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GOV id
  • Breslau (deu)
  • rural county (rural)
  • 53131
area (km²)
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Geographic Position
  • 51.0316°N 16.9273°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 4967
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Breslau (1816 - 1945) administrative district

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Seschwitz civil registry object_1147402 (1883)
Seschwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193083
Seschwitz Gutsbezirk object_321267 (- 1928)
Siebotschütz municipality object_1263196 (1885)
Tschauchelwitz, Rübenau N.S. municipality object_1137873
Kreike (Kraika), Kreike (= Kraika) Gutsbezirk object_321219 (- 1928)
Meleschwitz, Fünfteichen municipality MELITZJO81PB (- 1945)
Kuhnau municipality object_1137811 (1932-10-01 -)
Oltaschin, Herzogshufen municipality object_1137881
Landau civil registry object_1144627 (1936)
Landau municipality object_1137813 (1936)
Tschirne, Großbrück municipality object_1137867 (- 1945)
Pollogwitz Gutsbezirk object_321246 (- 1928)
Tschirne Gutsbezirk object_321275 (- 1928)
Malsen municipality object_1137820
Malsen civil registry object_1272762 (1936)
Klein Tinz Amtsbezirk object_1193065
Klein Tinz Gutsbezirk object_321216 (- 1928)
Klein Tinz municipality object_1253047 (1936)
Höfchen place object_186055
Gnichwitz, Yorckschwert, Altenrode municipality object_1253034
Gallowitz civil registry object_1152674 (1883)
Gallowitz Amtsbezirk object_1193057
Gallowitz Gutsbezirk object_321190 (- 1928)
Albrechtsdorf civil registry object_1155022 (1883)
Albrechtsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193053
Albrechtsdorf municipality object_1137754
Albrechtsdorf Gutsbezirk object_321172 (- 1928)
Paschwitz, Fuchshübel municipality object_1137883
Sadewitz, Schill municipality object_1137898
Oldern municipality object_1137880
Oswitz Amtsbezirk object_1193071 (1874-03-13 - 1928-03-31)
Oswitz Gutsbezirk object_321238 (- 1928)
Lilienthal Gutsbezirk object_321228 (- 1928)
Grunau, Groß Grunau municipality object_1137787
Rosenthal, Różanka village part of town ROSHALJO81MD (- 1928)
Rankau municipality object_1137892 (1932-10-01 -)
Rankau Amtsbezirk object_1193126 (1936)
Rankau civil registry object_1153504 (1936)
Zaugwitz, Trutzflut municipality object_1137916
Herdain Amtsbezirk object_1193593
Herdein place object_186085
Steine Amtsbezirk object_1193086
Steine municipality object_1137864
Steine Gutsbezirk object_321271 (- 1928)
Steine civil registry object_1147405 (1883)
Schimmelwitz civil registry object_1149790 (1936)
Magnitz Gutsbezirk object_321230 (- 1928)
Thauer municipality object_1137872
Neudorf b. Kanth municipality object_1137845
Fischerau place object_186093
Rosenthal-Mörschelwitz, Rosenborn, Mirosławice place object_186060
Wessig Gutsbezirk object_321282 (- 1928)
Altscheidnig, Scithniki, Szytnik, Schitenig, Schytnik, Shtenik, Schitnik, Schzitthnik, Schzithnik, Sczytnik, Sczytnik, Tscheitnigk, Scheidnigk, Alt-Scheitnig, Szczytniki part of town object_186094
Mettkau municipality object_1137824 (- 1945)
Klein Sürding municipality object_1137801
Bartheln Gutsbezirk object_321180 (- 1928)
Schmiedefeld Gutsbezirk object_321261 (- 1928)
Clarencranst, Klarenkranst, Klarenwald rural municipality municipality object_1137841 (1885)
Jäschkowitz Amtsbezirk object_1193062
Jäschkowitz Gutsbezirk object_321210 (- 1928)
Jäschkowitz civil registry object_1149325 (1883)
