Lane County


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GOV id
  • Lane County (deu)
  • county (generic) (1851 -)
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Geographic Position
  • 44.0007°N 123.228°W calculated center position of the place
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Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Oregon (1851 -) state

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Alvadore place ALVORECN84ID
Horton place HORTONCN84GF
Irving place IRVINGCN84KC
Jasper place JASPERCN83NX
Hawley Cemetery cemetery HAWERYCN83KS
Latham place LATHAMCN83LS
London place LONDONCN83KP
Lorane place LORANECN83JU
Lowell place LOWELLCN83OW
Bull Island island BULANDCN73XX
Mohawk place MOHAWKCN84ND
Goodpasture Island (historical) island GOOCALCN84KC
Nimrod place NIMRODCN84SC
McKenzie Bridge place MCKDGECN84WE
Moxley Cemetery cemetery MOXERYCN83KW
Danish Cemetery cemetery DANERYCN84IF
Stephens S S Heirs Cemetery cemetery STEERYCN84HA
Pleasant Hill place PLEILLCN83MX
Resthaven Cemetery cemetery RESERYCN84IF
Sailor Pioneer-Noti Cemetery cemetery SAIERYCN84GB
Renfrew Grave cemetery RENAVECN84TE
Linslaw Cemetery cemetery LINERYCN84DA
Bolly (historical) abandoned place BOLCALCN84NE
Low Pass place LOWASSCN84GE
River Road place RIVOADCN84KC
Marcola place MAROLACN84NE
Vaughn place VAUGHNCN84GA
Veatch place VEATCHCN83KS
Veneta place VENETACN84HB
Walden place WALDENCN83LS
Walker place WALKERCN83LU
Walton place WALTONCN84EA
Oak Hill Cemetery cemetery OAKERYCN84JB
Earl (historical) abandoned place EARCALCN83BW
Cloverdale place CLOALECN83MW
Jenkins Cemetery cemetery JENERYCN83IX
Crow Family Cemetery cemetery CROERYCN83JT
Rainbow place RAIBOWCN84VE
Searose Beach place SEAACHCN74WF
Finn Rock place FINOCKCN84TD
Blachly Cemetery cemetery BLAERYCN84FE
Sears Cemetery cemetery SEAERYCN83LS
Franklin place FRALINCN84ID
Minerva place MINRVACN84AB
Doolittle Cemetery cemetery DOOERYCN83MT
Mulkey Cemetery cemetery MULERYCN84KA
Cushman place CUSMANCN73XX
Westfir place WESFIRCN83SS
Willamette City place WILITYCN83SR
Mercer (historical) abandoned place MERCALCN74XB
Heceta Lodge Number 11 IOOF Cemetery cemetery HECERYCN73WW
Estrup (historical) abandoned place ESTCALCN84HF
Fern Ridge Shores place FERRESCN84IB
McCredie Springs place MCCNGSCN83UR
Mohawk Community Church Cemetery cemetery MOHERYCN84MD
Broumbaugh Cemetery cemetery BROERYCN83MR
West Lawn Memorial Park cemetery WESARKCN84JB
Lowell Cemetery cemetery LOWERYCN83OW
Foley Springs place FOLNGSCN84WD
Wildwood place WILOODCN83OS
Milliorn Cemetery cemetery MILERYCN84JF
Winberry place WINRRYCN83PW
Bemis Cemetery cemetery BEMERYCN83LO
Mounse Burial cemetery MOUIALCN84HA
Marcola Cemetery cemetery MARERYCN84NE
Maple Island (historical) island MAPCALCN84LC
Lorane Grange Cemetery cemetery LORERYCN83JU
Disston place DISTONCN83OQ
Lancaster place LANTERCN84JG
Pioneer Memorial Cemetery cemetery PIOERYCN84LA
Fox Hollow (historical) abandoned place FOXCALCN83JW
Taylor-Lane Cemetery cemetery TAYERYCN83LR
Cedar Flat place CEDLATCN84NB
