Places that are approx. 5 km away from Barum (BARRUMJO53GB)

name type GOV-Id
Oldershausen place OLDSEN_W2091
Clues settlement CLUUES_W2091
Handorf place HANORF_W2091
Eichholz place EICOLZ_W2091
Wittorfer Ecke settlement WITCKEJO53EH
Neu Wittorf settlement NEUORFJO53EH
Wittorf place WITORF_W2123
Hohensand settlement HOHAND_W3143
Sankt Dionys, St. Dionys place DIONYS_W3141
St.Dionys/St. Dionysius church object_156005
Horburg, Dreckharburg place HORURG_W3141
Over settlement OVEVER_W3141
Barum place BARRUMJO53GB
Bütlingen place BUTGEN_W3141
Brietlingen chapel object_153997
Moorburg place MOOURGJO53FH
Brietlingen place BRIGENJO53FI
Lüdershausen place LUDSEN_W3141
Avendorf place AVEORF_W3141
Hölzerne Klinke settlement HOLNKE_W3141
Marienthal settlement MARHAL_W3141
Forsthaus Bennerstedt settlement BENEDT_W3141
Artlenburg Flecken ARTURGJO53FJ
Artlenburg/St.Nicolai church object_154009
Fischhausen settlement FISSENJO53FH
Sandkrug group of houses SANRUG_W2059
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