Jürtsch, Jürgen municipality object_1137840
Ransern municipality object_1137891
Ransern Gutsbezirk object_321249 (- 1928)
Zimpel municipality object_1192238 (- 1924)
Zimpel Gutsbezirk object_321288 (- 1928)
Zindel municipality object_1137831 (- 1945)
Zindel Gutsbezirk object_321289 (- 1928)
Klein Masselwitz Gutsbezirk object_321213 (- 1928)
Cawallen-Friedewalde, Kowale, Wrocław Kowale place object_186099
Lorankwitz, Rolandsmühle municipality object_1137817
Lamsfeld municipality object_1137812
Mellowitz civil registry object_1272792 (1936)
Cawallen, Kawallen rural municipality object_321212 (- 1928)
Weltlich Kattern Gutsbezirk object_321281 (- 1928)
Wangern civil registry object_1147408 (1883)
Wangern Amtsbezirk object_1193088
Wangern municipality object_1137874
Wangern Gutsbezirk object_321276 (- 1928)
Möschelwitz-Rosenthal Amtsbezirk object_1272750 (1936)
Sambowitz, Seydlitzaue municipality object_1137899
Friedewalde Gutsbezirk object_321189 (- 1928)
Schmartsch, Dörfel municipality object_1137772
Zobten am Berge Stadt object_1262949 (- 1945)
Kottwitz, Jungfernsee municipality object_1137806
Woischwitz, Hoinstein municipality object_1137915
Protschkenhain civil registry object_1272793 (1936)
Marienkranst, Marienwald municipality object_1137844
Tschechnitz civil registry object_1147407 (1883)
Tschechnitz Amtsbezirk object_1193087
Tschechnitz Gutsbezirk object_321274 (- 1928)
Klein Silsterwitz rural municipality object_1272663 (1932-10-01 - 1933)
Puschkowa, Hubertushof municipality object_1137887
Bankwitz, Burghübel municipality object_1192254 (1932 -)
Stabelwitz civil registry object_1147404 (1883)
Stabelwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193085
Stabelwitz rural municipality object_1194872 (1885)
Stabelwitz Gutsbezirk object_321270 (- 1928)
Haidänichen municipality object_1137789
Haidänichen Gutsbezirk object_321205 (- 1928)
Guhrwitz Gutsbezirk object_321203 (- 1928)
Guhrwitz municipality object_1272595 (- 1945)
Guhrwitz rural municipality object_1272597 (1874 - 1933)
Romberg municipality object_1137894
Romberg Gutsbezirk object_321252 (- 1928)
Rosenau place object_186057
Rosalienthal, Gorkau-Rosalienthal place GORGEMJO80IV
Neudorf (Polnisch), Polnisch Neudorf, Neudorf rural municipality object_1272615 (1874 - 1933)
Krietern rural municipality object_1257483 (1887)
Breslau (Landbez.) civil registry object_1149562 (1878-01-01 - 1903-03-31)
Kreika, Rohrquell municipality object_1137807
Rogau, Rogau-Rosenau civil registry object_1154713 (1936)
Sillmenau civil registry object_1147403 (1883)
Sillmenau Amtsbezirk object_1193084
Sillmenau municipality object_1137848
Sillmenau Gutsbezirk object_321269 (- 1928)
Queitsch civil registry object_1153594 (1936)
Goldschmieden Gutsbezirk object_321193 (- 1928)
Sacherwitz Gutsbezirk object_321255 (- 1928)
Kammelwitz, Kammfeld municipality object_1137795
Wilschkowitz Amtsbezirk object_1193229 (1932-10-01 -)
Polnisch Peterwitz, Peterwitz, Petersweiler municipality object_1137884
Alt Gandau Gutsbezirk object_321173 (- 1928)
Alt Gandau municipality object_1137755
Dürrgoy Amtsbezirk object_1193056
Dürrgoy municipality object_1192249 (- 1904-03-31)
Weidenhof Gutsbezirk object_321279 (- 1928)
Weidenhof civil registry object_1272758 (1936)
Wessig, Bergmühle municipality object_1137860
Krieblowitz, Blüchersruh municipality object_1137809
Zaumgarten municipality object_1137862
Zaumgarten Gutsbezirk object_321287 (- 1928)
Polnisch Peterwitz, Peterwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193073