Saginaw place SAGNAWCN83LT
Triangle Lake place TRIAKECN84FE
North Springfield place NORELDCN84LB
Glenwood place GLEOODCN84LB
Siuslaw (historical) abandoned place SIUCALCN83JV
Marshall Island island MARANDCN84KE
Haring Cemetery cemetery HARERYCN74XA
McCulloch Cemetery cemetery MCCERYCN83IX
Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery cemetery MOUERYCN84KA
Drury Cemetery cemetery DRUERYCN84OF
Oakridge place OAKDGECN83SR
Indiola place INDOLACN84CB
Stafford Cemetery cemetery STAERYCN84NC
Swisshome place SWIOMECN84CB
Goshen Grange 561 Cemetery cemetery GOSERYCN83LX
Pleasant Hill Cemetery cemetery PLEERYCN83MX
Shields Cemetery cemetery SHIERYCN83LS
Hadleyville place HADLLECN83IX
Chickahominy Cemetery cemetery CHIERYCN84FB
Santa Clara place SANARACN84KC
Inman Cemetery cemetery INMERYCN84IC
Walker Union Church Cemetery cemetery WALERYCN83LU
Culp Creek place CULEEKCN83NQ
Mulholland Cemetery cemetery MULERYCN83MX
Brickerville place BRILLECN84BB
Jernigan Island island JERANDCN73WV
McFarland Cemetery cemetery MCFERYCN83LT
Sellers Cemetery cemetery SELERYCN83MW
Central School Association Cemetery cemetery CENERYCN84IA
Wendling place WENINGCN84OE
Cox Rock island COXOCKCN74WC
Dunes City place DUNITYCN73WV
Fir Grove place FIROVECN84KC
Greenleaf place GREEAFCN84DC
Liles Cemetery cemetery LILERYCN84IA
Masonic Cemetery cemetery MASERYCN84LA
Westlake part of place WESAKECN73WV
Booth Island island BOOANDCN73WU
Cottage Grove place COTOVECN83LT
Gap place GAPGAPCN83LR
Acme place ACMCMECN73XX
Alma place ALMLMACN83GV
Crow place CROROWCN83HX
Noti place NOTOTICN84GB
Reed place REEEEDCN84BE
Tide place TIDIDECN84BB
Vida place VIDIDACN84RD
Resthaven Memorial Park cemetery RESARKCN84KA
Alpha place ALPPHACN84DD
Mabel place MABBELCN84OF
Paris place PARRISCN84CG
Royal place ROYYALCN83KT
Trent place TREENTCN83NW
Unity place UNIITYCN83OW
Wallace (historical) abandoned place WALCALCN83KP
Laurel Hill Cemetery cemetery LAUERYCN84LA
Cox Island island COXANDCN73XX
Rainrock place RAIOCKCN84BB
Amos (historical) abandoned place AMOCALCN83KO
Craig Grave cemetery CRAAVECN94BF
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemeteries cemetery INDIESCN73WS
Fir Grove Cemetery cemetery FIRERYCN83LT
Fir Grove Cemetery cemetery FIRERYCN73XU
Mapleton place MAPTONCN84BA
Jackson Family Cemetery cemetery JACERYCN83LV
Dorena (historical) abandoned place DORCALCN83MS
Tiernan place TIENANCN84AA
Gillespie Cemetery cemetery GILERYCN84KB
Gibson Island island GIBANDCN84IB
Butterfly Island island BUTANDCN73XV
Walton Cemetery cemetery WALERYCN84FA
Jasper-Wallace Cemetery cemetery JASERYCN84NA
North Beach place NORACHCN73WV
Blue River place BLUVERCN84TD
Mount Vernon Cemetery cemetery MOUERYCN84MA
Camp Creek Cemetery cemetery CAMERYCN84NB
Siltcoos place SILOOSCN73XV
Mound (historical) abandoned place MOUCALCN83GV
College Hill place COLILLCN84KA
Point Terrace place POIACECN84BA
Deadwood place DEAOODCN84CC
Black Butte place BLATTECN83LN
Bohemia (historical) abandoned place BOHCALCN83QO
Union-Turnbow-Mays Cemetery cemetery UNIERYCN84IF
