Places that are approx. 5 km away from Mörz (object_1153605)

name type GOV-Id
Kirchhof Preußnitz cemetery KIRIT1JO62HD
Preußnitz church PREIT1JO62HD
Preußnitz village part of place Gemeindeteil PREITZJO62HD
Kuhlowitz village part of place KUHITZJO62HD
Kuhlowitz church KUHIT1JO62HD
Kirchhof Kuhlowitz cemetery KIRITZJO62HD
Lüsser Mühle mill LUSHLEJO62HD
Lüsse village part of place LUSSS1JO62HD
Wiesenau settlement WIENAUJO62HD
Lüsse/St.Marien church object_165083
Kirchhof Lüsse cemetery KIRSSEJO62HD
Dahnsdorf village part of place DAHOR1JO62IC
Dahnsdorf/St.Marien church object_166419
Friedhof Dahnsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO62IC
Baitz village part of place BAIIT1JO62IE
Kirchhof Baitz cemetery KIRIT1JO62IE
Baitz church BAIIT2JO62IE
Neue Mühle settlement NEUHLEJO62IC
Komthurmühle settlement KOMHLEJO62IC
Mörz village part of place MOROR1JO62IC
Mörz church object_166405
Kirchhof Mörz  cemetery KIRORZJO62IC
Forsthaus am Teuchermark forester's house FORARKJO62IC
Neschholz church NESOL2JO62ID
Kirchhof Neschholz cemetery KIROLZJO62ID
Neschholz village part of place NESOL1JO62ID
Locktow village part of place LOCTOWJO62ID
Kirchhof Locktow  cemetery KIRTOWJO62ID
Locktow church LOCTO1JO62ID
Ziezow church ZIEZO1JO62ID
Kirchhof Ziezow  cemetery KIRZOWJO62ID
Ziezow village part of place Gemeindeteil ZIEZO2JO62ID
Wühlmühle settlement WUHHLEJO62ID
Trebitz village Gemeindeteil TREIT1JO62IE
Kirchhof Trebitz cemetery KIRITZJO62IE
Trebitz church TREIT2JO62IE
Gömnigk village Gemeindeteil GOMIGKJO62IE
Kirchhof Gömnigk cemetery KIRIGKJO62IE
Gömnigk church GOMIG1JO62IE
Alte Mühle settlement ALTHLEJO62IE
Ziegeleien settlement ZIEIENJO62ID
Rottstock church object_165077
Kirchhof Rottstock cemetery KIROCKJO62EE
Alt Rottstock settlement ALTOCKJO62IE
Grabow village part of place Gemeindeteil GRABOWJO62IC
Grabow church GRABO1JO62IC
Kirchhof Grabow cemetery KIRBOWJO62IC
Neu Rottstock settlement ROTOC1JO62JE
Linthe village part of place LINTH1JO62JD
Niederwerbig village part of place NIEBI1JO62JC
Kirchhof Linthe  cemetery KIRTHEJO62JD
Niederwerbig church object_166403
Kirchhof Niederwerbig cemetery KIRBIGJO62JC
Linthe church object_165093
Kirchhof Jeserig cemetery KIRRIGJO62JD
Jeserig church JESRIGJO62HE
Jeserig village part of place Gemeindeteil JESRI1JO62JD
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