Schosnitz, Reichbergen municipality object_1137902
Pilsnitz, Pilczyce village part of town object_186069 (- 1945)
Wirrwitz civil registry object_1147410 (1883)
Wirrwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193090
Wirrwitz Gutsbezirk object_321285 (- 1928)
Tschönbankwitz, Schönbankwitz, Schönlehn municipality object_1137859
Bogschütz, Lohbusch municipality object_1051026
Groß Tschansch, Groß Ohlewiesen rural municipality object_1137854 (- 1928-03-31)
Jäschkowitz, Lengefeld municipality object_1137793
Groß Nädlitz, Nädlingen municipality object_1137783
Arnoldsmühle municipality object_1137834
Arnoldsmühle Gutsbezirk object_321177 (- 1928)
Guckelwitz, Berghuben municipality object_1137788
Kammendorf b. Kanth municipality object_1137796
Jackschönau civil registry object_1153878 (1883)
Jackschönau Amtsbezirk object_1193061
Jackschönau Gutsbezirk object_321209 (- 1928)
Groß Tinz civil registry object_1090500 (1936)
Koslau, Kiesgrund municipality object_1137805
Schönbankwitz Gutsbezirk object_321263 (- 1928)
Domslau civil registry object_1149327 (1883)
Domslau Amtsbezirk object_1193055
Domslau municipality object_1137770
Neudorf Amtsbezirk object_1262711 (1936)
Rogau-Rosenau, Rogau Amtsbezirk object_1263206 (1932-10-01 - 1945)
Jäschwitz rural municipality object_1272599 (1933)
Riembergshof, Dürrjentsch municipality object_1137893
Groß Silsterwitz, Senkenberg municipality object_1137781
Janowitz rural municipality object_1272598 (1874 - 1933)
Groß Bresa, Erlebusch municipality object_1051025
Schlanz civil registry object_1147397 (1883)
Schlanz Amtsbezirk object_1193077
Schlanz municipality object_1137900
Schlanz Gutsbezirk object_321259 (- 1928)
Schmolz civil registry object_1147399 (1883)
Schmolz Amtsbezirk object_1193078
Schmolz municipality object_1137905
Schmolz Gutsbezirk object_321262 (- 1928)
Groß Tinz a.d. Lohe municipality object_1137849 (1932-10-01 -)
Klarenkranst, Klarenwald civil registry object_1152628 (1883)
Schiedlagwitz, Siedlingen municipality object_1137901
Alt Schliesa civil registry object_1147398 (1883)
Alt Schliesa Amtsbezirk object_1193054
Alt Schliesa Gutsbezirk object_321174 (- 1928)
Blankenau municipality object_362748
Blankenau Gutsbezirk object_321184 (- 1928)
Poppelwitz, Dreihöfen municipality object_1137594 (1936)
Schalkau municipality object_1137904
Schalkau Gutsbezirk object_321257 (- 1928)
Pasterwitz Gutsbezirk object_321240 (- 1928)
Mittelberg, Kościuski place object_186088
Kleinburg place object_186056
Groß-Mochbern civil registry object_1272752 (1936)
Maria-Höfchen, Mariahöfchen Gutsbezirk object_321232 (- 1928)
Reibnitz Gutsbezirk object_321250 (- 1928)
Klein Tschansch rural municipality object_1253030 (- 1928-03-31)
Tschechnitz, Kraftborn municipality object_1137912
Klein Schottgau Gutsbezirk object_321215 (- 1928)
Bartheln, Bartoszewice, Wrocław-Bartoszewice place object_186066
Weigwitz Gutsbezirk object_321280 (- 1928)
Queitsch, Leukirch municipality object_1137888
Althofdürr municipality object_1137758
Althofdürr Gutsbezirk object_321175 (- 1928)
Struse, Ober- u. Nieder-, Stróża, Górna- u. Dolna- place object_186091
Klein Sägewitz Amtsbezirk object_1193064
Klein Sägewitz municipality object_1272617 (1933)
Merzdorf rural municipality object_1272558 (1874 - 1933)
Pilsnitz Gutsbezirk object_321242 (- 1928)
Dürrjentsch Gutsbezirk object_321188 (- 1928)
Klettendorf Amtsbezirk object_1193066
Klettendorf municipality object_1137843
