Places that are approx. 5 km away from Merzhausen (MERSEN_W6391)

name type GOV-Id
Hunoldstal part of place HUNTAL_W6391
Brombach part of place object_213965
Anspach part of place ANSACHJO40GG
Neu-Anspach (St. Marien) church object_1272336
Arnsbach place ARNACHJO40GH
Hausen place HAUSENJO40GH
Eschbach part of town ESCACHJO40GI
Lindenhof place LINHOFJO40GH
Usingen-Michelbach place MICACHJO40GI
Schultheißhof place SCHHOFJO40GH
Westerfeld part of place WESELDJO40GH
Wiesenhof place WIEHOFJO40GH
Usingen town USIGE1JO40GI
Usingen (St. Laurentius) filial church object_1272342
Pfarrmühle place PFAHLEJO40GH
Wehrheim municipality WEHEIMJO40GH
Wernborn part of town WERORNJO40GI
Wehrheim part of place WEHEI1JO40GH
Wehrheim (St. Michael) filial church object_1272343
Wernborn (St. Pankratius) filial church object_1272344
Kransberg (St. Johannes der Täufer) filial church object_1272335
Kransberg part of town KRAERGJO40HI
Pfaffenwiesbach (St. Georg) filial church object_1272339
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