Places that are approx. 5 km away from Völkershain (VOLAIN_W3589)

name type GOV-Id
Leuderode part of place LEUODE_W3589
Waßmuthshausen part of town WASSENJO41RA
Rodemann part of town RODANN_W3589
Seckenhain forester's house SECAIN_W3588
Allmuthshausen part of town ALLSEN_W3589
Steindorf part of town STEORF_W3589
Rückersfeld place RUCELD_W3589
Schellbach part of place SCHACH_W3589
Relbehausen part of town RELSEN_W3589
Hergetsfeld part of place HERELD_W3589
Oberhülsa municipality part of place OBELSAJO40RW
Niederhülsa municipality part of place NIELSAJO40RW
Baßfeld Farm BASELDJO40RX
Remsfeld part of place REMELD_W3589
Reddingshausen part of place REDSEN_W3589
Völkershain part of place VOLAIN_W3589
Appenfeld part of place APPELD_W3589
Wallenstein part of place WALEIN_W3589
Lichtenhagen part of place LICGEN_W3589
Nausis part of place NAUSIS_W3589
Ellingshausen part of place ELLSEN_W3589
Gläserbach forester's house GLAACH_W3588
Nenterode part of place NENODE_W3589
Rengshausen part of place RENSEN_W3589
Plattenholz forester's house PLAOLZ_W3589
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