Places that are approx. 5 km away from Helmers (HELERS_O6081)

name type GOV-Id
Roßdorf municipality ROSORF_O6081
Roßdorf church object_182258
Rosa church object_183706
Rosa part of place ROSOSAJO50DR
Eckardts part of place ECKDTS_O6081
Georgenzell municipality part of place GEOELL_O6081
Helmers municipality part of place HELERS_O6081
Zillbach church object_182268
Zillbach part of place ZILACH_W6401
Neuhof settlement NEUHOF_O6082
Knollbach municipality part of place KNOACH_O6082
Altenbreitungen village BREGENJO50ES
Frauenbreitungen village FRAGENJO50DS
Bußhof settlement BUSHOF_O6082
Herrenbreitungen municipality part of place HERGENJO50ES
Wernshausen church object_182266
Wernshausen part of place WERSENJO50ER
Schwallungen church object_182264
Schwallungen part of place SCHGENJO50EQ
Todenwarth castle part of place TODRTHJO50ER
Winne part of place WINNNE_O6081
Fambach municipality FAMACHJO50BR
Fambach church object_171237
Niederschmalkalden municipality part of place NIEDEN_O6081
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