Klettendorf civil registry object_1272754 (1936)
Reppline municipality object_1137871
Reppline Gutsbezirk object_321251 (- 1928)
Reppline Amtsbezirk object_1272751 (1936)
Rothsürben civil registry object_1147395 (1883)
Rothsürben Amtsbezirk object_1193075
Rothsürben Gutsbezirk object_321254 (- 1928)
Reibnitz, Rybnica village REIITZJO81KB (- 1945)
Woigwitz, Albrechtsau municipality object_1193517
Groß Schottgau municipality object_1137779
Groß Schottgau Gutsbezirk object_321198 (- 1928)
Boguslawitz, Schwarzaue municipality object_1137765
Mellowitz, Teichlinden municipality object_1137823
Geistlich Kattern Gutsbezirk object_321191 (- 1928)
Rogau-Rosenau municipality ROGNAUJO80JW (1936)
Schmartsch Gutsbezirk object_321260 (- 1928)
Probotschine, Probstaue municipality object_1137886
Nieder Struse municipality object_1137828
Pirscham Gutsbezirk object_321243 (- 1928)
Ströbel municipality object_1137907
Ströbel Amtsbezirk object_1272768 (1936)
Ströbel civil registry object_1272769 (1936)
Wasserjentsch Gutsbezirk object_321277 (- 1928)
Cosel, Kosel rural municipality object_1257499 (1874)
Münchwitz, Münchau municipality object_1137825
Rommenau municipality object_1137895
Woigwitz civil registry object_1272755 (1936)
Morgenau place object_186101
Morgenau Gutsbezirk object_321234 (- 1928)
Klein Tinz, Tinz civil registry object_1147406 (1883)
Klein Tinz, Tinz municipality object_1137802 (1885)
Polsnitz, Brückenfelde municipality object_1137838
Groß Sägewitz Gutsbezirk object_321197 (- 1928)
Kreiselwitz Gutsbezirk object_321220 (- 1928)
Siebischau Gutsbezirk object_321268 (- 1928)
Siebischau municipality object_1253041
Koberwitz, Rößlingen municipality object_1137863 (- 1945)
Lorzendorf municipality object_1137846
Lorzendorf civil registry object_1144623 (1936)
Wirrwitz, Konradserbe municipality object_1137861
Mörschelwitz-Rosenthal rural municipality object_1272613 (1933)
Rosenthal Gutsbezirk object_321253 (- 1928)
Pöpelwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193074
Naselwitz civil registry object_1272757 (1936)
Weigwitz, Roßweiler municipality object_1137875
Oberhof municipality object_1137829
Lohe municipality object_1137816
Lohe Gutsbezirk object_321229 (- 1928)
Klein Gandau rural municipality object_1257489 (1887)
Zweibrodt civil registry object_1147411 (1883)
Zweibrodt Amtsbezirk object_1193092
Zweibrodt municipality object_1137917
Zweibrodt Gutsbezirk object_321290 (- 1928)
Groß Mohnau municipality object_1137784
Groß Mohnau civil registry object_1252960 (1936)
Ocklitz municipality object_1272616 (1933)
Oswitz, Osobowice, Osobowice village part of town OSWLAUJO81LD (- 1945)
Buchwitz, Buchen N.S. municipality object_1263216 (- 1945)
Bahra Gutsbezirk object_321178 (- 1928)
Groß Masselwitz Gutsbezirk object_321195 (- 1928)
Huben place object_186078
Kanth Amtsbezirk object_1262738 (1936)
Leipe Gutsbezirk object_321226 (- 1928)
Neuen municipality object_1137842
Neuen Gutsbezirk object_321236 (- 1928)
Stein municipality object_1137850 (1932-10-01 -)
Schillermühle Gutsbezirk object_321258 (- 1928)
Weide rural municipality object_1198268 (1885)
Weide Gutsbezirk object_321278 (- 1928)
Christelwitz, Kristelwitz, Weidengrund municipality object_1137768
Wilhelmsthal municipality object_1193518 (1885)
Malkwitz civil registry object_1152629 (1883)
Malkwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193068
Malkwitz Gutsbezirk object_321231 (- 1928)
Peltschütz, Buschfelde municipality object_1137855
Protschkenhain, Dreisteine municipality object_1137885
