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GOV id
  • Huesca (spa)
  • province
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 42.3075°N 0.0438°W calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Aragón autonome Gemeinschaft

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Sabiñánigo municipality object_989835
Barbuñales municipality object_989731
Huerto municipality object_989689
Huesca municipality object_989786
Sariñena municipality object_989847
Ibieca municipality object_989787
Igriés municipality object_989788
Capella municipality object_989755
Lanaja municipality object_989796
Loarre municipality object_989802
Monzón municipality object_989808
Quicena municipality object_989833
Castillazuelo municipality object_989763
Grado (El) municipality object_989781
Veracruz municipality object_989872
Olvena municipality object_989812
Alcalá de Gurrea municipality object_989701
Labuerda municipality object_989793
Ballobar municipality object_989727
Robres municipality object_989834
Pozán de Vero municipality object_989827
Banastás municipality object_989728
Fueva (La) municipality object_989779
Candasnos municipality object_989752
Ontiñena municipality object_989813
Hoz y Costean municipality object_989888
Biscarrués municipality object_989743
Baldellou municipality object_989726
Vicién municipality object_989874
Valle de Bardají municipality object_989869
Alcampell municipality object_989703
Alcubierre municipality object_989705
Benabarre municipality object_989734
Colungo municipality object_989765
Zaidín municipality object_989880
Loscorrales municipality object_989804
Laluenga municipality object_989794
Yésero municipality object_989879
Castiello de Jaca municipality object_989761
Valfarta municipality object_989868
Tella-Sin municipality object_989858
Estopiñán del Castillo municipality object_989772
Torres de Alcanadre municipality object_989865
Secastilla municipality object_989848
Alcolea de Cinca municipality object_989704
Almunia de San Juan municipality object_989709
Peralta de Alcofea municipality object_989819
Laperdiguera municipality object_989797
Puebla de Castro (La) municipality object_989828
Salas Altas municipality object_989837
Salas Bajas municipality object_989838
Almuniente municipality object_989710
Monesma y Cajigar municipality object_989805
Puértolas municipality object_989830
Santa Cruz de la Serós municipality object_989845
Hoz de Jaca municipality object_989785
Gurrea de Gállego municipality object_989784
Chalamera municipality object_989766
Almudévar municipality object_989708
Barbastro municipality object_989729
Canal de Berdún municipality object_989751
Lascuarre municipality object_989799
Camporrells municipality object_989750
Areny de Noguera / Arén municipality object_989717
Peralta de Calasanz municipality object_989820
Aragüés del Puerto municipality object_989716
Argavieso municipality object_989718
Sangarrén municipality object_989842
Alcalá del Obispo municipality object_989702
Novales municipality object_989810
Santaliestra y San Quílez municipality object_989846
Peraltilla municipality object_989821
Santa Cilia municipality object_989844
Isábena municipality object_989790
Valle de Hecho municipality object_989881
Siétamo municipality object_989854
Valle de Lierp municipality object_989870
Antillón municipality object_989715
Albero Alto municipality object_989698
Albero Bajo municipality object_989699
Laspaúles municipality object_989800
Sopeira municipality object_989855
San Juan de Plan municipality object_989843
Montanuy municipality object_989807
Santa María de Dulcis municipality object_989886
Puente de Montañana municipality object_989829
Sotonera (La) municipality object_989884
Castejón del Puente municipality object_989757
Loporzano municipality object_989803
Blecua y Torres municipality object_989744
Albalatillo municipality object_989696
Azanuy-Alins municipality object_989721
Adahuesca municipality object_989692
Canfranc municipality object_989753
Lupiñén-Ortilla municipality object_989885
Capdesaso municipality object_989754
Aisa municipality object_989694
Ansó municipality object_989714
Chía municipality object_989767
Fago municipality object_989773
Fonz municipality object_989776
Jaca municipality object_989791
Jasa municipality object_989792
Palo municipality object_989815
Plan municipality object_989825
Sena municipality object_989850
Sesa municipality object_989852
Lascellas-Ponzano municipality object_989798
Torralba de Aragón municipality object_989862
Azara municipality object_989722
Azlor municipality object_989723
Bailo municipality object_989725
Borau municipality object_989747
Broto municipality object_989748
Campo municipality object_989890
Fanlo municipality object_989774
Fraga municipality object_989778
Graus municipality object_989783
Ilche municipality object_989789
Naval municipality object_989809
Nueno municipality object_989811
Sahún municipality object_989836
Seira municipality object_989849
Sesué municipality object_989853
Tierz municipality object_989859
Tolva municipality object_989860
Torla municipality object_989861
Castillonroy municipality object_989764
Castelflorite municipality object_989760
Alfántega municipality object_989707
Osso de Cinca municipality object_989814
Perarrúa municipality object_989822
Villanueva de Sigena municipality object_989877
Poleñino municipality object_989826
Sallent de Gállego municipality object_989840
Bárcabo municipality object_989732
Albelda municipality object_989697
Velilla de Cinca municipality object_989871
San Miguel de Cinca municipality object_989883
Foradada del Toscar municipality object_989777
Belver de Cinca municipality object_989733
Alberuela de Tubo municipality object_989700
Caldearenas municipality object_989749
Pueyo de Santa Cruz municipality object_989832
Vencillón municipality object_989889
Casbas de Huesca municipality object_989756
Senés de Alcubierre municipality object_989851
Albalate de Cinca municipality object_989695
Panticosa municipality object_989816
Pertusa municipality object_989823
Yebra de Basa municipality object_989878
Torres de Barbués municipality object_989866
Piracés municipality object_989824
Peñalba municipality object_989817
Tardienta municipality object_989857
Pueyo de Araguás (El) municipality object_989831
Estadilla municipality object_989771
Bisaurri municipality object_989742
Aínsa-Sobrarbe municipality object_989887
Peñas de Riglos (Las) municipality object_989818
Castejón de Sos municipality object_989759
Barbués municipality object_989730
Tramaced municipality object_989867
Torrente de Cinca municipality object_989864
Villanúa municipality object_989876
Abizanda municipality object_989691
Biescas municipality object_989739
Binaced municipality object_989740
Binéfar municipality object_989741
Altorricón municipality object_989712
Tamarite de Litera municipality object_989856
Lalueza municipality object_989795
Laspuña municipality object_989801
Gistaín municipality object_989780
Boltaña municipality object_989745
Bonansa municipality object_989746
Benasque municipality object_989735
Viacamp y Litera municipality object_989873
Puente la Reina de Jaca municipality object_989882
Monflorite-Lascasas municipality object_989806
Torre la Ribera municipality object_989863
Berbegal municipality object_989736
Chimillas municipality object_989768
Abiego municipality object_989690
Agüero municipality object_989693
Alerre municipality object_989706
Angüés municipality object_989713
Arguis municipality object_989719
Castejón de Monegros municipality object_989758
Ayerbe municipality object_989720
Baells municipality object_989724
Bielsa municipality object_989737
Bierge municipality object_989738
Salillas municipality object_989839
San Esteban de Litera municipality object_989841
Castigaleu municipality object_989762
Alquézar municipality object_989711
Villanova municipality object_989875
Esplús municipality object_989769
Estada municipality object_989770
Fiscal municipality object_989775
Grañén municipality object_989782

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	has external reference  geonames:3120513,
	has name (in spa) Huesca,
	is (in deu) Provinz,
	is part of object_985473;
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