Places that are approx. 5 km away from Lebus (object_398185)

name type GOV-Id
Ev. Kirche/Grimme church object_149710
Grimme settlement GRIMMEJO62DA
Ragösen settlement RAGSENJO61DX
St. Jakobi/Ragösen church EVKSENJO61DX
Krakau settlement KRAKAUJO61DX
Golmenglin settlement GOLLINJO62EA
Jeber settlement JEBBERJO61EX
Jeber-Bergfrieden municipality part of place JEBDEN_O4501
Bergfrieden settlement BERDENJO61EX
Forsthaus Stackelitz settlement FORITZJO61EX
Stackelitz settlement STAITZJO62EA
Baumschule Stackelitz settlement BAUITZJO62EA
Weiden settlement WEIDEN_O4501
St. Jakobus/Stackelitz church STJITZJO62EA
St. Johannes/Weiden church object_149641
Medewitz church MEDIT2JO62EB
Medewitz village part of place MEDIT1JO62EB
Friedhof Medewitz cemetery FRIITZJO62EB
Mühle Grochewitz settlement MUHITZJO61FX
Serno settlement SERRNOJO62FA
Grochewitz settlement GROITZJO61FX
St. Jakobus/Serno church STJRNOJO61FX
St. Marien/Grochewitz church STMITZJO61FX
Forsthaus Göritz settlement FORITZJO62FA
Setzsteig part of place Gemeindeteil SETEIGJO62FA
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