Places that are approx. 5 km away from Simmershausen (SIMSEN_W6411)

name type GOV-Id
Walkes municipality part of place WALKES_O6221
Eckweisbach (St. Michael) church object_1268356
Hilders municipality HILERSJO50AN
Hilders (St. Bartholomäus) church object_1268343
Lahrbach (St. Elisabeth) church object_1268349
Batten (St. Johannes d. Täufer) church object_1268348
Simmershausen (St. Johannes d. Täufer) church object_1268350
Unterweid village part of place UNTEIDJO50AO
Unterweid/Dorfkirche church object_1276030
Oberweid/St.Michaelis church object_182330
Oberweid village OBEEIDJO50AO
Kaltenwestheim village part of place KALEIMJO50BO
Kaltenwestheim church object_182340
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