Places that are approx. 5 km away from Grimmen (object_162883)

name type GOV-Id
Papenhagen municipality PAPGENJO64LD
Grellenberg part of place GREERG_O2320
Müggenwalde municipality part of place MUGLDEJO64LC
Ungnade part of place UNGADEJO64ME
Hoikenhagen part of place HOIGEN_O2321
Hohenwieden part of place HOHDENJO64MC
Holthof part of place HOLHOF_O2321
Schönenwalde part of place SCHLDE_O2321
St. Marienkirche/Grimmen church object_162929
Grymme, Grimmen town GRIMENJO64MC
Groß Lehmhagen part of place GROGENJO64MD
Glashagen part of place GLAGENJO64MD
Klein Lehmhagen part of place LEHGENJO64MD
Wittenhagen municipality WITGENJO64ME
Dorfkirche/Stoltenhagen church object_162939
Heidebrink part of place HEIINK_O2321
Stoltenhagen municipality part of place municipality part of place STOGENJO64MD
Hohenwarth part of place HOHRTH_O2321
Kaschow part of place KASHOWJO64NC
Dorfkirche/Kaschow church DORHOWJO64NC
Kakernehl part of place KAKEHL_O2321
Bartmannshagen municipality part of place BARGENJO64NC
Bartmannshagen Ausbau settlement BARBAUJO64ND
Bremerhagen Forst settlement BRERSTJO64ND
Prützmannshagen part of place PRUGEN_O2321
Hildebrandshagen municipality part of place HILGENJO64NE
Hildebrandshagen Nordhof settlement HILHOFJO64NE
Hildebrandshagen Mittelhof settlement HILONEJO64NE
Willerswalde part of place WILLDE_O2321
Kirchkapelle/Willerswalde church KIRLDEJO64ND
Hildebrandshagen Südhof settlement HILHO1JO64NE
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