Sertão Santana Munizipium object_1318655
Barão de Cotegipe Munizipium object_1318270
Montauri Munizipium object_1318487
Piratini Munizipium object_1318548
Tuparendi Munizipium object_1318693
Caçapava do Sul Munizipium object_1318296
Pedras Altas Munizipium object_1318537
Encruzilhada do Sul Munizipium object_1318378
Cambará do Sul Munizipium object_1318305
Engenho Velho Munizipium object_1318379
Jaguari Munizipium object_1318454
Nicolau Vergueiro Munizipium object_1318500
Rondinha Munizipium object_1318579
Marques de Souza Munizipium object_1318479
União da Serra Munizipium object_1318696
Vila Maria Munizipium object_1318713
Nova Esperança do Sul Munizipium object_1318508
Nova Bassano Munizipium object_1318504
Roca Sales Munizipium object_1318574
Candiota Munizipium object_1318313
Machadinho Munizipium object_1318469
Doutor Ricardo Munizipium object_1318375
Três Passos Munizipium object_1318685
Ipê Munizipium object_1318440
São Nicolau Munizipium object_1318631
Bom Progresso Munizipium object_1318288
Bagé Munizipium object_1318267
Chuí Munizipium object_1318342
Ijuí Munizipium object_1318435
Imbé Munizipium object_1318437
Iraí Munizipium object_1318442
Jari Munizipium object_1318456
Mata Munizipium object_1318480
Jóia Munizipium object_1318457
Derrubadas Munizipium object_1318364
Vera Cruz Munizipium object_1318704
Vista Alegre Munizipium object_1318715
Agudo Munizipium object_1318224
Barão Munizipium object_1318269
Braga Munizipium object_1318293
Butiá Munizipium object_1318295
Caraá Munizipium object_1318326
Casca Munizipium object_1318328
Feliz Munizipium object_1318400
Monte Alegre dos Campos Munizipium object_1318488
Liberato Salzano Munizipium object_1318466
Giruá Munizipium object_1318414
Itati Munizipium object_1318447
Ivoti Munizipium object_1318228
Ivorá Munizipium object_1318449
Marau Munizipium object_1318475
Muçum Munizipium object_1318496
Paraí Munizipium object_1318528
Santo Antônio da Patrulha Munizipium object_1318602
Tabaí Munizipium object_1318662
Tapes Munizipium object_1318665
Tunas Munizipium object_1318689
São Francisco de Assis Munizipium object_1318610
Santana da Boa Vista Munizipium object_1318594
Sério Munizipium object_1318653
Caseiros Munizipium object_1318329
Bom Jesus Munizipium object_1318286
São Francisco de Paula Munizipium object_1318611
Pinhal Grande Munizipium object_1318543
Rosário do Sul Munizipium object_1318581
Taquara Munizipium object_1318666
Taquari Munizipium object_1318667
Tavares Munizipium object_1318669
Santo Ângelo Munizipium object_1318600
Pinheiro Machado Munizipium object_1318545
Gravataí Munizipium object_1318419
Erechim Munizipium object_1318383
São Lourenço do Sul Munizipium object_1318625
Áurea Munizipium object_1318266
Porto Alegre Munizipium object_1318231
Harmonia Munizipium object_1318424
Vista Gaúcha Munizipium object_1318717
Serafina Corrêa Munizipium object_1318652
Herveiras Munizipium object_1318425
São Martinho Munizipium object_1318628
Estação Munizipium object_1318391
Estrela Munizipium object_1318229
Muitos Capões Munizipium object_1318497
Três de Maio Munizipium object_1318682
Santa Maria do Herval Munizipium object_1318592
Cruz Alta Munizipium object_1318360
Barão do Triunfo Munizipium object_1318271
Maximiliano de Almeida Munizipium object_1318484
Pejuçara Munizipium object_1318539
Inhacorá Munizipium object_1318439
Montenegro Munizipium object_1318490
Severiano de Almeida Munizipium object_1318657
Dois Irmãos Munizipium object_1318367
Santa Vitória do Palmar Munizipium object_1318598
Morro Redondo Munizipium object_1318493
Anta Gorda Munizipium object_1318253
Mato Castelhano Munizipium object_1318481
Itacurubi Munizipium object_1318444
Cruzeiro do Sul Munizipium object_1318362
Gramado dos Loureiros Munizipium object_1318417
Erval Grande Munizipium object_1318386
Brochier Munizipium object_1318294
Novo Hamburgo Munizipium object_1318230
