Places that are approx. 5 km away from Nebelin (NEBLINJO53UC)

name type GOV-Id
Lenzersilge village part of place Gemeindeteil LENLGEJO53TB
Friedhof Lenzersilge cemetery FRILGEJO53TB
Friedhof Birkholz cemetery FRIOLZJO53TC
Birkholz settlement Gemeindeteil BIROLZJO53TC
Friedhof Mankmuß cemetery FRIUSSJO53UD
Mankmuß church MANUS1JO53UD
Mankmuß village part of place MANUSSJO53UD
Forsthaus Lindenberger Silge forester's house FORLGEJO53UB
Forsthaus Stavenow forester's house object_1263953
Mesekow church MESKOWJO53UD
Mesekow village part of place Gemeindeteil MESKO1JO53UD
Friedhof Laaslich cemetery FRIICHJO53UC
Friedhof Mesekow cemetery FRIKOWJO53UD
Laaslich village part of place LAAIC1JO53UC
Laaslich church LAAIC2JO53UC
Waldwärterei settlement WALREIJO53UD
Stavenow-Dargardt church STARDTJO53UD
Stavenow settlement part of place Gemeindeteil STANOWJO53UD
Nebelin village part of place NEBLI1JO53UC
Nebelin church object_166463
Friedhof Nebelin cemetery FRILINJO53UC
Kuhwinkel settlement abandoned place KUHKEL_O2911
Siedlung an der Bahn settlement SIEAHNJO53UC
Kaltenhof settlement part of place Gemeindeteil KALHOF_O2911
Semlin settlement SEMLINJO53VD
Windmühle, Dergenthiner Mühle settlement WINHLEJO53VC
Premsliner Mühle mill PREHLEJO53VD
Dergenthin church DERHINJO53VB
Dergenthin village part of place village part of place DERHI1JO53VB
Platenhof settlement PLAHOF_O2911
Glövzin, Glöwzin, Glöwzin village part of place Gemeindeteil GLOZI1JO53VD
Neu Premslin settlement part of place Gemeindeteil PRELINJO53VC
Glövzin church GLOZINJO53VD
Premslin church object_166453
Premslin village part of place PRELI1JO53VD
Sükow, Sückow village part of place SUKKOWJO53VB
Sükow church object_166471
Ziegelei Premslin settlement ZIELINJO53VC
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