Places that are approx. 5 km away from Erbach (object_1174689)

name type GOV-Id
Unter-Mossau part of place UNTSAUJN49LP
Ober-Mossau part of place OBESAUJN49LQ
Hüttenthal part of place HUTHALJN49LO
Mossautal municipality MOSTALJN49LP
Elsbach part of town ELSACHJN49LP
Steinbuch part of town STEUCHJN49LQ
Günterfürst part of town GUNRSTJN49LO
Haisterbach part of town HAIACHJN49LO
Schönnen part of town SCHNENJN49LO
Lauerbach part of town LAUACHJN49LP
Steinbach part of town STEACHJN49LQ
Erbach (Odenwald) town object_1174703
Fürstenau Schloss FURNAUJN49LQ
Asselbrunn part of town ASSUNNJN49MQ
Erlenbach part of town ERLACHJN49MP
Stockheim part of town STOEIMJN49MQ
Michelstadt town MICADTJN49MQ
Erbuch place ERBUCHJN49MP
Weiten-Gesäß part of town WEIASSJN49MQ
Ernsbach place ERNACHJN49MP
Jägertor place JAGTORJN49MP
Würzberg part of town WURERGJN49MP
Vielbrunn part of town VIEUNNJN49NQ
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