Places that are approx. 5 km away from Hessen-Marburg (object_1173710)

name type GOV-Id
Liederbach am Taunus municipality LIEACHJO40GC
Mammolshain part of town MAMAIN_W6241
Soden, Bad Soden am Taunus place object_1263095
Bad Soden (St. Katharina) church object_1272385
Kronberg (St. Peter und Paul) filial church object_1272318
Kronberg-Schönberg (St. Alban) filial church object_1272321
Kronberg im Taunus part of town KRONUSJO40GE
Schwalbach am Taunus (St. Martin) filial church object_1272482
Sulzbach (Maria Rosenkranz-Königin) filial church object_1272400
Niederhofheim part of place NIEEIM_W6231
Schwalbach am Taunus town SCHNUSJO40GD
Sulzbach place object_1272396
Schwalbach am Taunus (St. Pankratius) church object_1272386
Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt (St. Vitus) filial church object_1272319
Eschborn-Niederhöchstadt (St. Nikolaus) church object_1272383
Eschborn (Christ-König) church object_1272382
Sossenheim place part of town SOSEIM_W6230
Sossenheim (St. Michael) church filial church object_1272411
Eschborn town ESCOR1JO40GD
Steinbach am Taunus place STENUSJO40GE
Steinbach (St. Bonifatius) filial church object_1272304
Oberursel (St. Ursula) church object_1272300
Oberursel, Taunus town OBENUSJO40GE
Oberursel-Stierstadt (St. Sebastian) filial church object_1272302
Oberursel (Liebfrauen) filial church object_1272299
Oberursel-Weißkirchen (St. Crutzen) filial church object_1272303
Bommersheim place BOMEIMJO40HE
Oberursel-Bommersheim (St. Aureus und Justina) filial church object_1272301
Rödelheim place part of town RODEIM_W6000
Frankfurt-Rödelheim (St. Antonius) church filial church object_1272447
Frankfurt-Praunheim (Christ-König) church filial church object_1272446
Niederursel place part of town NIESEL_W6000
Frankfurt-Nordweststadt (St. Matthias) church filial church object_1272434
Praunheim place part of town PRAEIM_W6000
Hausen place part of town object_306228
Frankfurt-Hausen (St.Anna) church filial church object_1272445
Frankfurt-Nordweststadt (St. Sebastian) church filial church object_1272435
Frankfurt-Kalbach (St. Laurentius) church filial church object_1272436
Kalbach place part of town part of place object_1046970
Heddernheim place part of town HEDEIM_W6000
Frankfurt-Bockenheim (St. Elisabeth) church filial church object_1272443
Frankfurt-Bockenheim (Frauenfrieden) church object_1272444
Bockenheim place part of town BOCEIM_W6000
Heddernheim (St. Peter und Paul) church filial church object_1272433
Ginnheim place part of town GINEIM_W6000
Ginnheim (Sta. Familia) church filial church object_1272426
Eschersheim (St. Josef) church object_1272425
Eschersheim place part of town ESCEIM_W6000
Frankfurt-Am Bügel (St. Lioba) filial church object_1272473
Frankfurt-Bonames (St. Bonifatius) church object_1272437
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