Oppeln, Dioecesis Opoliensis, Administrację Apostolską Śląska Opolskiego, Diecezja opolska


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GOV id http://gov.genealogy.net/object_1164630
  • Oppeln (deu) Source Bistum Opole
  • Dioecesis Opoliensis (lat) Source Diecezja opolska
  • Administrację Apostolską Śląska Opolskiego (pol) (1945 - 1972-06-27) Source Diecezja opolska
  • Diecezja opolska (pol) (1972-06-28 -) Source Diecezja opolska
  • Apostolische Administratur (1945 - 1972-06-27) Source Diecezja opolska
  • diocese (1972-06-28 -) Source Diecezja opolska
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Geographic Position
  • 50.5177°N 18.1428°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 5474

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Kattowitz, Metropolia katowicka (1992-03-24 -) Kirchenprovinz Source Diecezja opolska
Breslau, Ostdeutsche Kirchenprovinz, Metropolia wrocławska (1945 - 1992-03-24) Kirchenprovinz Source Diecezja opolska

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Landsberg, Gorzów Śląski deanery object_1164686
Toszek, Tost, Archipresbyterat Tost, Dekanat toszecki deanery object_293470 (1945-10-01 - 1992-03-24)
Nysa, Neisse, Neisse, Archipresbyterat Neisse, Neiße, Dekanat nyski deanery object_293487 (1945-10-01 -)
Tworków, Tworkau, Tunskirch, Dekanat tworkowski deanery object_293501 (1945-10-01 -)
Wołczyn, Dekanat wołczyński deanery object_1286360 (- 1992-03-24)
Kietrz, Katscher, Ketř, Dekanat kietrzeński deanery object_1164689 (1945-10-01 -)
Ujazd Śląski, Ujest, Archipresbyterat Ujest, Bischofstal, Dekanat ujazdowski deanery object_1163993 (1945-10-01 -)
Strzelce Opolskie, Groß Strehlitz, Archipresbyterat Groß-Strehlitz, Dekanat strzelecki deanery object_293459 (1945-10-01 -)
Gliwice-Łabędy, Laband, Dekanat łabędzki, Gliwice-Zachód deanery object_293500 (1945-10-01 - 1992-03-24)
Groß Stein, Kamień Śląski deanery object_1164687
Leśnica, Bergstadt O.S., Dekanat leśnicki deanery object_1164691 (1945-10-01 -)
Zagwiździe, Friedrichsthal, Dekanat zagwiździański deanery object_1164697 (1945-10-01 -)
Siołkowice, Schalkowitz, Archipresbyterat Schalkowitz, Schalkendorf, Dekanat siołkowicki deanery object_1136506 (1945-10-01 -)
Racibórz, Ratibor, Archipresbyterat Ratibor, Dekanat raciborski deanery object_293502 (1945-10-01 -)
Otmuchów, Ottmachau, Archipresbyterat Ottmachau, Dekanat otmuchowski deanery object_293482 (1945-10-01 -)
Krapkowice, Klein Strehlitz, Archipresbyterat Klein-Strehlitz, Dekanat strzeleczkowski, Dekanat krapkowicki deanery object_293458 (1945-10-01 -)
Paczków, Patschkau, Archipresbyterat Patschkau, Dekanat paczkowski deanery object_293483 (1945-10-01 -)
Koźle, Cosel O.S., Dekanat kozielski deanery object_293503 (1945-10-01 -)
Kluczbork, Kreuzburg, Archipresbyteratus Bodlanensis, Bodland, Archipresbyterat Bodland, Bodland, Dekanat kluczborski deanery object_1163996 (1945-10-01 -)
Głubczyce, Leobschütz, Hlubčice, Leobsitium, Dekanat głubczycki deanery object_1164685 (1945-10-01 -)
Pyskowice, Peiskretscham, Archipresbyterat Peiskretscham, Dekanat pyskowicki deanery object_293471 (1945-10-01 - 1992-03-24)
Branice, Branitz, Dekanat branicki deanery object_1164682 (1945 -)
