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GOV id
  • Zaragoza (spa)
  • province
external id
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Geographic Position
  • 41.6234°N 1.2231°W calculated center position of the place

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Aragón autonome Gemeinschaft

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Bordalba municipality object_989211
Navardún municipality object_989337
Puendeluna municipality object_989371
Cadrete municipality object_989223
Alhama de Aragón municipality object_989178
Jaraba municipality object_989282
Jarque municipality object_989283
Jaulín municipality object_989284
Calcena municipality object_989226
Carenas municipality object_989229
Almunia de Doña Godina (La) municipality object_989183
Mesones de Isuela municipality object_989317
Lagata municipality object_989286
Layana municipality object_989288
Lechón municipality object_989291
Litago municipality object_989293
Longás municipality object_989297
Longares municipality object_989296
Luceni municipality object_989299
Luesia municipality object_989300
Luesma municipality object_989301
Maella municipality object_989304
Mainar municipality object_989306
Mallén municipality object_989311
Ejea de los Caballeros municipality object_989252
Mianos municipality object_989319
Moneva municipality object_989322
Montón municipality object_989325
Mozota municipality object_989331
Murero municipality object_989335
Fréscano municipality object_989266
Orcajo municipality object_989346
Alcalá de Moncayo municipality object_989172
Paniza municipality object_989351
Plenas municipality object_989364
Lécera municipality object_989289
Alconchel de Ariza municipality object_989173
Quinto municipality object_989373
Ruesca municipality object_989379
Santed municipality object_989389
Villarroya de la Sierra municipality object_989443
Sigüés municipality object_989395
Villarreal de Huerva municipality object_989442
Tauste municipality object_989402
Maleján municipality object_989308
Terrer municipality object_989403
Tierga municipality object_989404
Sos del Rey Católico municipality object_989398
Urriés municipality object_989420
Cinco Olivas municipality object_989240
Mediana de Aragón municipality object_989315
Sádaba municipality object_989380
Santa Eulalia de Gállego municipality object_989388
Vera de Moncayo municipality object_989430
Cimballa municipality object_989239
Bubierca municipality object_989215
Villarroya del Campo municipality object_989444
Castiliscar municipality object_989235
Torres de Berrellén municipality object_989412
San Martín de la Virgen de Moncayo municipality object_989384
Torrelapaja municipality object_989410
Sástago municipality object_989390
Moyuela municipality object_989330
Cuarte de Huerva municipality object_989246
Sierra de Luna municipality object_989394
Val de San Martín municipality object_989424
Figueruelas municipality object_989262
Bulbuente municipality object_989217
Romanos municipality object_989377
Plasencia de Jalón municipality object_989362
Castejón de Alarba municipality object_989232
Mequinenza municipality object_989316
Torralba de los Frailes municipality object_989406
Herrera de los Navarros municipality object_989278
Belmonte de Gracián municipality object_989204
Puebla de Albortón municipality object_989369
Almochuel municipality object_989179
Langa del Castillo municipality object_989287
Nuez de Ebro municipality object_989344
Remolinos municipality object_989374
Malanquilla municipality object_989307
Cerveruela municipality object_989237
Lumpiaque municipality object_989302
Pradilla de Ebro municipality object_989368
Monreal de Ariza municipality object_989323
Cabolafuente municipality object_989222
Tabuenca municipality object_989399
Almonacid de la Sierra municipality object_989182
Sabiñán municipality object_989391
Uncastillo municipality object_989417
Illueca municipality object_989280
Bardallur municipality object_989202
Gallocanta municipality object_989271
Sediles municipality object_989392
Torralbilla municipality object_989408
Fuendejalón municipality object_989267
Fuendetodos municipality object_989268
Pedrosas (Las) municipality object_989356
Piedratajada municipality object_989358
Samper del Salz municipality object_989383
Sisamón municipality object_989396
Isuerre municipality object_989281
Nonaspe municipality object_989340
Almonacid de la Cuba municipality object_989181
El Frasno municipality object_989265
Villamayor de Gállego municipality object_989452
Alberite de San Juan municipality object_989168
Tarazona municipality object_989401
Vilueña (La) municipality object_989432
María de Huerva municipality object_989314
Cosuenda municipality object_989245
Pinseque municipality object_989360
Lucena de Jalón municipality object_989298
Puebla de Alfindén (La) municipality object_989370
Retascón municipality object_989375
Monterde municipality object_989324
Campillo de Aragón municipality object_989228
Pina de Ebro municipality object_989359
Talamantes municipality object_989400
San Mateo de Gállego municipality object_989385
Calmarza municipality object_989227
Monegrillo municipality object_989321
Fuentes de Ebro municipality object_989269
Cabañas de Ebro municipality object_989221
Zaida (La) municipality object_989446
Lobera de Onsella municipality object_989295
Magallón municipality object_989305
Agón municipality object_989161
Atea municipality object_989195
Asín municipality object_989194
Biel municipality object_989449
Codo municipality object_989242
Erla municipality object_989256
Luna municipality object_989303
Mara municipality object_989313
Muel municipality object_989332
Orés municipality object_989348
Used municipality object_989421
Las Cuerlas municipality object_989248
Botorrita municipality object_989213
Ambel municipality object_989185
Ariza municipality object_989192
Ateca municipality object_989196