Independent Order of Good Templars Cemetery cemetery INDERYCN83JT
Deerhorn place DEEORNCN84PB
Madera Grave cemetery MADAVECN84AF
Smith-Weyerhauser Cemetery cemetery SMIERYCN84NA
Springfield Memorial Cemetery cemetery SPRERYCN84NB
Heatherly Cemetery cemetery HEAERYCN83IW
Franklin Grange Cemetery cemetery FRAERYCN84IE
Western Farmers Spur (historical) Farm WESCALCN84JF
Jones-Kime-Brown Property Cemetery cemetery JONERYCN84IE
Heceta Beach place HECACHCN74WA
Coburg IOOF Cemetery cemetery COBERYCN84LC
Springfield place SPRELDCN84LB
Sunset Hills Memorial Gardens cemetery SUNENSCN84KA
Deadwood Cemetery cemetery DEAERYCN84CC
Lancaste - Young Cemetery cemetery LANERYCN84JG
Creswell Association Cemetery cemetery CREERYCN83LV
Mill Camp place MILAMPCN83JT
Old Springfield IOOF Cemetery cemetery OLDERYCN84LB
Reed Island island REEANDCN73WU
Ferguson Cemetery cemetery FERERYCN84IG
Eugene AF and AM Lodge Number 11 Masonic Cemetery cemetery EUGERYCN84LA
Day Island island DAYANDCN84LB
Fall Creek Christian Church Cemetery cemetery FALERYCN83OX
Luper Cemetery cemetery LUPERYCN84KD
Springfield IOOF Cemetery cemetery SPRERYCN84LB
Conical Rock island CONOCKCN74WD
Goldson Cemetery cemetery GOLERYCN84HD
Gates Cemetery cemetery GATERYCN83IX
Lone Pine Cemetery cemetery LONERYCN83LP
Independent Order of Odd Fellows-Mapleton Lodge 3139 Cemetery cemetery INDERYCN84BA
Lane Memorial Gardens cemetery LANENSCN84JB
Fall Creek place FALEEKCN83OX
Cloverdale Cemetery cemetery CLOERYCN83MV
Indian Creek Cemetery cemetery INDERYCN84BD
Cheshire place CHEIRECN84IE
Junction City place JUNITYCN84JF
Blachly place BLAHLYCN84FE
Thurston place THUTONCN84NB
Pacific Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery cemetery PACERYCN73XX
Silk Creek Cemetery cemetery SILERYCN83KT
Mabel Cemetery cemetery MABERYCN84OF
Leaburg place LEAURGCN84PC
Glenwood (historical) abandoned place GLECALCN83QN
Starrs Point (historical) abandoned place STACALCN84IG
Rhododendron Island island RHOANDCN83VR
Glenada place GLEADACN73WX
Mohawk Post (historical) abandoned place MOHCALCN84ND
Drew Cemetery cemetery DREERYCN73XX
Linslaw place LINLAWCN84DA
Belknap Springs place BELNGSCN84XE
Spruce Point Cemetery cemetery SPRERYCN73WX
Goldson place GOLSONCN84HD
Wolf Creek place WOLEEKCN83HW
Walterville place WALLLECN84OB
Creswell place CREELLCN83LW
Richardson Cemetery cemetery RICERYCN84IC
Bethel place BETHELCN84KB
Greenwood Cemetery cemetery GREERYCN84QC
Canary place CANARYCN73XW
Coburg place COBURGCN84LD
Danebo place DANEBOCN84JB
Dexter place DEXTERCN83OV
London Springs place LONNGSCN83KP
Dorena place DORENACN83NR
Forestvale Cemetery cemetery FORERYCN83SS
Elmira place ELMIRACN84HB
Dearborn Island island DEAANDCN84VD
Eugene place EUGENECN84KB
Florence place FLONCECN73WX
Signal Island island SIGANDCN84IC
Goshen place GOSHENCN83LX

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	has name (in deu) Lane County,
	is from 1851 (in deu) Kreis,
	is from 1851 part of object_276688;
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