Places that are approx. 5 km away from Siebenborn (SIEORN_W5551)

name type GOV-Id
Altrich (St. Andreas) church object_1275345
Kirchhof place KIRHOF_W5561
Altrich Ortsgemeinde ALTICHJN39LW
Wittlich-Wengerohr (St. Peter) church object_1275346
Wengerohr part of place WENOHR_W5561
Kesten Ortsgemeinde KESTEN_W5561
Osann-Monzel Ortsgemeinde OSAZELJN39LW
Kesten village KESTENJN39LV
Osann-Monzel (St. Peter) church object_1275256
Kesten (St. Georg) church object_1275252
Platten (St. Martin) church object_1275344
Osann-Monzel (St. Nikolaus) church object_1275255
Platten Ortsgemeinde PLATEN_W5561
Platten village PLATENJN39LW
Brauneberg-Filzen (St. Josef) church object_1275253
Filzen place FILZEN_W5551
Brauneberg part of place BRAER1JN39LW
Noviand (St. Lambertus) church object_1275257
Brauneberg (St. Remigius) church object_1275254
Siebenborn place SIEORN_W5551
Altmachern place ALTERN_W5553
Maring-Noviand Ortsgemeinde MARANDJN39MW
Maring (St. Remigius) filial church MARIUSJN39MW
Machern Abbey MACERN_W5553
Rachtig place KLOERG_W5553
Zeltingen-Rachtig (St. Marien) church object_1275275
Ürzig (St. Maternus) church object_1275276
Mülheim (Mosel) church object_162401
Ürzigermühle place URZHLE_W5551
Mülheim (Mosel) Ortsgemeinde MULEIM_W5556
Mülheim (Mosel) village MULSELJN39MV
Zeltingen place ZELGEN_W5564
Lieser Ortsgemeinde LIESERJN39MW
Zeltingen-Rachtig Ortsgemeinde ZELTIGJN39MW
Lieser village LIESE1JN39MW
Zeltingen-Rachtig (St. Stephanus) church object_1275274
Lieser (St. Petrus) church object_1275271
Erden (St. Anna) church object_1275277
Veldenz (St. Marien) church object_1275250
Lösnich Ortsgemeinde LOSICH_W5553
Lösnich village LOSICHJN39MX
Wehlen (St. Agatha) church object_1275273
Wehlen place part of town WEHLENJN39MW
Lösnich (St. Vitus) church object_1275278
Andel place part of town ANDDELJN39MV
Kinheim Ortsgemeinde KINEIM_W5561
Kindel place KINDEL_W5561
Kinheim (St. Martin) church object_1275372
Bernkastel-Kues (St. Briktius) church object_1275270
Graach (St. Simon u. Juda) church object_1275272
Graach an der Mosel Ortsgemeinde GRAACH_W5550
Graach an der Mosel village GRASELJN39MW
Cues, Kues part of town object_299258
Monzelfeld (St. Stephanus) church object_1275224
Bernkastel-Kues (St. Michael) church object_1275269
Bernkastel place part of town object_299257
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