Mandelau rural municipality object_1272611 (1874 - 1933)
Hartlieb Gutsbezirk object_321206 (- 1928)
Wilkowitz, Weizengrund municipality object_1137876
Naselwitz, Steinberge municipality object_1137826 (1932-10-01 -)
Schweinern, Weidenhof Amtsbezirk object_1193081 (1874-03-13 - 1945)
Schweinern, Weidenhof rural municipality municipality object_1137913 (- 1945)
Klein Oldern Gutsbezirk object_321214 (- 1928)
Malkwitz, Waldtal municipality object_1137819
Drachenbrunn municipality object_1137773
Marxdorf municipality object_1137822
Neu Schliesa, Neu Schlesing municipality object_1137827
Stein, Pustków Wilczkowski village object_321919 (1932 - 1945)
Irrschnocke, Königsruh municipality object_1137791
Schwoitsch Amtsbezirk object_1193082
Schwoitsch municipality object_1192240 (- 1928-03-31)
Schwoitsch Gutsbezirk object_321266 (- 1928)
Opperau municipality object_1137882
Ober-Struse Amtsbezirk object_1272759 (1936)
Karlowitz civil registry object_268589
Karlowitz civil registry object_268588
Karlowitz Amtsbezirk object_1193063
Karlowitz Amtsbezirk object_268590 (- 1945)
Canth, Kanth Stadt object_1253033
Klarenkranst Amtsbezirk object_1193594
Klein Rasselwitz, Grenzhorst municipality object_1137803
Wiltschau civil registry object_1147409 (1883)
Wiltschau Amtsbezirk object_1193089
Wiltschau Gutsbezirk object_321284 (- 1928)
Neu Schliesa Gutsbezirk object_321235 (- 1928)
Ottwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193072
Ottwitz Gutsbezirk object_321239 (- 1928)
Pasterwitz, Pastern N.S. municipality object_1137868
Radwanitz, Wasserborn municipality object_1137890
Michelsdorf municipality object_1137833
Gnichwitz civil registry object_1154657 (1883)
Gnichwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193058
Gnichwitz Gutsbezirk object_321192 (- 1928)
Pleischwitz Gutsbezirk object_321245 (- 1928)
Altenburg municipality object_1253032 (1932 -)
Wasserjentsch, Schönwasser municipality object_1137839
Mörschelwitz civil registry object_1272756 (1936)
Meleschwitz Gutsbezirk object_321233 (- 1928)
Meleschwitz civil registry object_1272765 (1936)
Polsnitz Amtsbezirk object_1197301 (1936)
Polsnitz civil registry object_1197302 (1936)
Fürstenau municipality object_1137776
Fürstenau civil registry object_1149968 (1936)
Fürstenau Amtsbezirk object_1193466 (1936)
Bischofswalde Gutsbezirk object_321183 (- 1928)
Groß Tinz, Großtinz Amtsbezirk object_1090424 (1936)
Barottwitz Gutsbezirk object_321179 (- 1928)
Althofnaß municipality object_1137757
Althofnaß Gutsbezirk object_321176 (- 1928)
Althofnaß civil registry object_1272678 (1936)
Althofnaß Amtsbezirk object_1272679 (1936)
Groß Nädlitz Amtsbezirk object_1193059
Groß Nädlitz Gutsbezirk object_321196 (- 1928)
Groß Nädlitz civil registry object_1153950 (1883)
Wilhelmsruh Gutsbezirk object_321283 (- 1928)
Geiersberg, Radunia place object_186062
Kottwitz civil registry object_1151207 (1883)
Kottwitz Amtsbezirk object_1253108 (1885)
Liebethal municipality object_1137815
Liebethal Gutsbezirk object_321227 (- 1928)
Kattern municipality object_1137799
Kattern Amtsbezirk object_1272809 (1936)
Gräbschen place object_186063
Gräbschen Amtsbezirk object_1193520
Gräbschen Gutsbezirk object_321194 (- 1928)
Bismarcksfeld municipality object_1137764
Herrmannsdorf municipality object_1137790
Herrmannsdorf civil registry object_1152627 (1883)
Herrmannsdorf Amtsbezirk object_1193060
Bischwitz am Berge, Linden am Berge municipality object_1137837
Krieblowitz Gutsbezirk object_321222 (- 1928)
