Places that are approx. 5 km away from Arnoldshöhe (ARNOHEJO30LV)

name type GOV-Id
St. Vitalis church object_1172815
Bickendorf part of town BICORFJO30KW
Lindenthal place LINHALJO30KW
Kendenich municipality part of place KENICHJO30KU
St. Severin church object_1172733
Hermülheim municipality part of place HEREIMJO30KU
St. Johannes Baptist church object_1172509
St. Elisabeth Krankenhauskirche church object_1172181
Lind, Hohenlind municipality part of place HOHINDJO30KW
St. Joseph church object_1172814
St. Mariä Geburt church object_1172732
Efferen municipality part of place EFFRENJO30KV
St. Thomas Morus church object_1172182
Braunsfeld place BRAELDJO30KW
Hof Kalscheuren place HOFRENJO30KU
Kalscheuren place KALRENJO30KU
Gut Platzhof, Platzhof Farm PLAHOFJO30KW
Alt Stephan (Krieler Dömchen) church object_1172179
St. Ursula church filial church STUULAJO30KV
St. Albertus Magnus church object_1172180
Kriel municipality part of place KRIIELJO30KV
St. Stephan church object_1172178
Melaten place MELTENJO30KW
Christi Auferstehung church object_1172813
St. Maria Magdalena (Friedhof Melaten) church object_1172816
Neu-Ehrenfeld, Ehrenfeld place EHREL2JO30LW
Ehrenfeld town part of town EHRELDJO30LW
Konraderhof Farm KONHOFJO30LU
Konraderhöhe place KONOHEJO30LU
Neuenhof place NEUHOFJO30LU
Steinneuerhof place STEHOFJO30LU
Vor Meschenich place VORICHJO30LU
St. Mechtern church object_1172090
St. Joseph church object_1172089
Klettenberg part of town KLEERGJO30KV
St. Karl Boromäus church object_1172113
Sülz part of town SULULZJO30KV
St. Bruno church object_1172111
St. Laurentius church object_1172183
St. Blasius church object_1172063
St. Nikolaus church object_1172112
Bödingerhof Farm BODHOFJO30LU
Essershof Farm ESSHOFJO30LV
Höningen place HONGENJO30LU
Johannishof Farm JOHHOFJO30LU
Neuehrenfeld place NEUELDJO30LW
Schiffhof Farm SCHHOFJO30LV
Zollstock place part of town ZOLOCKJO30LV
St. Michael church object_1172423
Neustadt/Süd part of town NEUSUDJO30LW
St. Alban church object_1172421
Neustadt/Nord part of town NEUORDJO30LW
Herz Jesu church object_1172454
Zum Hl. Geist church object_1171981
St. Pius church object_1172078
St. Mauritius church object_1172455
St. Aposteln (Basilika minor) church object_1172414
St. Gereon (Basilika minor) church object_1172422
St. Pantaleon church object_1172450
Büchelhof Farm BUCHOFJO30LU
Flughafen place FLUFENJO30LW
Hochkirchen place HOCHENJO30LU
Raderberg place part of town RADERGJO30LV
Raderthal place part of town RADHALJO30LV
Rondorf place part of town RONORFJO30LU
St. Maria in der Kupfergasse church object_1172417
St. Paul church object_1172438
St. Cäcilia church object_1172446
St. Peter church object_1172451
Altstadt/Nord part of town ALTORDJO30LW
Köln, Köln-Altstadt Reichsstadt town part of town object_282159
St. Kolumba church object_1172415
St. Ursula (Basilika minor) church object_1172395
Dominikanerkirche St. Andreas church object_1172411
Minoritenkirche St. Mariä Empfängnis church object_1172413
Altstadt/Süd part of town ALTSUDJO30LW
St. Mariä Himmelfahrt church object_1172416
Kartäuserhof place KARHOFJO31KA
St. Servatius church object_1172065
Maria Hilf church object_1172435
St. Georg church object_1172447
St. Mariä Empfängnis church object_1171980
Mannsfeld place MANELDJO30LV
St. Johann Baptist church object_1172436
Kölner Dom, Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus church HOHRUSJO30LW
St. Maria im Kapitol church object_1172448
Hl. Drei Könige church object_1172062
Elendskirche church object_1172434
St. Severin (Basilika minor) church object_1172439
Groß St. Martin church object_1172412
St. Maria in Lyskirchen church object_1172449
St. Kunibert (Basilika minor) church object_1172394
St. Maternus church object_1172437
Arnoldshöhe place ARNOHEJO30LV
St. Matthias church object_1171978
Bayenthal part of town BAYHALJO30LV
Friedrichshof Farm FRIHOFJO30LU
Giesdorf place GIEORFJO30LU
Hahnwald place part of town HAHALDJO30LU
Hermannshof Farm HERHOFJO30LU
Marienburg place part of town MARURGJO30LV
St. Maria Königin church object_1171979
St. Heribert church object_1172142
Köln-Deutz church object_162511
Deutz town part of town DEUUTZJO30LW
St. Heinrich church filial church object_1172143
Kalk town part of town KALALKJO30LW
Lennartzhof Farm LENHOFJO30LV
Poll place POLOLLJO30LV
Rodenkirchen place part of town RODHENJO30LV
St. Joseph church object_1172480
Hl. Dreifaltigkeit church object_1172146
St. Maternus church object_1172075
Alt St. Maternus church object_1172073
St. Engelbert church object_1172803
Buchforst place BUCRSTJO30MW
Engelshof Farm ENGHOFJO30MV
Gremberg place GREERGJO30MW
Gremberger Hof Farm GREHOFJO30MW
Humboldt-Gremberg place HUMERGJO30MW
Michaelshoven place MICVENJO30MU
Rolshofer Hof place ROLHOFJO30MV
Sürth place part of town SURRTHJO30MU
Vingst place part of town VINGSTJO30MW
Westhoven place WESVENJO30MV
St. Joseph church object_1172072
St. Joseph church object_1172806
St. Petrus Canisius church object_1172786
St. Marien church object_1172804
St. Marien church object_1172805
St. Remigius church object_1172076
Buchheim place BUCEIMJO30MW
Haus Herl Farm HAUERLJO30MW
Herler Mühle place HERHLEJO30MW
Höhenberg place HOHERGJO30MW
Weiss place WEIISSJO30MU
Wichheimer Mühle place WICHLEJO30MW
St. Theodor church object_1172149
St. Elisabeth church object_1172150
Fronhof place FROHOFJO30MW
Ostheim place OSTEIMJO30MW
Plantage, Gut Plantage Farm PLAAGEJO30MW
Weiß place part of town WEIEISJO30MU
St. Georg church object_1172074
St. Laurentius church object_1172481
Zu den Hl. Engeln church object_1174634
Zündorf place ZUNORFJO30MU
St. Mariä Geburt church object_1172483
St. Servatius church object_1174633
Merheim part of town MEREIMJO30MW
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