Ober-Glogau, Głogówek, Oberglogau, Archipresbyterat Ober-Glogau, Dekanat głogówecki deanery object_293472 (1945 -)
Głuchołazy, Ziegenhals, Archipresbyterat Ziegenhals, Dekanat głuchołaski deanery object_293486 (1945-10-01 -)
Biała, Zülz, Archipresbyterat Zülz, Dekanat bialski deanery object_293492 (1945-10-01 -)
Bytom-Miechowice, Mechtal, Dekanat miechowicki, Bytom Zachód deanery object_1164664 (1945-10-01 - 1992-03-24)
Kandrzin, Kandrzin-Cosel, Kędzierzyn deanery object_1164688
Łany, Lohnau, Archipresbyterat Lohnau, Dekanat łański deanery object_293499 (1945-10-01 -)
Zawadzki, Zawadzkie deanery object_1164698
Olesno, Rosenberg O.S., Rosenberg (Schlesien), Archipresbyterat Rosenberg, Dekanat oleski deanery object_293490 (1945-10-01 -)
Bytom, decanat Bithomiensis, Beuthen, Archipresbyteriat Beuthen, Dekanat bytomski, Bytom-Wschód deanery object_293504 (1945 - 1992-03-24)
Szczepanowice, Sczepanowitz deanery object_1164693
Grodków, Grottkau, Archipresbyterat Grottkau, Dekanat grodkowski deanery object_293485 (1945-10-01 -)
Ozimek, Dekanat groszowicki, Dekanat ozimecki deanery object_1164694 (1945-10-01 -)
Gliwice, Gleiwitz, Archipresbyterat Gleiwitz, Dekanat gliwicki deanery object_293497 (1945 - 1992-03-24)
Gościęcin, Kostenthal, Archipresbyterat Kostenthal, Dekanat gościęciński deanery object_293495 (1945-10-01 -)
Niemodlin, Falkenberg O.S., Falkenberg, Archipresbyterat Falkenberg, Dekanat niemodliński deanery object_293494 (1945 -)
Skoroszyce, Friedewalde, Archipresbyterat Friedewalde, Kubinów, Dekanat skoroszycki deanery object_293484 (1945-10-01 -)
Prudnik, Neustadt O.S., Archipresbyterat Neustadt O./S., Dekanat prudnicki deanery object_293481 (1945-10-01 -)
Groß Peterwitz, Pietrowice Wielkie deanery object_1164695 (1990-08-26 -)
Prószków, Proskau, Archipresbyterat Proskau, Dekanat prószkowski deanery object_293488 (1945-10-01 -)
Zabrze, Zabrze, Hindenburg, Dekanat zabrzański deanery object_293496 (1945-10-01 - 1992-03-24)
Dobrodzień, Guttentag, dekanat dobrodzieński deanery object_293457 (1945 -)
Opole, Oppeln, Archipresbyterat Oppeln, Dekanat opolski deanery object_293489 (1945-10-01 -)

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	has URL  http://www.diecezja.opole.pl,
	has URL  https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bistum_Opole,
	has URL  https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diecezja_opolska,
	has from 1945 denomination rk says source_1163126,
	has from 1945 until 1972-06-27 name (in pol) Administrację Apostolską Śląska Opolskiego says source_299844 (Diecezja opolska),
	has from 1972-06-28 name (in pol) Diecezja opolska says source_299844 (Diecezja opolska),
	has name (in deu) Oppeln says source_190314 (Bistum Opole),
	has name (in lat) Dioecesis Opoliensis says source_299844 (Diecezja opolska),
	is from 1945 until 1972-06-27 (in deu) Apostolische Administratur says source_299844 (Diecezja opolska),
	is from 1945 until 1992-03-24 part of object_287748 says source_299844 (Diecezja opolska),
	is from 1972-06-28 (in deu) Bistum says source_299844 (Diecezja opolska),
	is from 1992-03-24 part of object_1163131 says source_299844 (Diecezja opolska);
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