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GOV id
  • Grünberg (deu)
  • rural county (rural)
  • 53237
area (km²)
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Geographic Position
  • 51.9335°N 15.6526°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4059
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Liegnitz administrative district Source page 3

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Hammer Gutsbezirk object_322952 (- 1928)
Hammer municipality object_1043795
Pfalzdorf municipality object_1136959
Kessel civil registry object_1149473 (1883)
Kessel Amtsbezirk object_1192649
Rothenburg a./O. Amtsbezirk object_1262619 (1885)
Kolzig civil registry object_1153730 (1883)
Kolzig Amtsbezirk object_1192651
Kolzig rural municipality municipality object_1043800 (1820-01-01 - 1945)
Kolzig Gutsbezirk object_322956 (- 1928)
Krampe Gutsbezirk object_322958 (- 1928)
Lache, Śmieszkowo municipality LACCHEJO81AW (1938 -)
Mesche municipality object_1043813
Mesche Gutsbezirk object_322965 (- 1928)
Milzig municipality object_1043814
Milzig Gutsbezirk object_322966 (- 1928)
Seiffersholz municipality object_1043828
Seiffersholz Gutsbezirk object_322983 (- 1928)
Kühnau municipality object_1043803
Läsgen civil registry object_1150856 (1883)
Läsgen Amtsbezirk object_1192653
Läsgen municipality object_1043807
Läsgen Gutsbezirk object_322961 (- 1928)
Pirnig Amtsbezirk object_1252951 (1885)
Pirnig civil registry object_1252952 (1885)
Pirnig municipality object_1043817
Pirnig Gutsbezirk object_322970 (- 1928)
Prinig civil registry object_1149474 (1883)
Hohwelze, Gabelsdorf municipality object_1043792
Saabor Flecken object_1044437
Saabor Amtsbezirk object_1192656
Saabor Gutsbezirk object_322975 (- 1928)
Schlawa, Schlesiersee Stadt SCHSEEJO81AV (1932-10-01 -)
Freystadt, Freistadt, Freistadt in Schlesien Stadt object_1044297 (1932-10-01 - 1933-09-30)
Sawade, Eichwaldau municipality object_1043789
Oderfischerei (Etablissement), Rybaki place object_187136
Ober Ochelhermsdorf Gutsbezirk object_322969 (- 1928)
Lupitze, Ostweide municipality object_1136958
Grünberg-Kämmerei civil registry object_1130834
Zauche municipality object_1043831
Zauche Gutsbezirk object_322986 (- 1928)
Droniki, Fleißwiese municipality object_1136957
Schenawe, Schönforst municipality object_1136960
Friedendorf municipality object_1136953
Mittel Ochelhermsdorf Gutsbezirk object_322967 (- 1928)
Schweinitz I Gutsbezirk object_322979 (- 1928)
Lawaldau civil registry object_1131271
Kreutz, Krzyż municipality KREUTZJO81AX (1920 -)
Günthersdorf civil registry object_1130693
Günthersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1262616 (1885)
Günthersdorf municipality object_1043794
Günthersdorf Gutsbezirk object_322951 (- 1928)
Niebusch, Bergenwald Amtsbezirk object_1192721 (1932-10-01 - 1933-09-30)
Niebusch, Bergenwald rural municipality municipality object_1044354 (1932-10-01 - 1933-09-30)
Polnisch Kessel, Altkessel civil registry object_1131265
Polnisch Kessel, Altkessel municipality object_1043670
Woitscheke, Schäferberg municipality object_1043820
Schertendorf civil registry object_1131286
Schertendorf municipality object_1043821
Schertendorf Gutsbezirk object_322976 (- 1928)
Rothenburg an der Oder, Rothenburg civil registry object_1131516
Lättnitz civil registry object_1130752
Lättnitz municipality object_1043808
Lättnitz Gutsbezirk object_322962 (- 1928)
Wittgenau municipality object_1043829
Polnisch Nettkow civil registry object_1151710 (1883)
Polnisch Nettkow Amtsbezirk object_1192655
Polnisch Nettkow Gutsbezirk object_322973 (- 1928)
Schlesisch Drehnow, Schlesischdrehnow, Drehnow rural municipality municipality object_1043823 (1816-08-01 -)
Drehnow civil registry object_1152224 (1883)
Drehnow Amtsbezirk object_1192648
Schloin civil registry object_1130690
Schloin municipality object_1043825
Schloin Gutsbezirk object_322977 (- 1928)
Seedorf municipality object_1043827
Seedorf Gutsbezirk object_322982 (- 1928)
Drentkau municipality object_1043787
Drentkau Gutsbezirk object_322948 (- 1928)
Hohwelze Gutsbezirk object_322953 (- 1928)
Schweinitz II Gutsbezirk object_322980 (- 1928)
Schwenten, Świętno municipality SCHTENJO82AA (1920 -)
Reichenau bei Naumburg a. Bober, Reichenau bei Naumburg, Groß Reichenau, Bogaczów rural municipality municipality object_1044332 (1932-10-01 - 1933-09-30)
Karschin, Großheiden municipality object_1043793
Groß Lessen municipality object_1043810
Groß Lessen Gutsbezirk object_322950 (- 1928)
Kern municipality object_1044094
Loos municipality object_1043812
Loos Gutsbezirk object_322963 (- 1928)
Zahn municipality object_1043830
Zahn Gutsbezirk object_322985 (- 1928)
Schwarmitz civil registry object_1154322 (1883)
Schwarmitz municipality object_1043826
Schwarmitz Gutsbezirk object_322978 (- 1928)
Kosel Amtsbezirk object_1131608 (1932-10-01 - 1933-09-30)