Krieblowitz Amtsbezirk object_1272815 (1936)
Jackschönau, Schwertern municipality object_1137792
Grüneiche municipality object_1192242 (- 1928-03-31)
Grünhübel municipality object_1137786
Grünhübel Gutsbezirk object_321201 (- 1928)
Leipe-Petersdorf, Lipą Piotrkowską, Wrocław-Lipą-Piotrkowską municipality LEIORFJO81LE
Margareth municipality object_1137821 (- 1945)
Alt Schliesa, Alt Schlesing municipality object_1137756
Striegelmühle municipality object_1137908
Sacherwitz, Sachern municipality object_1137897
Leerbeutel place object_186095 (- 1904)
Leerbeutel Gutsbezirk object_321225 (- 1928)
Groß Sägewitz, Segen municipality object_1137782
Benkwitz, Ruhlinden, Lindenruh municipality object_1137762
Groß Mochbern, Lohbrück municipality object_1137778
Pollogwitz, Dreiteichen municipality object_1137869
Kapsdorf municipality object_1137797
Kapsdorf civil registry object_1152062 (1936)
Prisselwitz Gutsbezirk object_321247 (- 1928)
Prisselwitz Amtsbezirk object_1272704 (1936)
Eckersdorf municipality object_1137852
Puschkowa civil registry object_1272796 (1936)
Jerasselwitz, Gerlanden municipality object_1137794
Herrschaftlich Klein Sägewitz Gutsbezirk object_324665 (- 1928)
Herrschaftlich Klein Sägewitz Gutsbezirk object_321208 (- 1928)
Oderwitz, Schildern municipality object_1137879
Klein Mochbern rural municipality object_1257485 (1887)
Münchwitz civil registry object_1155292 (1883)
Münchwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193069
Krolkwitz, Weidmannsau municipality object_1137836
Herrnprotsch municipality object_1192250 (- 1928-03-31)
Herrnprotsch Gutsbezirk object_321207 (- 1928)
Krichen municipality object_1137808
Krichen Gutsbezirk object_321221 (- 1928)
Kriptau municipality object_1137810
Schauerwitz, Freienfeld municipality object_1137857
Zedlitz Gutsbezirk object_324668 (- 1928)
Seschwitz, Trostdorf municipality object_1137858
Wernersdorf municipality object_1137851
Wernersdorf civil registry object_1153855 (1936)
Protsch-Weide, Protsch, Weide rural municipality municipality object_1137889 (- 1945)
Carlowitz, Karlowitz Gutsbezirk object_321211 (- 1928)
Wüstendorf municipality object_1137865
Wüstendorf Gutsbezirk object_321286 (- 1928)
Haberstroh Gutsbezirk object_321204 (- 1928)
Protsch Gutsbezirk object_321248 (- 1928)
Stöschwitz, Eichdamm municipality object_1137847
Neukirch Amtsbezirk object_1193070
Neukirch rural municipality object_1194888 (1885)
Neukirch Gutsbezirk object_321237 (- 1928)
Prisselwitz, Prisselbach municipality object_1137870
Groß Mochbern Amtsbezirk object_1253107 (1885)
Bischkowitz, Loheichen municipality object_1137619 (1932-10-01 -)
Bogschütz Gutsbezirk object_321186 (- 1928)
Treschen municipality object_1137911
Treschen Gutsbezirk object_321273 (- 1928)
Niederhof municipality object_1137832
Strachwitz, Schöngarten municipality object_1137909
Magnitz, Magning municipality object_1137818
Karowahne, Karben N.S. municipality object_1137798
Bahra, Baara municipality object_1137759
Groß Sürding municipality object_1137780
Groß Sürding Gutsbezirk object_321199 (- 1928)
Woischwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193091
Woischwitz civil registry object_1272791 (1936)
Strachwitz Gutsbezirk object_321272 (- 1928)
Lanisch municipality object_1137814
Lanisch Gutsbezirk object_321224 (- 1928)
Krolkwitz Gutsbezirk object_321223 (- 1928)
Strachau bei Zobten, Silingau municipality object_1137910 (1932-10-01 -)
Barottwitz, Schmücken municipality object_1137760
