Places that are approx. 5 km away from Naumburg (object_285330)

name type GOV-Id
Hohenseeden settlement HOHDENJO62AH
Stresow filial church STRSO1JO62AG
Rietzel settlement RIEZELJO62AG
Rietzel church object_161498
Stresow settlement STRSOWJO62AG
Krüssauer Berg settlement KRUERGJO62AG
Schattberge settlement SCHRGEJO62AH
Krüssau manor (building) KRUSA1JO62AG
Krüssau church object_161495
Krüssau settlement KRUSAUJO62AG
Brandenstein settlement BRAEINJO62AG
Brandenstein filial church BRAEI1JO62AG
Gladau manor (building) GLADA1JO62BH
Gladau settlement GLADAUJO62BH
Gladau church object_161503
Dretzel/St. Sophia filial church DREHIAJO62BH
Dretzel settlement DREZELJO62BH
Dretzel manor (building) DREZE1JO62BH
Süße Ecke settlement SUSCKEJO62BH
Ringelsdorf filial church RINOR1JO62BG
Wülpen part of place WULPENJO62CG
Holzhaus part of place HOLAUSJO62CG
Untermühle settlement UNTHLEJO62CH
Obermühle settlement OBEHLEJO62CG
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