Places that are approx. 5 km away from Altes Forsthaus (ALTAUSJO64FH)

name type GOV-Id
Dierhagen Ost part of place DIEOSTJO64EH
Körkwitz Hof part of place KORHOF_O2591
Dierhagen Dorf municipality part of place OSTGEN_O2591
Ev. Kirche/Dierhagen church EVKGENJO64EG
Dändorf municipality part of place DANORFJO64EG
Körkwitz municipality part of place KORITZJO64EG
Altes Forsthaus settlement ALTAUSJO64FH
Langendamm municipality part of place LANAMMJO64FG
Beiershagen part of place BEIGENJO64FG
Pütnitz part of place PUTITZJO64FG
Kuhlenbusch settlement KUHSCH_O2591
St. Bartholomäus/Damgarten church object_169768
Dechowshof part of place DECHOF_O2591
Damgarten, Damechore town part of place DAMTENJO64FG
Dorf Dechowshof settlement DORHOFJO64FG
Kückenshagen, Kückenhagen municipality part of place KUCGENJO64FG
Ausbau Damgarten settlement AUSTENJO64FG
Dorfkirche/Saal(Vorpommern) church DORERNJO64FH
Saal municipality SAAAALJO64GH
Saaler Höhe settlement SAAOHEJO64GH
Kolonie Kückenshagen settlement KOLGENJO64GH
Tempel municipality part of place TEMPELJO64GG
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