Places that are approx. 5 km away from Karlshof (KARHOF_O2591)

name type GOV-Id
Försterei settlement FORREIJO64HE
Camitz part of place CAMITZJO64HE
Ahrenshagen municipality part of place AHRGENJO64HG
Ausbau Camitz settlement AUSITZJO64HE
Tribohm part of place TRIOHMJO64HE
Dorfkirche/Tribohm church TRIOH1JO64HE
Todenhagen settlement TODGEN_O2591
Plennin part of place PLENINJO64HE
Palmzin part of place PALZIN_O2591
Zornow part of place ZORNOWJO64HE
Dorfkirche/Semlow church SEMLO2JO64HE
Semlow part of place SEMLO1JO64HE
Neuenrost part of place NEUOST_O2591
Karlshof part of place KARHOF_O2591
Bahnhof settlement BAHHOFJO64ID
Schlemmin village SCHMINJO64IF
Dorfkirche/Schlemmin church SCHMI2JO64IF
Forkenbeck part of place FORECK_O2591
Bisdorf part of place BISORFJO64OB
Kirche St. Georg/Eixen church EIXXE2JO64ID
Eixen part of place EIXXE1JO64ID
Alt Ravenhorst settlement ALTRSTJO64IE
Ravenhorst part of place municipality part of place RAVRSTJO64IF
Spiekersdorf part of place SPIORFJO64IE
Alt Seehagen settlement SEEGEN_O2305
Hugoldsdorf municipality HUGORFJO64JD
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