Cerro Grande do Sul Munizipium object_1318336
Santa Margarida do Sul Munizipium object_1318593
Candelária Munizipium object_1318311
Vila Lângaro Munizipium object_1318712
Muliterno Munizipium object_1318498
Linha Nova Munizipium object_1318468
Tupanci do Sul Munizipium object_1318690
Porto Lucena Munizipium object_1318554
Vicente Dutra Munizipium object_1318709
Nova Bréscia Munizipium object_1318506
Crissiumal Munizipium object_1318357
Trindade do Sul Munizipium object_1318686
Cacique Doble Munizipium object_1318300
São José do Inhacorá Munizipium object_1318620
Eldorado do Sul Munizipium object_1318376
São Sebastião do Caí Munizipium object_1318636
Triunfo Munizipium object_1318687
Estância Velha Munizipium object_1318227
Tupanciretã Munizipium object_1318691
São José do Norte Munizipium object_1318621
Pantano Grande Munizipium object_1318527
São Vicente do Sul Munizipium object_1318642
Senador Salgado Filho Munizipium object_1318650
Independência Munizipium object_1318438
Alto Alegre Munizipium object_1318247
Veranópolis Munizipium object_1318705
Novo Tiradentes Munizipium object_1318519
Eugênio de Castro Munizipium object_1318394
Tupandi Munizipium object_1318692
Mariano Moro Munizipium object_1318478
Vale Real Munizipium object_1318702
São Luiz Gonzaga Munizipium object_1318626
Entre Rios do Sul Munizipium object_1318381
Nova Ramada Munizipium object_1318514
Vale Verde Munizipium object_1318700
Alecrim Munizipium object_1318242
Alegria Munizipium object_1318244
Cândido Godói Munizipium object_1318312
Arroio Grande Munizipium object_1318263
Campestre da Serra Munizipium object_1318306
Capão da Canoa Munizipium object_1318319
Canudos do Vale Munizipium object_1318317
São Domingos do Sul Munizipium object_1318609
Dom Feliciano Munizipium object_1318370
Santo Cristo Munizipium object_1318606
Porto Xavier Munizipium object_1318557
Pinhal da Serra Munizipium object_1318542
Mostardas Munizipium object_1318495
Sapucaia do Sul Munizipium object_1318644
Mariana Pimentel Munizipium object_1318477
Panambi Munizipium object_1318526
Taquaruçu do Sul Munizipium object_1318668
Campinas do Sul Munizipium object_1318308
Rodeio Bonito Munizipium object_1318575
São José do Sul Munizipium object_1318623
Victor Graeff Munizipium object_1318710
Araricá Munizipium object_1318256
Aratiba Munizipium object_1318257
Rio Grande Munizipium object_1318571
Arroio do Padre Munizipium object_1318260
Marcelino Ramos Munizipium object_1318476
Arroio do Tigre Munizipium object_1318262
Pinto Bandeira Munizipium object_1318546
Coronel Pilar Munizipium object_1318354
Palmares do Sul Munizipium object_1318523
Ametista do Sul Munizipium object_1318251
Pelotas Munizipium object_406463
Vila Flores Munizipium object_1318711
Arvorezinha Munizipium object_1318264
Morrinhos do Sul Munizipium object_1318492
Campo Novo Munizipium object_1318309
Santa Cruz do Sul Munizipium object_1318591
Nova Alvorada Munizipium object_1318502
Progresso Munizipium object_1318560
São Martinho da Serra Munizipium object_1318629
Sagrada Família Munizipium object_1318582
São Valério do Sul Munizipium object_1318640
Mampituba Munizipium object_1318471
Erebango Munizipium object_1318382
Ibiraiaras Munizipium object_1318431
Ibirapuitã Munizipium object_1318432
Viadutos Munizipium object_1318707
Pareci Novo Munizipium object_1318530
Rio Pardo Munizipium object_1318572
Faxinalzinho Munizipium object_1318398
Dona Francisca Munizipium object_1318373
São José dos Ausentes Munizipium object_1318624
Nova Boa Vista Munizipium object_1318505
Santa Bárbara do Sul Munizipium object_1318588
Quatro Irmãos Munizipium object_1318564
Lavras do Sul Munizipium object_1318465
Fontoura Xavier Munizipium object_1318403
Cachoeira do Sul Munizipium object_1318298
Novo Cabrais Munizipium object_1318517
Jaboticaba Munizipium object_1318450
Lagoa dos Três Cantos Munizipium object_1318461
