Places that are approx. 5 km away from Warthe (WARTHEJO63SF)

name type GOV-Id
Heckenhaus Hoheheide settlement HECIDEJO63RE
Kirchhof  Gandenitz cemetery KIRITZJO63RE
Gandenitz church object_167113
Gandenitz village GANIT1JO63RE
Mahlendorf settlement MAHORFJO63RF
Forsthaus Mahlendorf forester's house FORORFJO63RF
Düster Möll settlement DUSOLLJO63RF
Düster Mühle, Brüsenwalder Mühle mill DUSHLEJO63RF
Brüsenwalde church BRULDEJO63RG
Kirchhof Brüsenwalde cemetery KIRLDEJO63RG
Brüsenwalde settlement BRULDE_O2090
Krumme Hecken settlement KRUKENJO63RF
Heckenhaus Mahlendorf settlement HECORFJO63RF
Warthermühle mill WARHLEJO63RF
Forst Metzelthin settlement FORHINJO63RE
Forsthaus Brüsenwalde forester's house FORLDEJO63SF
Heckenhaus Bröddin settlement HECDINJO63SF
Bröddin settlement BRODIN_O2091
Metzelthin village part of place Gemeindeteil METHI1JO63SE
Warthe church object_167093
Metzelthin church METHI2JO63SE
Friedhof Metzelthin cemetery FRIHINJO63SE
Friedhof Warthe cemetery FRITHEJO63SF
Warthe village part of place WARTHEJO63SF
Luisenfelde settlement LUILDE_O2091
Eselshütte settlement ESETTE_O2090
Egarsee settlement EGASEE_O2090
Am Schlangenbruch settlement AMSUCHJO63SF
Forsthaus Schlangenbruch forester's house FORUCHJO63SF
Stabeshöhe settlement STAOHE_O2091
Friedhof Jakobshagen cemetery FRIGENJO63SE
Paulinenhof settlement PAUHOFJO63SE
Kirchenfelde Vorwerk KIRLDEJO63SF
Jakobshagen village JAKGE1JO63SE
Klosterwalde church KLOLD2JO63SE
Kirchhof Klosterwalde cemetery KIRLDEJO63SE
Klosterwalde village KLOLD1JO63SE
Kirchhof Jakobshagen cemetery KIRGENJO63SE
Jakobshagen church JAKGE2JO63SE
Collinshof, Kollinshof settlement COLHOFJO63SF
Uhlenhof settlement UHLHOFJO63SE
Rieckshof settlement RIEHOFJO63SE
Kirchhof Klaushagen cemetery KIRGENJO63SF
Klaushagen church KLAGENJO63SF
Klaushagen village part of place KLAGE1JO63SF
Kiehnhaide settlement KIEIDEJO63SE
Annenhof settlement ANNHOFJO63SE
Suhrhof settlement SUHHOFJO63TF
Koppel settlement KOPPELJO63TE
Steinhausen Vorwerk STESE1JO63TE
Steinhausen Vorwerk STESENJO63TE
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