Places that are approx. 5 km away from Henneberg (object_406909)

name type GOV-Id
Bremen (St. Jakobus d. Ältere) church object_1268249
Bremen part of place BREMEN_O6221
Unterhöfe settlement UNTOFEJO50AR
Oberhöfe settlement OBEOFEJO50AR
Borbels part of place BORELS_O6221
Zitters municipality part of place ZITERS_O6221
Otzbach part of place OTZACH_O6221
Geblar part of place GEBLAR_O6221
Gerstengrund municipality GERUND_O6221
Lenders part of place LENERSJO50AR
Oechsen part of place OECSENJO50AR
Oechsen church object_182336
Andenhausen village ANDSEN_O6201
Steinberg municipality part of place STEERG_O6201
Oberalba part of place OBELBA_O6201
Empfertshausen church object_182348
Brunnhartshausen part of place BRUSENJO50BQ
Empfertshausen municipality EMPSEN_O6201
Föhlritz part of place FOHITZ_O6201
Zella/Rhön municipality ZELLLAJO50BQ
Unteralba part of place UNTLBA_O6201
Zella (Mariä Himmelfahrt) church object_1268241
Dermbach (St. Peter u. Paul) church object_1268392
Dermbach church object_183704
Dermbach part of place DERAC1JO50BR
Diedorf municipality DIEORF_O6201
Neidhartshausen church object_182332
Neidhartshausen municipality part of place municipality NEISEN_O6201
Glattbach part of place GLAACH_O6201
Lindenau part of place LINNAU_O6201
Mebritz municipality part of place MEBITZ_O6201
Lindigshof settlement LINHOFJO50BR
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