Formigueiro Munizipium object_1318404
Sapiranga Munizipium object_1318643
Farroupilha Munizipium object_1318396
Palmeira das Missões Munizipium object_1318524
Sant'Ana do Livramento Munizipium object_1318595
Poço das Antas Munizipium object_1318550
Santa Cecília do Sul Munizipium object_1318589
Paverama Munizipium object_1318536
Mato Queimado Munizipium object_1318483
Vitória das Missões Munizipium object_1318718
São José do Hortêncio Munizipium object_1318619
Igrejinha Munizipium object_1318434
Ponte Preta Munizipium object_1318552
São Sepé Munizipium object_1318637
Putinga Munizipium object_1318562
Capão Bonito do Sul Munizipium object_1318318
Esperança do Sul Munizipium object_1318389
Gaurama Munizipium object_1318410
São Borja Munizipium object_1318608
São Jorge Munizipium object_1318616
Boqueirão do Leão Munizipium object_1318290
Unistalda Munizipium object_1318697
Novo Machado Munizipium object_1318518
Soledade Munizipium object_1318661
Maçambará Munizipium object_1318470
Quinze de Novembro Munizipium object_1318566
Travesseiro Munizipium object_1318678
Fazenda Vilanova Munizipium object_1318399
Cristal do Sul Munizipium object_1318359
Boa Vista do Cadeado Munizipium object_1318283
Arroio do Sal Munizipium object_1318259
Júlio de Castilhos Munizipium object_1318458
Jaquirana Munizipium object_1318455
Chiapetta Munizipium object_1318341
Lajeado Munizipium object_1318463
Tucunduva Munizipium object_1318688
Forquetinha Munizipium object_1318405
Alegrete Munizipium object_1318243
São João do Polêsine Munizipium object_1318615
Ipiranga do Sul Munizipium object_1318441
Carazinho Munizipium object_1318325
Restinga Sêca Munizipium object_1318569
Dom Pedro de Alcântara Munizipium object_1318371
Sede Nova Munizipium object_1318647
São João da Urtiga Munizipium object_1318614
Fagundes Varela Munizipium object_1318395
Horizontina Munizipium object_1318426
São José das Missões Munizipium object_1318617
Santo Antônio das Missões Munizipium object_1318603
Santa Clara do Sul Munizipium object_1318590
Sete de Setembro Munizipium object_1318656
Vale do Sol Munizipium object_1318701
Nova Santa Rita Munizipium object_1318516
Santo Augusto Munizipium object_1318605
São José do Ouro Munizipium object_1318622
Presidente Lucena Munizipium object_1318559
Arroio do Meio Munizipium object_1318258
São Pedro das Missões Munizipium object_1318634
Minas do Leão Munizipium object_1318485
Sentinela do Sul Munizipium object_1318651
Vacaria Munizipium object_1318699
São Leopoldo Munizipium object_1318233
Planalto Munizipium object_1318549
Gramado Munizipium object_1318416
Aceguá Munizipium object_1318239
São Vendelino Munizipium object_1318641
Campo Bom Munizipium object_1318225
Boa Vista do Buricá Munizipium object_1318282
Alpestre Munizipium object_1318246
Bozano Munizipium object_1318292
Canela Munizipium object_1318314
Canoas Munizipium object_1318316
Condor Munizipium object_1318348
Guabiju Munizipium object_1318420
Guaporé Munizipium object_1318422
Caxias do Sul Munizipium object_1318331
Ubiretama Munizipium object_1318695
Barra do Quaraí Munizipium object_1318274
Dilermando de Aguiar Munizipium object_1318366
Jacutinga Munizipium object_1318452
Sobradinho Munizipium object_1318660
Santiago Munizipium object_1318599
Itatiba do Sul Munizipium object_1318448
Chuvisca Munizipium object_1318343
Esteio Munizipium object_1318392
São Pedro do Butiá Munizipium object_1318635
Ronda Alta Munizipium object_1318578
Arroio dos Ratos Munizipium object_1318261
Gentil Munizipium object_1318412
Guaíba Munizipium object_1318421

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	has 2020 area 281707.149 says source_1317436,
	has 2021 population 11466630 says source_1317436,
	has municipal id 43 says source_1317436,
	has name (in por) Rio Grande do Sul,
	is (in deu) Bundesstaat,
	is part of object_375789;
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