Lipke part of place LIPPKEJO71XW (1914)
Ruden municipality object_1136961
Schweinitz municipality SCHITZJO71QV
Schweinitz civil registry object_1149470 (1883)
Schweinitz Amtsbezirk object_1192657
Kämmerei Grünberg Amtsbezirk object_1252998 (1885)
Schlabrendorf municipality object_1043822 (1820-01-01 -)
Kontopp, Dorf rural municipality object_1196988 (- 1910-04-29)
Dickstrauch municipality object_1043712
Grünberg civil registry object_1130691
Grünberg Amtsbezirk object_1262615 (1885)
Grünberg Stadt object_1136950
Grünwald municipality object_1043715 (1820-01-01 -)
Wenig Lessen municipality object_1043811
Oderfischerhaus, Rybniki building object_269695
Saabor, Fürsteneich municipality object_1043791
Saabor, Fürsteneich civil registry object_1130810
Oderfischer, Plothow municipality object_1043818
Schweinitz III Gutsbezirk object_322981 (- 1928)
Eichwaldau civil registry object_1131509
Woitschinberg Gutsbezirk object_322984 (- 1928)
Nittritz Gutsbezirk object_322968 (- 1928)
Nittritz municipality object_1043815
Neuwaldau rural municipality municipality object_1044353 (1933-09-30)
Buchelsdorf civil registry object_1150450 (1883)
Buchelsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192646
Buchelsdorf Gutsbezirk object_322944 (- 1928)
Buchelsdorf municipality object_1043783
Kontopp, Flecken rural municipality object_1196989 (- 1910-04-29)
Kunersdorf, Cunersdorf municipality object_1043805
Reichenbach rural municipality municipality object_1044368 (1933-09-30)
Külpenau municipality object_1043804
Külpenau Gutsbezirk object_322959 (- 1928)
Kontopp civil registry object_1130838
Kontopp Amtsbezirk object_1192652
Kontopp rural municipality municipality object_1043801 (1910-04-30 - 1945)
Kontopp Gutsbezirk object_322957 (- 1928)
Karschin Gutsbezirk object_322954 (- 1928)
Plothow civil registry object_1150857 (1883)
Plothow Gutsbezirk object_322971 (- 1928)
Otterstädt municipality object_1136955
Jonasberg municipality object_1043797
Lawaldau, Lawalde municipality object_1043809
Schussenze, Ostlinde, Ciosaniec municipality SCHNZEJO81AW (1920 -)
Neu Nettkau place object_187144
Prittag civil registry object_1131497
Prittag Amtsbezirk object_1262618 (1885)
Prittag municipality object_1043819
Prittag Gutsbezirk object_322974 (- 1928)
Rothenburg an der Oder Stadt object_1136952 (1816-08-01 -)
Friedersdorf civil registry object_1154321 (1883)
Friedersdorf municipality object_1043790
Naumburg am Bober Stadt object_1044299 (1933-09-30)
Bruchdorf municipality object_1136956
Heinersdorf civil registry object_1150449 (1883)
Heinersdorf Amtsbezirk object_1262617 (1885)
Heinersdorf municipality object_1043796
Droschkau municipality object_1043788
Droschkau Gutsbezirk object_322949 (- 1928)
Schlesisch Drehnow, Drehnow Gutsbezirk object_322947 (- 1928)
Lansitz municipality object_1043806
Lansitz Gutsbezirk object_322960 (- 1928)
Grenzensruh, Krampe municipality object_1043802
Dammerau municipality object_1043784
Ochelhermsdorf Gutsbezirk object_324688 (- 1928)
Ochelhermsdorf municipality object_1043816
Ochelhermsdorf civil registry object_1131266
Ochelhermsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1192654
Bobernig civil registry object_1150166 (1883)
Bobernig municipality object_1043781
Bobernig Gutsbezirk object_322942 (- 1928)
Boyadel civil registry object_1152966 (1883)
Boyadel Amtsbezirk object_1192645
Boyadel municipality object_1043673
Boyadel Gutsbezirk object_322943 (- 1928)
Deutsch Wartenberg civil registry object_1131496
Deutsch Wartenberg Amtsbezirk object_1192647
Deutsch Wartenberg Stadt object_1136951 (- 1945)
Deutsch Wartenberg Gutsbezirk object_322946 (- 1928)
Polnisch Kessel Gutsbezirk object_322972 (- 1928)
Kleinitz civil registry object_1131345
Kleinitz Amtsbezirk object_1192650
Kleinitz municipality object_1043799
Kleinitz Gutsbezirk object_322955 (- 1928)
Polnisch Nettkow, Schlesisch Nettkow rural municipality municipality object_1043824 (1816-08-01 -)
Ludwigsthal municipality object_1136954
Ludwigsthal Gutsbezirk object_322964 (- 1928)
Deutsch Kessel municipality object_1043785
Deutsch Kessel Gutsbezirk object_322945 (- 1928)

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	has 1820 population 38077 says source_355986 (Seite 866),
	has 1880-12-01 population 51935 says source_1091743 (p. 125),
	has 1900 population 56533 says source_265044,
	has 1905 population 56351 says source_1043657 (p. 3),
	has 1910-12-01 population 58118 says source_1043657 (p. 3) says source_265044,
	has 1914 area 85.73 says source_1043657 (p. 3),
	has 1933-06-16 population 61647 says source_356504 (p. VI),
	has 1933-10-01 area 86.5 says source_356504 (p. VI),
	has name (in deu) Grünberg,
	has w-number 53237,
	is (in deu) Landkreis,
	is part of adm_368468 says source_1043657 (p. 3);
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