Places that are approx. 5 km away from Froher Busch (FROSCH_O4711)

name type GOV-Id
Uftrunger Zoll, Zoll settlement UFTOLLJO51LL
Haseltal settlement HASHALJO51LM
Waldhaus settlement WALAUSJO51LM
Schwenda church object_160490
Schwenda settlement SCHNDAJO51MN
Untere Haselmühle settlement UNTHLEJO51MN
Oberhaselmühle settlement OBEHLEJO51MN
Bungalowsiedlung Eichenleiter settlement BUNITEJO51MM
Dietersdorf settlement DIEORFJO51MM
Breitungen settlement BREGENJO51ML
Karlsrode settlement KARODE_O4711
Neubau settlement NEUBAUJO51MM
Froher Busch settlement FROSCH_O4711
Schwiederschwende settlement SCHNDE_O4711
Hayn (Harz) settlement HAYAYNJO51MN
Schacht settlement SCHCHTJO51NN
Agnesdorf part of place AGNORFJO51NL
Wolfsberg settlement WOLERGJO51NN
Obermühle settlement OBEHLEJO51NN
Mittelmühle settlement MITHLEJO51NN
Neuhaus settlement NEUAUS_O4701
Breitenbach settlement BREACHJO51NM
Questenberg settlement QUEERGJO51NL
Untermühle settlement UNTHLEJO51NN
Paßbruch settlement PASUCH_O4701
Landgemeinde settlement LANNDE_O4701
Rotha settlement ROTTHAJO51NM
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