Places that are approx. 5 km away from Tellig (TELLIG_W5581)

name type GOV-Id
Bummkopf place BUMOPF_W5581
Merl part of place MERERLJO30OA
Zell-Merl (St. Michael) church object_1275911
Zell-Kaimt (St. Jakobus der Ältere) church object_1275912
Zell (Mosel) town ZELSELJO30OA
Zell (St. Peter) church object_1275913
Barzenmühle place BARHLE_W5583
Franksmühle place FRAHLE_W5583
Grenderich (St. Matthias) church object_1275839
Grenderich Ortsgemeinde GREICH_W5581
Grenderich village GREICHJO30OB
Weidenhell place WEIELL_W5584
Altenwegsmühle place ALTHLE_W5581
Tellig Ortsgemeinde TELLIG_W5581
Vogthof place VOGHOF_W5588
Tellig village TELLIGJO30PA
Kaspersmühle place KASHLE_W5581
Tellig (St. Cornelius u. Cyprian) church object_1275841
Hähnchen place HAHHEN_W5581
Engersmühle place ENGHLE_W5581
Schauren Ortsgemeinde SCHREN_W5588
Moritzheim village MOREIMJO30PB
Schauren part of place SCHRENJO30PA
Bleesmühle place BLEHLE_W5581
Petryhof place PETHOF_W5581
Hesweiler Ortsgemeinde HESLER_W5588
Walhausen Ortsgemeinde WALSEN_W5588
Hesweiler village HESLERJO30PB
Walhausen village WALSENJO30PA
Peterswald-Löffelscheid (St. Peter u. Paul) church object_1275842
Hanosiusmühle place HANHLE_W5581
Peterswald-Löffelscheid Ortsgemeinde PETEID_W5581
Panzweiler municipality PANLERJO30PA
Blankenrath (Maria Himmelfahrt) church object_1275840
Gassenhof place GASHOF_W5581
Reidenhausen Ortsgemeinde REISEN_W5588
Blankenrath village BLAATHJO30PA
Reidenhausen village REISENJO30PB
Brühlhof place BRUHOF_W5581
Haserich Ortsgemeinde HASICH_W5581
Rödelhausen Ortsgemeinde RODSEN_W5581
Haserich village HASICHJO30PA
Rödelhausen village RODSENJO30PA
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