Places that are approx. 5 km away from Zell-Baldeneck (object_307151)

name type GOV-Id
Fabrik place FABRIK_W5584
Wolf place WOLOLF_W5581
Wolf church object_162381
Höllenthal place HOLHAL_W5584
Heißer Stein place HEIEIN_W5586
Pünderich Ortsgemeinde PUNICH_W5587
Pünderich part of place PUNICHJO30NA
Reil (Maria Heimsuchung) church object_1275369
Kövenig place KOVNIG_W5581
Reil Ortsgemeinde REIEILJO30NA
Burg, Burg (Mosel) Ortsgemeinde BURSELJO30NA
Burg, Burg (Mosel) village BURSE1JO30NA
Burg-Mosel (St. Briktius) church object_1275370
Enkirch church object_162379
Pünderich, Bahnhof place PUNICH_W5586
Alf (St. Remigius) church object_1275908
Pünderich (Maria Himmelfahrt) church object_1275910
Alf Ortsgemeinde ALFALFJO30NB
Bullay Ortsgemeinde BULLAYJO30NB
Enkirch Ortsgemeinde ENKRCHJN39NX
Bullay village BULLA1JO30NB
Alf part of place ALFAL1JO30NB
Bullay (St. Maria Magdalena) church object_1275909
Marienburg b Bullay place MARURG_W5584
Enkirch (St. Franz v. Assisi) church object_1275371
Briedel (St. Martin) church object_1275914
Briedel Ortsgemeinde BRIDELJO30NA
Schompenmühle place SCHHLE_W5585
Bummkopf place BUMOPF_W5581
Merl part of place MERERLJO30OA
Zell-Merl (St. Michael) church object_1275911
Zell-Kaimt (St. Jakobus der Ältere) church object_1275912
Zell (Mosel) town ZELSELJO30OA
Zell/Pauluskirche church object_162377
Zell (St. Peter) church object_1275913
Barzenmühle place BARHLE_W5583
Franksmühle place FRAHLE_W5583
Briedeler Heck place BRIECK_W5585
Weidenhell place WEIELL_W5584
Tellig Ortsgemeinde TELLIG_W5581
Vogthof place VOGHOF_W5588
Tellig village TELLIGJO30PA
Kaspersmühle place KASHLE_W5581
Tellig (St. Cornelius u. Cyprian) church object_1275841
Hähnchen place HAHHEN_W5581
Engersmühle place ENGHLE_W5581
Altlay Ortsgemeinde ALTLAY_W5581
Schauren Ortsgemeinde SCHREN_W5588
Moritzheim village MOREIMJO30PB
Altlay part of place ALTLAYJN39PX
Schauren part of place SCHRENJO30PA
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