Places that are approx. 5 km away from Pfungstadt (object_168013)

name type GOV-Id
Allmendfeld part of town ALLELDJN49GS
Wasserbiblos place WASLOS_W6081
Hahn church object_168018
Hahn place HAHAHNJN49GT
Eich place EICICHJN49GT
Eschollbrücken church object_168030
Eschollbrücken place ESCKENJN49GT
Hartenau Farm HARNAUJN49GS
Pfungstadt town PFUAD1JN49HT
Pfungstadt church object_168014
Seeheim place part of place SEEEI1JN49HS
Eberstadt place EBEAD1JN49HT
Seeheim (Laurentius) church object_169278
Malchen place MALHE1JN49HS
Frankenstein castle FRAEIN_W6101
Nieder-Beerbach church object_167994
Nieder-Beerbach place NIEACHJN49IS
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