Damsdorf municipality object_1137769
Schönborn municipality object_1137906
Schönborn Amtsbezirk object_1193079
Schönborn Gutsbezirk object_321264 (- 1928)
Schönborn civil registry object_1090524 (1936)
Polnisch Kniegnitz, Kniegnitz, Elfhofen municipality object_1137856
Bogenau municipality object_1137766
Bogenau Gutsbezirk object_321185 (- 1928)
Wilschkowitz, Wolfskirch municipality object_1137914 (1936)
Sachwitz civil registry object_1272749 (1936)
Benkwitz Gutsbezirk object_321181 (- 1928)
Kottwitz, Domäne Gutsbezirk object_321218 (- 1928)
Ober Struse municipality object_1137830
Sadewitz civil registry object_1147396 (1883)
Sadewitz Amtsbezirk object_1193076
Sadewitz Gutsbezirk object_321256 (- 1928)
Zweihof municipality object_1262969
Gallowitz, Gallen municipality object_1137777
Peltschütz Gutsbezirk object_321241 (- 1928)
Kundschütz rural municipality object_1272600 (1874 - 1933)
Rothsürben, Rothbach municipality object_1137878 (- 1945)
Breslau Amtsbezirk object_1272681 (1936)
Brockau Gutsbezirk object_321187 (- 1928)
Brockau Amtsbezirk object_1272682 (1936)
Brockau civil registry object_1272683 (1936)
Brockau municipality object_1263215 (1936)
Koberwitz civil registry object_1149326 (1883)
Koberwitz Amtsbezirk object_1193067
Koberwitz Gutsbezirk object_321217 (- 1928)
Deutsch Lissa, Leśnica (Wrocław) village part of town object_186104 (- 1928)
Scheitnig place object_186086
Klein-Sägewitz civil registry object_1272680 (1936)
Groß-Nädlitz Amtsbezirk object_1272753 (1936)
Albrechtsau municipality object_275797
Peterwitz (Poln.), Peterwitz civil registry object_1155291 (1883)
Klein Nädlitz, Nädlau municipality object_1137804
Gabitz, Gajowice village part of town object_186064 (- 1868)
Kentschkau, Keltingen municipality object_1137800
Bettlern municipality object_1137763
Bettlern Gutsbezirk object_321182 (- 1928)
Lehmgruben place object_186087
Wiltschau, Herdhausen municipality object_1137877
Alt Lässig, Stary Lesieniec place object_186103
Beilau municipality object_1137761
Beilau civil registry object_1144606 (1936)
Sachwitz, Martinsgrund municipality object_1137896
Schimmelwitz, Zweibach municipality object_1137903
Pleische Gutsbezirk object_321244 (- 1928)
Schottwitz Gutsbezirk object_268591
Schottwitz rural municipality object_1272658 (1874 - 1933)
Schottwitz Amtsbezirk object_1272794 (1936)
Schottwitz civil registry object_1272795 (1936)
Duckwitz, Gutendorf municipality object_1137774
Hundsfeld, Psie Pole village part of town object_186061 (- 1928)
Guckelwitz Gutsbezirk object_321202 (- 1928)
Schoitsch civil registry object_1147401 (1883)
Klein Tschirne, Tschirne, Alteichen civil registry object_1149731 (1936)
Grunau municipality object_1137835
Grunau Gutsbezirk object_321200 (- 1928)
Schosnitz civil registry object_1147400 (1883)
Schosnitz Amtsbezirk object_1193080
Schosnitz Gutsbezirk object_321265 (- 1928)

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	has 1818 population 42290 says source_355986 (Seite 866),
	has 1880-12-01 population 78547 says source_1091743 (p. 114),
	has 1900 population 88125 says source_265044,
	has 1910 population 95237 says source_265044,
	has 1939-05-17 households 28952 says source_293517 (p. 249),
	has 1939-05-17 population 103905 says source_293517 (p. 249),
	has 1940-01-01 area 876.6 says source_293517 (p. 249),
	has name (in deu) Breslau,
	has w-number 53131,
	is (in deu) Landkreis,
	is from 1816 until 1945 part of adm_368469;
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