Places that are approx. 5 km away from Kirchhain (object_285659)

name type GOV-Id
Hillmersdorf municipality part of place HILORF_O7901
Arenzhain village part of place AREAINJO61SQ
Arenzhain church AREAI1JO61SQ
Trebbus village part of place TREBU1JO61SQ
Trebbus church object_165457
Werenzhain church WERAI1JO61SP
Kirchhof Werenzhain cemetery KIRAI2JO61SP
Werenzhain village WERAIN_O7971
Lichtena village part of place Gemeindeteil LICEN1JO61SQ
Forsthaus Wallhaus settlement FORAUSJO61SQ
Georgshof settlement GEOHOFJO61SQ
Friedersdorf church FRIOR2JO61SQ
Friedhof Friedersdorf cemetery FRIOR1JO61SQ
Friedersdorf, Friedersdorf bei Brehnitz village part of place FRIOR3JO61SQ
Frankena village part of place FRAEN1JO61TP
Frankena church object_165473
Kirchhof Frankena cemetery KIRENAJO61TP
Kleinkraußnigk, Kleinkrausnik village part of place KLENI1JO61TR
Friedhof Schönewalde cemetery FRILDEJO61TQ
Schönewalde church object_165451
Kirchhof Schönewalde cemetery KIRLDEJO61TQ
Brehnitz, Brenitz village part of place BREIT1JO61TQ
Schönewalde, Schönewalde bei Brehnitz village part of place SCHLD3JO61TQ
Friedhof Brenitz cemetery FRIITZJO61TQ
Alleestraße settlement ALLSSEJO61TQ
Großkraußnigk, Großkrausnik village part of place GRONI1JO61TR
Ossagk, Ossak village part of place settlement OSSSA1JO61TQ
Großkraußnigk, Großkrausnik church object_165455
Schloßfriedhof Sonnewalde cemetery SCHLD2JO61TQ
Zeckerin church ZECRI1JO61TR
Friedhof Zeckerin cemetery FRIRINJO61TR
Peterhof settlement PETHOFJO61TQ
Zeckerin village part of place ZECRI2JO61TR
Münchhausen village part of place MUNSE1JO61TQ
Münchhausen church MUNSENJO61TP
Kirchhof Münchhausen  cemetery KIRSENJO61TP
Sonnewalde town SONLD1JO61TQ
Sonnewalde church object_165447
Alter Friedhof Sonnewalde cemetery ALTLDEJO61TQ
Neuer Friedhof Sonnewalde cemetery NEULDEJO61TQ
Siedlung settlement SIEUNGJO61TQ
Pahlsdorf village part of place PAHOR1JO61TR
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