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Geographic Position
  • 53.9808°N 14.9568°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 2055

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Evangelische Kirche in Preußen, Evangelische Landeskirche in Preußen, Evangelische Kirche der altpreußischen Union, Evangelische Landeskirche der älteren Provinzen Preußens national church

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Liepen parish object_1274346
Stolp-Stadt Kirchenkreis object_162897 (1937)
Köslin Kirchenkreis object_162914
Penkun Kirchenkreis object_162918 (1924)
Schwerinsburg parish object_1274374
Pyritz Kirchenkreis object_162887
Usedom Kirchenkreis object_162904
Werben Kirchenkreis object_162905
Wollin Kirchenkreis object_162907
Franzburg Kirchenkreis object_360292 (- 1947)
Rügenwalde Kirchenkreis object_162888
Greifenhagen Kirchenkreis object_162881
Jakobshagen Kirchenkreis object_162884
Ratzebuhr Kirchenkreis object_1157204
Schivelbein Kirchenkreis object_162890 (- 1945)
Blesewitz parish object_1274322
Tempelburg Kirchenkreis object_162899
Wolgast Kirchenkreis object_162906
Tetterin parish object_1274368
Hohenbollenthin parish object_1274332
dt.-ref. Kirchenkreis Kirchenkreis object_162879
Kagendorf parish object_1274338
Naugard Kirchenkreis object_1157202
Dramburg Kirchenkreis object_162878
Sanzkow parish object_1274362
Schlawe Kirchenkreis object_162892
Klein Leistikow parish object_1274794
Stolp-Altstadt Kirchenkreis object_162896
Gartz (Oder) Kirchenkreis object_1138924 (1924)
Iven/Ev. Kirchengemeinde parish Kirchengemeinde object_1274344
Greifenberg Kirchenkreis object_162880
Neustettin Kirchenkreis object_1157203
Greifswald-Stadt Kirchenkreis object_162912
Barth Kirchenkreis object_356988 (- 1947)
Daber Kirchenkreis object_162876
Bütow Kirchenkreis object_1155708 (1936)
Labes Kirchenkreis object_162915
Loitz Kirchenkreis object_162916
Medow parish object_1274340
Rügen Kirchenkreis object_356989 (1945 - 1947)
Stettin-Land Kirchenkreis object_162894
Gramzow/Ev. Kirchengemeinde parish Kirchengemeinde object_1274342
Altwigshagen parish object_1274324
Treptow/Tollense Kirchenkreis object_162901
Stettin-Stadt Kirchenkreis object_162895
Greifswald-Land Kirchenkreis object_162882
Leopoldshagen/Ev. Kirchengemeinde parish Kirchengemeinde object_1274348
Rathebur parish object_1274370
Groß Sabow parish object_1274797
Sophienhof parish object_1274358
Treptow a.d. Rega Kirchenkreis object_162900
Regenwalde Kirchenkreis object_162919 (1937)
Kartlow parish object_1274334
Spantekow/Ev. Kirchengemeinde parish Kirchengemeinde object_1274372
Zettemin parish object_1274356
Schwichtenberg parish object_1274352
Ueckermünde Kirchenkreis object_162902
Freienwalde Kirchenkreis object_1155727 (1936)
Lauenburg Kirchenkreis object_162886
Kolbatz Kirchenkreis object_162913
Kolberg Kirchenkreis object_162885 (1937)
Krien/Ev. Kirchengemeinde parish Kirchengemeinde object_1274350
Altenhagen parish object_1274314
Pasewalk Kirchenkreis object_162917
Rummelsburg Kirchenkreis object_162889
Stargard Kirchenkreis object_162893 (1937)
Garz /Rügen Kirchenkreis object_162911 (- 1945)
Lindenberg parish object_1274330
Belgard Kirchenkreis object_162875
Beggerow parish object_1274316
Stralsund Kirchenkreis object_162898 (- 1947)
Lasdorf parish object_1274336
Döringshagen parish object_1273625
Bargischow parish object_1274320
Gollnow Kirchenkreis object_1156010 (1936)
Bublitz Kirchenkreis object_884781
Teetzleben parish object_1274354
Ducherow parish object_1274328
Grimmen Kirchenkreis object_162883
Anklam Kirchenkreis object_1155615 (1936)
Anklam parish object_1274318
Boldekow parish object_1274326
Bergen Kirchenkreis object_162908 (- 1945)
Cammin Kirchenkreis object_162909
Verchen parish object_1274360
Völschow parish object_1274364
Demmin Kirchenkreis object_162877
Schmarsow parish object_1274366

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	has 1937 denomination ev says source_394367 (p. 150),
	has 1937 name (in deu) Pommern says source_394367 (p. 150),
	is 1937 (in deu) Kirchenprovinz says source_394367 (p. 150),
	is part of object_167681;
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