Places that are approx. 5 km away from Elters (ELTERS_W6411)

name type GOV-Id
Niederbieber part of place NIEBER_W6411
Allmus Hauptort part of place ALLMUS_W6411
Hofbieber municipality HOFBERJO40WO
Hofbieber (St. Georg) church object_1268345
Kleinsassen (St. Laurentius) church object_1268352
Kleinsassen part of place KLESEN_W6411
Gangolfshof settlement object_1263944
Elters part of place ELTERS_W6411
Elters (St. Vitus u. St. Anna) church object_1268363
Schwarzbach (St. Maria v. Berge Karmel) church object_1268354
Eckweisbach (St. Michael) church object_1268356
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