Places that are approx. 5 km away from Finowfurt (FINURTJO62UU)

name type GOV-Id
Pechteich, Forsthaus Pechteich forester's house PECICHJO62TU
Forsthaus Eichheide forester's house EICIDEJO62TV
Rosenbecker Schleuse settlement ROSUSEJO62TU
Forsthaus Grafenbrück settlement FORUCKJO62TU
Rosenbeck settlement Gemeindeteil ROSECK_O1301
Grafenbrück settlement GRAUCKJO62TU
Friedhof Rosenbeck cemetery FRIECKJO62TU
Grafenbrücker Mühle settlement GRAHLEJO62TU
Grafenbrückschleuse settlement GRAUSEJO62TU
Eichhorst village part of place EICRS1JO62TV
Wildau settlement Gemeindeteil WILDAUJO62TV
Dampfschneidemühle, Hohebirken settlement DAMHLEJO62TU
Hubertusmühle settlement HUBHLEJO62TU
Forsthaus Grünenberg forester's house FORERGJO62TV
Üderheide settlement UDEIDEJO62TV
Hubertusstock settlement HUBOCKJO62TW
Hubertusstock settlement HUBOCK_O1301
Üdersee building UDESEE_O1301
Forsthaus Spring forester's house FORINGJO62UV
Steinfurth settlement part of place STERTHJO62UU
Schöpfurth settlement part of place SCHRTHJO62UU
Finowfurt part of place FINUR1JO62UU
Schöpfurth, Finowfurt church FINUR2JO62UU
Steinfurth, Finowfurt church object_165501
Forsthaus Schorfheide forester's house FORIDEJO62UW
Friedhof Werbellin cemetery FRILINJO62UV
Werbellin village part of place part of place WERLI2JO62UV
Werbellin church WERLI1JO62UV
Karlshöhe settlement Gemeindeteil KAROHEJO62UU
Altenhof village part of place ALTHO2JO62UV
Alte Mühle mill ALTHLEJO62UV
Friedhof Altenhof cemetery FRIHOFJO62UV
Altenhof church ALTHO1JO62UV
Clara-Zetkin-Siedlung settlement CLAUNGJO62UU
Mäckersee settlement MACSEEJO62UU
Messingwerk settlement MESRKEJO62UU
Finow church object_165511
Buckow settlement Gemeindeteil BUCKOWJO62UV
Heegermühle, Finow settlement HEEHLEJO62UU
Forsthaus Heegermühle forester's house FORHLEJO62UU
Lichterfelde village part of place LICLDEJO62UU
Lichterfelde/Sankt Petri church object_165503
Friedhof Lichterfelde cemetery FRILDEJO62VU
Wolfswinkel settlement WOLKELJO62UT
Finow-Ost settlement FINOSTJO62VT
Eisenspalterei settlement EISREIJO62VU
Drahthammerschleuse settlement DRAUSEJO62VU
Blütenberg Gemeindeteil BLUERG_O1301
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