Places that are approx. 5 km away from Schwerin (object_218125)

name type GOV-Id
Friedrichsmoor municipality part of place FRIOOR_O2801
Mittelschleuse settlement MITUSEJO53TL
Mittelschleuse place MITUS1JO53TL
Dorfkirche/Tramm church TRAAM1JO53TM
Eldenschleuse place ELDUSEJO53TL
Rusch part of place RUSSCH_O2851
Am Silo settlement AMSILOJO53UL
Klinker Mühle settlement KLIHLEJO53UL
Klinken municipality part of place KLIKENJO53UL
Göthen settlement GOTHEN_O2851
Dorfkirche/Klinken church object_169682
Raduhn municipality part of place RADUH1JO53UL
Bungalow settlement BUNLOWJO53UM
Dorfkirche/Raduhn church DORUHNJO53UL
Dorfkirche/Garwitz church object_169712
Garwitz municipality part of place GARIT1JO53UK
Auf der Poels settlement AUFELSJO53UM
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