Biota municipality object_989208
Borja municipality object_989212
Caspe municipality object_989231
Codos municipality object_989243
Cubel municipality object_989247
Cariñena municipality object_989230
Fayón municipality object_989260
Gelsa municipality object_989273
Gotor municipality object_989275
Ibdes municipality object_989279
Letux municipality object_989292
Malón municipality object_989309
Moros municipality object_989329
Morés municipality object_989328
Olvés municipality object_989345
Orera municipality object_989347
Oseja municipality object_989349
Pomer municipality object_989365
Salvatierra de Esca municipality object_989382
Ricla municipality object_989376
Tobed municipality object_989405
Tosos municipality object_989414
Santa Cruz de Moncayo municipality object_989387
Utebo municipality object_989422
Zuera municipality object_989448
Torrellas municipality object_989411
Villafranca de Ebro municipality object_989435
Maluenda municipality object_989310
Undués de Lerda municipality object_989418
Épila municipality object_989255
Villar de los Navarros municipality object_989441
Villanueva de Huerva municipality object_989440
Bárboles municipality object_989201
Buste (El) municipality object_989220
Villanueva de Jiloca municipality object_989439
Alcalá de Ebro municipality object_989171
Torrehermosa municipality object_989409
Trasobares municipality object_989416
Marracos municipality object_989450
Embid de Ariza municipality object_989253
Nigüella municipality object_989338
Fombuena municipality object_989263
Castejón de las Armas municipality object_989233
Osera de Ebro municipality object_989350
Torralba de Ribota municipality object_989407
Farlete municipality object_989259
Trasmoz municipality object_989415
Aguarón municipality object_989162
Aguilón municipality object_989163
Sobradiel municipality object_989397
Urrea de Jalón municipality object_989419
Calatayud municipality object_989224
Calatorao municipality object_989225
Cervera de la Cañada municipality object_989236
Villanueva de Gállego municipality object_989438
Aladrén municipality object_989165
Alborge municipality object_989170
Alfamén municipality object_989176
Vistabella municipality object_989445
Muela (La) municipality object_989333
Pastriz municipality object_989354
Balconchán municipality object_989200
Paracuellos de Jiloca municipality object_989352
Pozuel de Ariza municipality object_989366
Villalba de Perejil municipality object_989436
Almolda (La) municipality object_989180
Bijuesca municipality object_989207
Burgo de Ebro (El) municipality object_989219
Frago (El) municipality object_989264
Fuentes de Jiloca municipality object_989270
Artieda municipality object_989193
Alfajarín municipality object_989175
Pedrola municipality object_989355
Morata de Jiloca municipality object_989327
Valmadrid municipality object_989425
Clarés de Ribota municipality object_989241
Murillo de Gállego municipality object_989336
Valpalmas municipality object_989426
Bisimbre municipality object_989209
Pleitas municipality object_989363
Bujaraloz municipality object_989216
Valtorres municipality object_989427
Santa Cruz de Grío municipality object_989386
Aranda de Moncayo municipality object_989189
Badules municipality object_989198
Rueda de Jalón municipality object_989378
Morata de Jalón municipality object_989326
Berdejo municipality object_989205
Villadoz municipality object_989433
Sestrica municipality object_989393
Zaragoza municipality object_989447
Añón de Moncayo municipality object_989188
Castejón de Valdejasa municipality object_989234
Manchones municipality object_989312
Contamina municipality object_989244
Villalengua municipality object_989437
Munébrega municipality object_989334
Fayos (Los) municipality object_989261
Torrijo de la Cañada municipality object_989413
Belchite municipality object_989203
Leciñena municipality object_989290
Novallas municipality object_989341
Alforque municipality object_989177
Novillas municipality object_989342
Villafeliche municipality object_989434
Chiprana municipality object_989249
Brea de Aragón municipality object_989214
Salillas de Jalón municipality object_989381
Nuévalos municipality object_989343
Miedes de Aragón municipality object_989320
Boquiñeni municipality object_989210
Lituénigo municipality object_989294
Purujosa municipality object_989372
Valdehorna municipality object_989423
Godojos municipality object_989274
Berrueco municipality object_989206
Nombrevilla municipality object_989339
Encinacorba municipality object_989254
Escatrón municipality object_989257
Abanto municipality object_989451
Acered municipality object_989160
Arándiga municipality object_989190
Ainzón municipality object_989164
Alagón municipality object_989166
Alarba municipality object_989167
Albeta municipality object_989169
Velilla de Ebro municipality object_989428
Anento municipality object_989186
Aniñón municipality object_989187
Ardisa municipality object_989191
Mezalocha municipality object_989318
Azuara municipality object_989197
Alpartir municipality object_989184
Bagüés municipality object_989199
Bureta municipality object_989218
Cetina municipality object_989238
Chodes municipality object_989250
Daroca municipality object_989251
Paracuellos de la Ribera municipality object_989353
Pozuelo de Aragón municipality object_989367
Perdiguera municipality object_989357
Pintanos (Los) municipality object_989361
Aldehuela de Liestos municipality object_989174
Fabara municipality object_989258
Velilla de Jiloca municipality object_989429
Vierlas municipality object_989431
Gallur municipality object_989272
Grisel municipality object_989276
Grisén municipality object_989277
Joyosa (La) municipality object_989285

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	has external reference  geonames:3104323,
	has name (in spa) Zaragoza,
	is (in deu) Provinz,
	is part of object_985473;
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