Places that are approx. 5 km away from Hoym (object_1054339)

name type GOV-Id
Asmusstedt, VEG Asmusstedt part of place ASMEDTJO51OS
St. Viti/Badeborn church object_149564
Badeborn settlement BADORNJO51PS
Gatersleben settlement GATBENJO51PU
ehem. Abdeckerei, Abdeckerei settlement EHEREIJO51PT
Ev. Kirche/Radisleben church object_149544
Radisleben settlement RADBENJO51PS
St. Johanni/Hoym church object_149611
Hoym town settlement HOYOYMJO51PS
Fraubornmühle mill FRAHLEJO51PS
Nachterstedt settlement NACEDTJO51PT
Nachterstedt church object_161351
Sinsleben settlement SINBENJO51QR
St. Laurentii/Reinstedt church object_149594
Reinstedt settlement REIEDTJO51QS
Malzmühle settlement MALHLEJO51QR
Strommühle settlement STRHLEJO51QR
Bahnhof settlement BAHHOFJO51QS
Frose settlement FROOSEJO51QT
Stiftskirche St. Cyriakus/Frose church object_149691
Königsaue municipality KONAUEJO51QT
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